Croatia AMAZING Firefighters Can’t Watch last Penalty

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Boutros Boutros Boutros Ghali : Clearly staged.

Syl JoLy : all my security cameras pan to the side, all of them.

2boliviano : Fake

Michelle stark : I dont believe is fake. I dont want to believe it. I love the professionalism....not one hesitates. They are UP and GONE in 30sec

이이만 : real heroes.

Nathan Austen : Probably staged, but it's still funny though.

a torinoi lo : baba bu nedir?

cat co : Really love them, they are so cute

Hampus Wallin : Whats that sport they're watching?

James Andrews : PAinfully fake. R/videos sucks now.

ZmaJo : I m from Croatia and they go for security not for problem . TRUE!!!!

Never Happened : Staged and lame.

Aryan Ramanand : Omg she missen the goal

Erkan Mengüş : In 22 seconds

Yueh Tewb : Wow AMAZING how fake this fakest fake of all fakes is.

Yu Shin Chai : ><

yoombam : SUPERMAN

nadim mostafiz : fake like 9/11

Mhamud Benamus : Wowww

Roberto Degano : Fake