You've Heard of a Murder of Crows. How About a Crow Funeral? | Deep Look

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Kaeli Swift : Hi folks! I'm the scientist behind this research. I'm seeing a few questions come up repeatedly so let me take a minute to address them. 1) Yikes, why are the masks so creepy?! These masks were made in service to the original facial recognition study that took place a little over a decade ago at the UW. You can learn more about that study in the PBS 'Murder of Crows' special which is free to stream. When asking that original question of "do crows recognize threatening people" it was important that the masks were expressionless, since a happy or angry looking face might influence how they would respond (we now know it actually doesn't). It's very hard to find human-like expressionless masks though, so we had costume makers come in and take molds of volunteers' faces. What you're left with is something that basically looks like you cut someone's face off and are wearing it Silence of the Lambs style, which is kinda the point, but admittedly also very creepy to people! 2) Why did you need to wear masks at all? During the actual study I wasn't a mask wearer, I just recorded data. It was a volunteer that would don the mask and hold the crow, or return a week later wearing the familiar mask. But volunteers are fickle and I couldn't be guaranteed that the person available to help during the "funeral" presentation could come back the following week. By having people wear the masks though, it didn't matter who was helping me, I could keep the face the same. And based on the previous facial recognition study I knew that's really all that mattered. 3) How did we know they weren't just freaking out because the masks are creepy? I ran controls to verify this. Linda is one of ten different masks so it was easy to verify that wasn't what was going on. If you want to learn all the details of this study you can read it for free on my blog (corvidreseach . blog) You can also find me on twitter @ corvidresearch where I am always available to answer all your corvid questions. I also play a fun ID game on Wednesdays called #CrowOrNo. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the video and I hope you look out for my new studies!

Kerry Li : So the next time you hear crows squawking in your backyard, you know what’s going on...maybe you’ll find a lady wearing a scary mask with a dead crow in her hand!!!

smetlogik : One of the smartest animals on the planet. Sweet vid!

New Message : I raised a few ravens back in my zoo days, and they are scary smart. There is definitely 'somebody home' in there, if you know what I mean.

DANCER9op : Clever Girls.

Conor Merrill : Another A class video by deep look, and I expected nothing less!

Denise Thasder : At a crow funeral, the birds are buried in CAW-ffins

Saucy Doggo : What's interesting is that they were able to describe the mask to the other crows so that they all knew it was dangerous.

User Name : I witnessed a crow funeral, after one got zapped on the power line. It was very unnerving, as it started small but quickly grew to dozens or more and became very loud. Their sound actually got me out of my house to go see, whereupon I saw the dead crow and figured that's what the fuss was about. In the end it was a moving experience.

Josh_Le_GamerYT : Lets be honest, who wouldn't be freaked out by that creepy AF mask. It looks like she skinned another man and wore it.

Tomasz Kakapo : Could you make video about Kakapos please?

demon794 : The mask genuinely freaked me out when it first came up.

a bad millenial child : that mask is so creepy, jesus!

sexy korean girl : what a nice park

Maker's Muse : Awesome video! I witnessed something similar with ibis' where one had died in a lake and eels were starting to notice it. Other ibis' crowded the water's edge where it was and seemed genuinely disturbed. Animals are far more intelligent than most give them credit.

Me Again : Crows are by far my favorite animal, I always love when more people get exposed to how amazing and intelligent these beautiful birds are. Thank you, Deep Look, for your consistent high quality content.

Ryan Allen : Great, now I'll be haunted by a masked woman carrying a dead crow in my nightmares from now on... she looks like the female version of leatherface in that thing holy Christ.

Uber Wulf : I think this is one of the best videos to date.

Snakey Mations : the crows are super cute

jann lloyd espinosa : I love crows theyre so interesting, theres a lot of things that they can that will shock you. Good job Deep Look keep up the goodwork 😄

Rubb zies : Apparantly, crows have better memories than me ;____;

Toàn Khánh : And as always, pigeons are idiots.

America From Scratch : I'm no crow, but I would freak out too. That mask is terrifying! -Scratchy The Eagle

Ammar Khan : I always wanted a video of crows They always amaze me, now I can show other why I like crows.

GiggitySam Entz : The creepy music does make the mask even scarier XD Even when it's playing at the same time as the happy curious music ha ha ha !

Darwin Baguio : I really find crows beautiful.

1D_Inc : Patreon? Finally!

Helzot leaf : I would be hella wary as well, that mask was terrifying

Johnnyonnyful : Thanks for letting me to be able to support you!

jeff : Who are crows scared off? A scarecrow

Jorge Jasso : Always loved DEEP LOOK .

CAG2 : Guess you could say they have crowing knowledge ;)

David Reddy : I wonder if she tried wearing the mask and not holding a dead crow before the dead crow was introduced. That way she could rule out the possibility that they were freaked out by the mask.

dork lass : A murder of crows reacts to a murder

Durio sp : 1:41, "😓😓😓"

DarktrooperDalek : I’d scream if I saw someone in that mask too!

geidi rodriguez : Mind blown 🤯

Bizzel Boem : I get why she used a mask, But why in the world THAT MASK. If I saw her I would scream aswell

Cyn Loh : Okay but if I saw a lady dressed like a horror movie villain carrying a dead crow I would RUN

Eloise .D : That mask is too creepy

Ameera Vlogs : I wonder how will the crows react when the lady takes off the mask in front of them..


A Bird Lover : Imagine someone just chilling at a park when they see some lady in a creepy mask with a dead crow go past and all the other crows gathering around like it's some sort of ritual

iPlay Games : You should have 10 Million subscribers

calohtar : Should've had a control run in the beginning with only the mask and no peanuts or dead crow, just to get a baseline for how creepy the mask is on it's own

Da Dragon Durp : Corvids will never cease to fascinate me

Mark : I love Crows, they are my favourite animal.

Rage Coder : Crows are so smart. Probably smarter than me

Darcey Mussey : When one of my pigeons died, her mate was very upset. He wouldn't leave her side as she was lying on the floor. He kept walking around and around her, looking at her from all angles. After I moved her, he was still wandering the area looking for her. They can be very intelligent but they are also prey animals, so in the wild they are too wary to linger in one spot and allow themselves to be distracted for long.

Hark : Missed apes on the list of animals that react to death. Saddest doc I ever saw was one where a chimpanzee starved itself to death sitting near the place where its daughter died. (I maybe be getting some of the details wrong. It's been 10+ years and I can't recall the name.