RENO 911! - Crackhead Cow

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Island Bridge : “Goddammit, crack makes him fast”

Luis Angel Salcedo : “Crack head” “....... I can’t refute that one” I’m dead!!!!

I might need security : It's the circle of life!😂😂😂

InSaNe Membrane : Crackhead black man dressed as a cow harassing my goats

LazyPanda : If a black man can be the president of the U.S then by god you can be a cow and don't let any cop tell you otherwise Homie

Mun'im M : Is there any character key can't do?

Kory Evans : I love these

DM : Mountain lions will get 'em.

dolla bills : Aight, im 0 for 2 then..

ashantti denise : Crack makes em faster😂😂

rockergurl242 : I loved Reno! My favorite show when it came out. I always laugh whenever they're talking with someone and they start running away and the cops have to chase them 😂

Dirty Pixel : Holy shit it’s Key

Bre Nixon : I have never watched this show...but by the gods I am sure going to start. This is hilarious!

D Rodriguez : 0:26 I DIDNT SAY I WAS A COW

Shankar Baskey : That goat was harassing me 😂😂😂😂😂

Cumshot Kenny : New Boot Goofin’

CT2507 : "god dam'n the crack makes them fast" hahaha...

Zenobia Russell : Love the shorts...the crack makes em

Zenobia Russell : Damn...Reno was the ish...


texasaggie85 : In real life they would’ve shot him already

Scotty Dont : Bring this show back please.

Nejere O : see what had happened was


Drew P. Wiener : The crack makes him fast 😆 😆

Soap McTavish : "crack makes him fast"lol

Matty Matt : circle of life

Ferra Leon : The police never caught anyone lol

ibleedcrimson63 : "Crack makes him fast" 😂😂😂

Shannan Mcelfresh : Crack makes him fast thats funny

EaST CoAsT MaCHete : Cow on crackhead harassing goats talk about hate crime

Al'vin Al'sace : Glad to be alive in 2018😂

Preston.brown1989 : This is private property sir!, it certainly is 😂lol

Omar Hassan : I love his costume 😂😂😂

SkTzO7 : omg lol i hope they bring this show back

Miguel Rulez1 : "GOD DAMN IT, CRACK COWS ARE FAST" had me rolling on the floor😂😂 🐮

Nathan McCollough : Keegan michael key.

africa93 : the crack makes you fast

nodovesflyhere : We need more reno 911 clips!

V E : O for 2 😂

I’mQueenToast : “The goats were harassing me”

Guillermo Merino : Key in Reno 911!!!!!

max isom : Holy shit, XD. I'm gonna start watching Reno 911 from the start because of that shit!

Jama Thaughn : Running to Mountain Lion country dressed like a cow? Yep - the circle of life.

TheGirlLikesMovies : God I miss this show. “I didn’t say I was a cow”

Joe Weller : They couldn’t get a goat ?

Still I Rise4485 : Epic!

John Smith : The crack makes him fast cx

Psycho Mantis 7 : This show needs to come back in 2019

Nacirema : More of these please!