My Hedgehog Gets A Bath

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janie s. : I'm glad this was in my recommendations lol so cute !

JAX : *BUFF ASS LOOKING DUDE* : I'm gonna be making a video of washing my hedgehog and he's so cute uwu

ᑕOᔕᕼᗩ : Mom always told me the biggest and baddest lookin guys have the softest hearts

Ahwazie Matudin : I like that the intro was all about gym and gains then proceeds to bath a cute hedgehog xD

Mire : *THIS is the type of content I want to see in my recommendations*

dr. crab : sonic has really let himself go......

chloe : I thought I clicked on the wrong vid when some ripped body builder showed up on my screen I was so confused lmao

Kayla Bolden : I love how he is actually bathing him, not like the others who just throw there hedgehog in water where it struggles to breathe and swim, notice how he only fills the water up to his legs and not past so there is no possible way he can drown.👍🏽🦔

Sabineシ : Please put a towel in the little tub so that he has grip with his lil feet to make him less stressed out

Pillo : *NICKS STRENGTH AND POWER* *SUPER AWESOME MUSCLE INTRO* *looks at videos* me giving my hedgehog a bath.

Gijs : Please make more hedgehog videos already, he's so freaking cute haha

MageTrick : What kind of dog is that

monika : you know you're lost when there's no justin y. comment

fast CSX NS Bnsf and union Pacific productions : 6:05 he Farted HAHAHAHAHA

Madihah Saheed : *im never complaining about my recommendations again*


maddie : *intense beat* *bodybuilder lifting* *long pause* literally a hedgehog getting bathed

JTBZP TBZP : When I saw the intro I thought I clicked on the wrong video lol

Cole Thor : Even buff guys have soft spots

Disgust D : I love buff guys taking care of small animals, being delicate and saying how cute they are 😭❤️

I don't deserve subs : Dye him blue

Faith Rollins : *buff dude*im gonna wash a kawaii hedgehog

jafs65 : Your hands are so beautiful. They look super soft and silky.

Vicstone GR1 : So is this a sneak peek of the new Sonic Movie?

Joshkid 2000 : When i saw the beggining i was shook i was like wtf, this is the wrong vid, but then the hedghog poped up 🤣

jesse vu : He's so cute

Contuletzu2 : Plot twist, the hedgehog gives Nick a bath.🤔🤔

WuzNab : Spiky rat gets bath.

Marieles Mystic Music : I also had a hedgehog for one winter, because he was too small to survive. But he loved water! He always got into the pool at night and swam in there😅

J. Novak : First i thought im in the wrong video

Isaac Vuong : *scary ass intro* "Hey guys ill be washing my hedgehog today."

MajorRhine : What breed of dog is that?

General Kevin : I LOVE THIS ahahha you are a body builder, strong man and you have a SUPER CUTE KAWAII Hedgehog <3 ahahah

Allison D : "This is a body building channel, not a hedgehog channel.." WHERE CAN WE FIND BOTH?!

Сергей Волков : When i saw thumbnail i thought hedgehog getting seasoned with mayonnaise

heyo oyeh : I love how he's a big tough guy who's also a bodybuilder and yet still he has a video of him bathing his lil baby hedgehog, amazing

Jenna Stevenson : Anybody else find it annoying when your friends ask you if your hedgehog is named Sonic? They also ask if any of my parrots are name Polly, or if any of my bunnies are named Peter (Peter Rabbit), or the Easter Bunny.

Nuha Amari : HE’S SO GORGEOUS AND HANDSOME!!!!!!!! (Literally dying from the inside for this footage) 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😘🤣🤣🤣 1like=#related

Alexzis Edwards : The trailer for the new sonic the hedgehog movie looks great

Daniel : Aww so cute 😭❤️ why did you decide to get a pet hedgehog?

Hannah H. : I was so not expecting a super buff body builder to be showing me how he bathes his cute little hedgehog

Olivia Volco : *sees super muscular dude in intro* *watches video of washing tiny hedgehog* 😂😂 he’s so cute! I want a hedgehog now! 😂😂😂😁😁😋😋❤️❤️

nameless Manuel : *_Does it supposed to be blue??_*

Lizzie TheGamer : regardless of how long any pet will live people would always want their pet to live forever.....I want my cat to come back 😭😭😭😭

1,000 subscribers with no content ? : I love the video but I would recommend using less shampoo if you use to much it will dry out there skin

Jodie Carla Stonehouse : 2019?

Joshkid 2000 : I think the hedghog has the biggest muscle here 🤔👌🏾

vSpecky : That's a weird looking cat

Makeup By Tehila : those little hands😍