My Hedgehog Gets A Bath

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janie s. : I'm glad this was in my recommendations lol so cute !

dr. crab : sonic has really let himself go......

I don't deserve subs : Dye him blue

DepressionDog : Idk why I find it hilarious that the video starts out super dramatic and it's about lifting weights and muscles hen it cuts to a hedgehog 😂😂😂😭

Jesus : I used to have a hedgehog but it died to a growth/tumor on its leg when it was almost 4 ;-;

Ashley Valentine : "This is a bodybuilding Channel not a hedgehog Channel." 😂

JustSomeoneHere : Such a ripped guy has a cute lil hedgehog. Jeez

Team Player : What type of protein powder does your hog prefer? I’m trying to get mine in shape... but he just lays there all day.

FireBomberBassist : Be careful of his spin dash when wet.

Gijs : Please make more hedgehog videos already, he's so freaking cute haha

Dankest G&M : After this bath he evolved to Sonic

Orielenap : YouTube recommendations working well

Redouane : 6:04 HE FARTED HAHAHA

Logan Craig : Your ouch mouse looks cute


Zoulle : That tiny dog has spikes

Carl Johnson : I hope you named him Sonic Edit: 5 seconds after this comment I found out. Rest in peace

TheReal Doge : Man these comments are retarded Its clearly a Liger

m6rcy : i swear some of the animals on this earth were crafted by god . they’re so adorable like hummingbirds rabbits hedgehogs , then we have satan’s animals like flies etc...

Kubomi : This should be a hedgehog channel.

steven Wilson : Was looking for something else and saw a hedgehog getting a bath thumbnail, not looking for something else anymore.

Kketansa Art : I hear that the Hedgehog is no more bro? :( Wishing him peace, and so much gratitude that he gave you 3.8m views, probably the largest among all your videos.

PrestigeGamer : This is fake the Hedgehog is a paid actor!

jesse vu : He's so cute

P-Town Hero : Bro when you put the shampoo on him, it looked like you put vanilla frosting a cute little donut. Bro I want a hedgehog now.

GoMoTheLawn : You should make a separate channel for hedgehog videos! So cute!

Muhammad Qureshi : How can you dislike a video of cute animal taking a bath come on people

Mogeko -Tan : 2:44 *Starts the song to play when sonic drowns*

Hannah H. : I was so not expecting a super buff body builder to be showing me how he bathes his cute little hedgehog

Joakim Mårtensson : 2:13 sonic is drowning :/

Kanwar Singh Gill : RIP hegde hog. You shall never be forgotten. I loved watching his videos...even right now in oct 2018 i come back again n again to see him...

oh yeah yeah : I thought u came on that thing in the thumbnail

Loappp Dhhskkklka : This is Sonic? :o

iii ΔCID UNIṪ iii : **looks very violent and rough in the intro** **Very nice and Gentle in the video**

The Club : He skipped leg day eh

YOUR MUM GAY : In Germany you go to prison for Keeping wild animals as pets

Ephraim Boomer : My hedgehog, Poke gets a bath every day 😊 every day I clean his cage and bathe him. But to be fair he is only in his cage at night and all day he is either in my shirt or in my bed.

Asmr Queen : My hedgie died yesterday!😭😭😭

borrimami22 : I wonder if he uses the baby voice talking to his little hedgie

Fish Smell Bad : Holy shit hedgehogs are so cute

FutureRichPerson 247365 : Stop it! Sonic can't swim!

ViolaAurela : I was thinking about getting one , is it very spiky to stroke ?? And do you think it’s a good house pet ? Please reply !

angelina : u shouldnt fill up the sink that much to the point where hes kinda floating that gives hedgehogs anxiety, they dont like to be almost swimming period so u should try to fill it up so it just touches his belly but can still walk on the bottom of the sink, also make sure not to get the water in his ears because hedgehogs get ear infections easily, to avoid this just use a toothbrush to clean him :)

Faded Tangerine : It's adorable how your intro is exercising and being all buff but then it's like "watch me bath my hedgehog" AHAHAHAHAHGAGAAGAFJEISNSOFAIODF


TGS Fade : I click this video “awww cute” Related: My hedgehog is dying

Jam Lee : 3:16 Thank me later

Oliver Butters : Very warm video . How old is your buddy?

EET FUK : the hedgehog uses fake plates