My Hedgehog Gets A Bath
Pet hedgehog bathtime

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mochi morina : welcome to another episode of “thank you youtube for putting this in my recommendations”

Lena Monroe : "Although it may look like he's having a terrible time this is not animal abuse" I feel like god says this about me too lmao

Saneea Mustafa : This guy's to-do list: 1. Drink protein shake 2. Go to the gym and get massive gains 3. Cuddle with hedgehog for 30 mins

Amy Baza : When he said “hopefully he’ll live to 10 years cause I love the little guy, he’s super cute” my damn heart 😭

nicole : “Hey man what you doin after your workout” “Oh you know... just gonna give my hedgehog a bath”

Keci Harvey : I'm glad he didnt make the title "buff body builder gives small pet hedgehog a bath" for views

adultButterfly88 : Guys, according to Nick's Instagram.... this little fella (apparently called Hedge) died on the 15th March 2018! :'( I'm so sorry to hear this, Nick! R.I.P. Hedge <3

Bernisha Dumas : 😂😂😂 “his underbelly is what typically gets the most piss on it.” Lmaooooo

qngie : *epic badass intro plays* hey guys so here’s my lil hedgehog

Ekaterina JJ : Most popular video on a body building channel is a hedgehog having a bath video. :)

Emily Is Dead : Doctor: you have 7:27 left to live. Me:

bluey : * video starts * working out bodybuilder * 2 seconds later * We are bathing tiny hedgehog!!

aphotic peach : **searches "hedgehog" in his channel to see more videos of hedge** **sees videos titled "my hedgehog is dying..." "saying goodbye to hedge"** **cries myself to sleep at 3am**

Emlyn Lee-Schalow : "But if you want your hedgehog to be social and friendly and have it respond to you and cuddle it and hold it and all that stuff, you're gonna have to give it constant attention, at least once a day" haha same

Kmi •o• : A strong ass man with a badass voice and a pretty intimidating look with a hedgehog it’s the best thing ever

we irritating : the dislikes are from guys who think this is too “feminine” for a bodybuilder TOXIC MASCULINITY AINT IT

Simon is Gay and you can’t tell me otherwise : This man is the opposite of toxic masculinity.

justicelovatostylesdelrey : intro: woah his muscles are..big...he is big video: "hi guys ill show you how i bathe my hedgehog"

Can You Possibly Not Now : You’re 200+ pounds taking care of this less than 5 pound hedgie and I’m in love

Rosie Posie : *sees this bodybuilder gives his hedgehog a bath* me: *searches where to buy a hedgehog*

angtroll : “Typically it’s his belly that rubs around in the piss, so that’s why he smells like piss.” I’m dying

Krystin : the. the contrast. is astounding. and i love it. please more hedgehog videos

wait what? : *_STRENGTH. POWERRRRRRR._* i will be using congealed oatmeal shampoo.

Woot Woot : I enjoy watching strong masculine men take care of tiny animals because it shows their soft gentle sides. So good job! 👍🏻

nimzvn : Bruh i was not expecting that intro, the duality

Linkle Tinkle : This was recommended to me and I do have to say this was very entertaining. This big huge body builder sounding like an earthquake bathing an itty bitty hedgehog and talkin' about being gentle and lovin' "the little guy" is my favorite thing now.

Ella : I found it. The best video on the internet. A BODYBUILDER GIVING HIS PET HEDGEHOG A BATH OH MY GOD

Влада Галина : *Russia, 2:00 am* *me: how hedgehogs get a bath*

allrisedalnim : *clicked the video* *intro* Me : am i clicking the right video? Also me : *watches the video* a body builder and a hedgehog? IM SOFT

Lama Art : Why did youtube recommend this for me now???... Why did i not see this before awwwh

Grizzless : All these poor people not knowing the hole they are falling into. I ask you to clear your history before another hedgehog video enters your recommended. It's too late for me but you can still save yourself.

Alexandra Trella : This was in my reccomendation and Im not complaining

Oʙᴠɪᴏᴜs Hᴀᴍɪʟᴛʀᴀsʜ : Not gonna lie, thought his intro was an ad and was looking for the ‘skip ad’ button

Wynette W : Me: YouTube: My Hedgehog Gets a Bath Also Me: SO CUTEEEE

Mikayla M : I remember watching this when it first went viral, and it made me wonder... *Is Hedge still alive* Edit: omg 😢 it was just recently the first year since his passing. Rip 💕

akaei : im laughing so hard i wasnt expecting the intro asdfjdeci

maddie : *intense beat* *bodybuilder lifting* *long pause* literally a hedgehog getting bathed

Strangerthings Fan : He went from buff to I love my tiny hedgehog 🤣🤣 real quick

Sweet As Honey : I was literally watching Skin Care videos and I ended up here I am not disappointed.

nojood al-ghamdi : Nobody: Me having homework to do and exams next week and there is no time to do them: oohhhhHHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE!

Carly Smith : The real question: WHAT'S IT'S NAME?!?!?

Igot Skill412 : I saw the intro and I thought I clicked on the wrong video😂

ItsTotallyKia : Why do I feel like crying??? He's just so cute, oml

Ulrich Leukam : the real question is: Is he remote as fas as Sonic the Hedgehog ?

Ethan McNulty : seeing such a badass guy with a pet hedgehog is the best thing i stg

Fjl : this is the quality content I signed up for

Sylphadora : “This is a bodybuilding channel, not a hedgehog channel” 😂 I think someone needs to create a secondary channel 😁

bibi : this guy knows how to get his girls damn

ce gz : Me: Youtube: Here's a video of a bodybuilder bathing his hedgehog pet! Me: I love it