Nigeria's Biggest Fish and Octopus Market

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Benny diamond : being searching for a market where I could find shrimps and so much more

S Ravi Kumar : She got a sexy mouth.. I wish she gives me a nice blow job.. Before I reach the hot spot.. 💝

Anton EightBall : 0:58 look at that evil eye. Be careful from people like that.

Keron Farrier : No ice to be found...damn

Robert Johnson : Haaaaa, let caucasian's tell it africa is starving and nothing to eat. lying hating soulless fucks, they want everyone to think otherwise! 🖕 kukumbo Ashe!!!!!!!!!!!!

joe whoever : not one ice cube in sight....hmmm?

Nasay Mori : I bet she dont even know how big is whales really are😂

moto gp : 2:45 it is a SQUID

Peaceistheanswer27 : she can def get it

Najeeb Khan : I love fish you look so cute

urcommonnegroid : Snapper...But your still hot.

emojefe dot com : OREPU, OROBGO WOMAN

Monika Wheeler : no regulation country seems beautiful

Cherry Berry : one thing about African fish it's very delightful

olusegun jackson : Public Market references West Side Market... Mercado Central, Valencia... Boston Public Market... Great Market (Budapest).

Moe : Snapper not sniper

NICE MAN : I like Nigerian peoples

Shamon Shamon : The host girl is sexy

MsCheriecoco : That's a squid and not an octopus. Love the videos battabox!!!

jack AKA karthik : squid !! not octopus

TimberWolvesX X : very nice market.

shinigami_ghost : nice clips and she a good entertainer👌

Profezor Snayp : That's a squid, not an octopus.

Rob Vazquez : All that fresh fish and no ice or refrigeration. Errrrrrrrr worms here we come

Patisserie Arabella : I would love to go shopping there with you ✨😄

King Dreezy : Is the fish a snapper or sniper?

Matthew Jackson : He we go again. People in third world countries can always afford knives but never sharpening stones. Their cutlery is always pitifully dull and rusty. The fish in the market look good though.

IsleofMAN : Lol Sniper fish!!

princeryell : they always have that, why are u asking me these dumb questions, face.

amir shake : Great content. You guys should try other parts of nigeria for more interesting way of life

Moejii - : Nigerian water is soooo polluted I wonder how bad those fish are stacked with chemicals

Karl Cameron : nice

sophia ativie : her h factor tho

Green Apple : she loves her job!

omhar super : That's not octopus its a huge squid

Derwin da Destroyer : mmm Barracuda lady

Nacho Gimenez : Nice videos, thanks for showing you culture !! New subs!

Eye Am That Eye Am : I can't deal😕

solid liquid : sniper fish lmao the woman said snapper

aremu olumide : That's a lobster Bruv !!

Chigozie David Ekene : Calling a squid an octopus 🐙

Olukayode Mayomi : Odun, please don't cut your knife Oh! :)

justinbig10 : I may not agree with eating everything there, but I give them respect for not seeing one fly in the whole video!

Francis Steele : is tourists aloud to go there? it safe

Tim Smith : I think if I lived in africa I would become vegan!

Bulik1970 : She got the most stupid questions for a journalist

OVVlogs Everyday Life : no flies!!best market

Suna Akin : I really love the host! She is so interactive and seems so nice. A really wonderful lady!

Mouhiddine Hassani : Fish skales all over them titties and shit damn