3 Mystery Cases Where Kids Remember Their Past Lives

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Mr Ramsay - Story Teller : I found this Reincarnation Business really quite interesting! Please be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this little change from my usual horror story telling and i can maybe do one like this every now and again. Thank you!

bitty bitty : Yes, very interesting. A little different story every occasionally is a good thing...🤓

Rosemary Kasper : I enjoyed these fascinating stories very much! I feel reincarnation is possible, just not sure. I was raised Christian, but as I grew older I had more of an open mind. All I can say is we shall all see some day. Thanks for broadening the channel! You are awesome, as always!

Dezombified : Well alrighty then!

Racheal Lange : Reincarnation...very interesting...I have had a recurring dream..I am on a ship that is sinking..and I see and hear the wood splitting ..the ship is tearing apart..the sound of people screaming..it is awful..to this day I fear deep water...I learned to swim as an adult,but I still refuse to swim in deep water..Maybe it's just a dream..but seems so real..Is it a past life..I really don't know..

Jersey Dee of Jersey Bandit Ventures : Definitely keep doing things like this along with the narrations. Personally love this.

M P H : Very interesting

Kevin Tomes : Wild !!! Very interesting!! I believe we come back until we are ready then......who knows. Definitely something very different. Great cases!! Thank You Sir!!

Krischen Allen : Different is good, now & then!!! Thank You for the Video Sir!! I also think any thing is possible!!

Darrin Daw : Mr. Ramsay, my view on the topic of reincarnation is pretty much like your own. I particularly like the idea of reincarnating in another dimension or another Planet. Life is amazing! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Nino Browne17 : Amazing the mind of a small children 👍🏾

krackle_jackal : Once again you've completed a highly interesting and informative post! This one REALLY hit home for me. I was raised Mor(m)on and at a very early age (3, I think?) asked my parents about reincarnation and was quite adamantly taught that reincarnation is not real. At age 21 I had an extremely vivid memory of a past life. A memory as clear as recent memories like high school, my previous job, etc. That memory caused me to question my religious upbringing and within a few years I became a "born again pagan, born again and again and again..." Haha! I've since recovered many past life memories. Not dreams or visions, but actual, undeniable memories. I now wonder what made me even aware of the concept of reincarnation at such an early age and what I might have been able to describe if the concept hadn't been immediately squelched by fundamentalist christian parents?

After Dark Paranormal : Amazing to think these are true!

Stranger Stories : Love that. These cases are always so interesting! I wonder myself if these are truly reincarnations, and if they are, what do they mean?

A Darkness Loving Female : Well out of 34 veiws I see nobody else wanted to comment so of course I will. You know that I will I'm just that way lol. I enjoy listing to these types as it gives me quite a thinking too. What happens when we pass? Are we returning to the earth or are we reincarnated? Or do we go to a spirit lands? Heaven? Hell? I was raised to Belive that we go to reincarnated as either a animal or a spirit guide. I've heard stories like these where they return as humans too. So it gets my ticker thinking and let's me know that just because we are gone from the vessel we are in now dosen't mean we are gone from the earth. Always with us they are. I like to believe that humans turn into animals or human life again. In fact when Tonka passed away would you believe that my neibor found a stay cat and she was about 3 1/2 Hours old still with embedical cord attached in a woodpile by a Tonka truck? She named it Tonka as well so yes there's way more to death than we could ever imagine there to be and believe it or not ghost and ghouls are proof. Demons and angels are proof of other ways from heaven and hell ( if your a believer in god). I really appreciate that you are doing differently in videos I appreciate different things and learning things. I really enjoyed this thank you for sharing. Keep up the great video's. I'm trotting off now gotta go check out Mr. Reality and see if I missed anything on his channel. Have a blessed day or night.

We are IF : Great video

Dementia & Agony : this is quite intriguing. I'd watch more videos like these. In the wise words of Philip J Fry "Shut up & take my money"It's watching...

Data Quester : I really got.into this vid! Nice one!

Louie Carson : Awesome narration hope all is well with you An your family

Tigra Renee : 💜

Perry Dowd : I don't know, but if there's any chance of reincarnation then l'm coming back as a spoilt cat. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!

Ricky D : I absolutely believe reincarnation is a giving. Unfortunately not everyone can remember the experience.

Lori Jordan : Very good and interesting Thank you 😊