Nigeria's Biggest Fish and Octopus Market

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MsCheriecoco : That's a squid and not an octopus. Love the videos battabox!!!

Cherry Berry : one thing about African fish it's very delightful

Monika Wheeler : no regulation country seems beautiful

Profezor Snayp : That's a squid, not an octopus.

Shamon Shamon : The host girl is sexy

Benny diamond : being searching for a market where I could find shrimps and so much more

TimberWolvesX X : very nice market.

shinigami_ghost : nice clips and she a good entertainer👌

Rob Vazquez : All that fresh fish and no ice or refrigeration. Errrrrrrrr worms here we come

Angela Hill : I can't deal😕

princeryell : they always have that, why are u asking me these dumb questions, face.

Karl Cameron : nice

sophia ativie : her h factor tho

solid liquid : sniper fish lmao the woman said snapper

Derwin da Destroyer : mmm Barracuda lady

aremu olumide : That's a lobster Bruv !!

Olukayode Mayomi : Odun, please don't cut your knife Oh! :)

Green Apple : she loves her job!

Chigozie David Ekene : Calling a squid an octopus 🐙

Francis Steele : is tourists aloud to go there? it safe

Tim Smith : I think if I lived in africa I would become vegan!

Mouhiddine Hassani : Fish skales all over them titties and shit damn

Keliea yana : too many ignorant too many idiot too many poor in this country

Imokhai Iniomor : thats a sqid...not an octopus.

Suna Akin : I really love the host! She is so interactive and seems so nice. A really wonderful lady!

imade ologbosere : love the host, but can u guys show how cotton seed soup is cooked, just an idea, cos I was surprised wen I heard cotton can be made into food

OVVlogs - : no flies!!best market

Bulik1970 : She got the most stupid questions for a journalist

Lee Harvey Bao : iLove it

Righteous Lion : The host is beautiful and I like your accent too

Taiwo Olaniyi : but what's the name of the fish market please?

FlufffCheekYee : I bet the smell is horrendous there....

Kevin Andersson : Haha it's "snapper", not "sniper" xD

HipHop Push : it's called red snapper or snapper fish, not sniper!!!!! lol

Monique B : Snapper 🐟

Mendy Peters : it''s snapper not sniper ps I like this presenter , shes not afraid to do anything she just go at it. she can be quite threatening though. for people who are camera shy

Osas joy : nice

Shon Phillip : is this catfish?, no its ogbokuuunnnn, LMAO

Bo lli : What a giant fishmarket..great place!! Surely worth a visit! Just some corrections...its a snapper not really dont want any snipers on your fish market!!..and large barracudas should not be sold for food purposes while they poison are!!! They are the last chainlink of the foodchain and are enriched with ciguatoxin CTX1B..this toxin cant even stand frying heat.. so catch and release and keep your fingers away from big barras...young barras are a delightment on your tongue though..i had mine fried and were myummy.

xorohede : Black people are so hateful. Look how much hate they have for her in their eyes.

Tiger Wright : Oduayo. I love your reporting and love Batta Box. I have been watching the channel for years. I would love to experience your culture. I live in Florida in the USA. We have some open markets like this.

janan berserker : look at that shrimp!!!! huge!!!!!!!!

DENNIS THA MENACE : this Market has everything including AIDS Ebola diarrhea heartburn everything that you need

Don Yortas : Wow, "tilapia". I like it. We call it tilapia too. Is it a universal name for that fish?

Happy Pah : Dangerous country , thry have Boko Haram .

Sulei Enejo D : you Guys have a brilliant, show... do you come to other parts of Nigeria?

ken sim : that's not a sniper fish its a red orblak snapper a vey popular fish all over the world iausrlia and asia where we cookedit in indian curry gravy!

ravan oid : You need to sharpen your general knowledge lady.

jobin james : plenty of fish. they should get spoilled early due to the temperature