Thundercats Opening Theme "Long Version"

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Ivan Drago : Its the "long version" because you've repeated the original version 8 times!

ToshitheWolf : good times growing up and watching them :) really wish there was a tv channel that aired all the old cartoons from the 80's like Thundercats.

Sasika hirantha : in my childhood this cartoon I loved.....

Anthony Williams : classic. shots out to da 80s babies. remember eating a bowl of cereal watching this shit on a sat before I went outside to play. memories lol

Fuzion Factor : is it weird I feel like crying to this theme and at the same time feel excited? It's been so long I've heard this...the bad assery is overwhelming

rshadio : Dame the animations for this show was just did they do that

Mariohenri90 : Can't believe Thundercat Roar even exist. I had to come here to see this masterpiece to forget about it.

Juan Sanchez : As a kid i had all the toys, the sword of omens and the claw glove, when i heard they were remaking it I was disappointed but then glad when it was canceled. Please dont remake classic cartoons and movies cause nothing can beat the original.

Liz : Thundercats theme tune is badass.

BurnRoddy : That wierd moment when you're with the headphones on and your girlfriend comes into your room and you go blank thinking she will call you a manchild and she looks at you and says: - _I wish I had the sword of omens_. Should I be worried?

meanmachine : American animation at its finest!

rajifusama : we need a live action movie of this

сергей Курмыза : Thunder! Thunder! THUNDERCATS! HOOO!!!

Eric B : Here to cleanse my pallet after watching the horrendous thunder cats roar trailer

KeweKrypto 12 : Cheetara was my first love even before daisy duke.

David Rosales : Thunder...thunder...thunder..THUNDERCATS!! HOOOOO!!!!

Richard Farrell : Someone please make a 10-hour version of this

Carmen Mendez : Love this song, it was also my son's favorite.

retractedwan : Shitara still rocks my world

Jimmy Stinky : Wow, that was llllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg! I loved it! I just hope they NEVER make a live action film!

melvert33 : I actually sympathise with Slythe, Jackalman and Monkian more these days....

Beliye Kolgotki : ALL CAT HATERS ARE MUM-RAS!!

Carmen Mendez : Love this song, it was also my son's favorite.

Aaron Lumberger : horn section, percussion and chorus killed it

Scarlett Fox : I wanted to be Cheetara ✊xx

Zaçh Mïtchell : Y'all 2000s babies don't know about the old one y'all know about the new one which is new version just reanimated it

Mama Gaming : I miss this

patrick mckeown : love the thunder cats

Alex Cruzado : cheeta-ra is the best looking female in tv

Dion Lee : Black Denero-Bring the thunder 🔥🔥🔥

Gwynbleidd : Press *F* to pay respect!

Nantha Kumar : Awesome thunder cat my favorite cantoon my childhood time...✌🤗🤗🤗🇲🇾💖

Coos Oorlog : thundercats are loose

seandean artist : I miss these days so much 😢🙏🏾

adrian john : one of the best animations for boys ever!

christos papas : we need a live action movie please create 1 for gods love :(

Andres Hurt : Munra in spanish is amazing?

Prakash Fitness : One of the best intro song. 80s/90s is the best.

Damon Corrigan : I think someone just really likes Cheetara. :) She has more screen time then Lion-o.

King Kong : Thunder... Thunder... Thunder Cats... Hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

wealthyinspirit : Not really long... it just keeps repeating.

Toothless_HiccstridForever 122 : MEMORIES ME-MOR-IES I TELL YOU

OffsetAirplane : This compared to thunder cats (vomit) roar

Eduardo Orama : great thundercats

ClarissaKitty 103 : My dad grew up watching this show....then when i was little in the early 2000's he showed me ThunderCats and He-Man and i loved it! Now im 14 and i still love it to this day. The new ThunderCats on Cartoon network sucks, i prefer the 80's version! The 90's He-Man sucks too, i prefer the 80's version, my dad even agrees. If there ever is a ThunderCats movie or He-Man movie....we are going to see it!

stuart kent :

Bilal Shah : Brilliant Just Brilliant !!!

Nathanel Knotts : Nate Knotts

Fagner Brito : Queria À voltar a ser criança pra ver esse desenho dinovo

Whisper Darkling : Best. Show. Ever. <3