Learning To Dress: Synthesizing Human Dressing Motion via Deep Reinforcement Learning

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Video results for the paper "Learning To Dress: Synthesizing Human Dressing Motion via Deep Reinforcement Learning" to be presented at Siggraph Asia 2018.


judged by time : quality content

Erik Arktander : I like it when he rips a hole through the shirt.

DontfallasleeZZZZ : This is really cool research. There should definitely be some commercial applications. It seems almost every video game features different clothes for the characters to wear. To see them actually do the changing would greatly increase the realism. It's also cool in a purely scientific sense. Being able to dress oneself is considered a milestone in childhood development. Wearing clothes is one of the most basic things that separate humans from animals.

vallab : The dressing method of, both the hands in the shirt first then inserting it over the head is perhaps missing.

Venoum : still better then Mario Balotelli

Darkvine : Exterminating mankind might take a while, AI is having a hard time getting dressed it seems xD

Crux 22 : Having children, I'm curious to see the AI learn to take the shirt off afterwards, as that seems to be the harder task for kids lol... (I'm laughing a little right now remembering upset daughters with a shirt stuck on their heads)

Agent_Ash : That failure attempt at the end HAS to become a meme

Yannick M : Robots are gonna be in our lives so much faster then anyone can imagine

danjo paluska : such an entertaining character! and amazing tech muscles to solve such high dof system!

Isaac : Weird flex, but ok

Aufek : Bought time AI put on some damn clothes.

Maestre Sanmiguel Colombia : Nice Work

Bitmap Jack : now black mirror watchers will show up to say he is learning to wear a BULLETPROFF VEST TO KILL MANKIND... yeah ..black mirror fans

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あてね2004 : 🙂

JuanProGameplay : *Español??*