Croatia AMAZING Firefighters Can’t Watch last Penalty

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henessy3022 : I dont believe is fake. I dont want to believe it. I love the professionalism....not one hesitates. They are UP and GONE in 30sec

Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali : Clearly staged.

cat co : Really love them, they are so cute

Syl JoLy : all my security cameras pan to the side, all of them.

이이만 : real heroes.

2boliviano : Fake

a torinoi lo : baba bu nedir?

Nathan Austen : Probably staged, but it's still funny though.

Hampus Wallin : Whats that sport they're watching?

ZmaJo : I m from Croatia and they go for security not for problem . TRUE!!!!

Mhamud Benamus : Wowww

Supur Gogetuh : The match is a replay, the alarm was set-up. The “security camera” is clearly fake, what camera would have live assistence? (For the place it’s placed at)

Marko Stojanovic : “The video was staged by the firefighters as an instructional video to promote safety during World Cup celebrations. ‘Careful when using torches and pyrotechnics, we can (finally) look at the fires [after the game],”‘ they wrote in the caption.”

Invincibleee : SUPERMAN

MALIRIPPA : Why is The guy In The White T-shirt running out and Then just comes back?

Aryan Ramanand : Omg she missen the goal

ErnadKing : It's not fake because My Grandparents live close to the firefighter station

최규화 : I was a firefighter and I used to watch World Cup before bell was ringing. This is a daily life of firefighter and pls shut your mouth before talking about staged or not. I guarantee this is real.

PES Master : Worst job in the world during a world cup.

Erkan Mengüş : In 22 seconds

Yu Shin Chai : ><

vick uK : They run without they asked where the emergency is? 😂

nadim mostafiz : fake like 9/11

Roberto Degano : Fake

James Andrews : PAinfully fake. R/videos sucks now.

S L : Fake as a 2$ Chinese whore