Nigeria's Biggest Fish and Octopus Market

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Lucy Audrey : The host is so incredibly likeable!

Ugochi77 : Lol! she said snapper not sniper

Grace Blackson : I visited Nigeria in july this month and we stayed in Lagos for a week before heading to Orlu, Aba and Abuja. I did'nt know this market exists! It's a pitty! Next time. Miss Naija soooo much! You people are wonderful. My husband is Nigerian. I am from Surinam South America. Greetings from the Netherlands 💋

jayDAWG : very attractive host!

Paul Adetunji : hahaha she said what fish is this? she says obokun. umm this looks like catfish? no its obokun LMAO

TechTactics : 'Red snapper' and a 'squid' Not sniper and octopus... I enjoyed it very much anyway.

kingslove1 : God bless nigeria.

jeunkoku : Solid taste comes with these seafoods compared to the crappy frozen ones abroad 💚🇳🇬

Anoynmous Anonymous : african women hard work is in our Dna chai...God bless our hustle o

ken sim : that's not a sniper fish its a red orblak snapper a vey popular fish all over the world iausrlia and asia where we cookedit in indian curry gravy!

Sade` Phillips : Nigerians have the smoothest face , skin and brightest teeth! Gosh

Hodor Hodor : "it looks like a whale". Wtf do you think Jonah was swallowed by that? Lol

Suna Akin : I really love the host! She is so interactive and seems so nice. A really wonderful lady!

lulu skyy : battabox presenters are trying!!!! the passion on u guys faces when doing ur job is incredible.. you guys will be bigger than what u ever imagined in this newyear of 2016, God will elevate you guys to ur next level, Amen! Thanks for always educating nd entertaining us here!!!

Green Apple : she loves her job!

jobin james : plenty of fish. they should get spoilled early due to the temperature

Monique B : Snapper 🐟

Rikah Grey : That's a snapper not a sniper

sky rokket : BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BipolarShango : Nice show! Keep up the good work guys.

Joseph Collie : 2:53 #GORGEOUS.


DENNIS THA MENACE : this Market has everything including AIDS Ebola diarrhea heartburn everything that you need

Tamuno-Opubo Cookey-Gam : That thing is "snapper" not "sniper"

yo elp : I'm really not a fish eating person per se.....but after watching this ima switch to fish! .....Jeeeeezzzz! btw that 'face' behind 5:32

NthShout : that's not an octopus.. that's a squid!

Japhet Ikoti : Dat Lady is beautiful I must say

azeez osho : that's a squid not an octopus.

thaiden03 : I love ur videos : )

Wendy Mabinuori : you guys are about to just takes cnn or some other major body to decide to give you funding and its a wrap..Odunayo sef will change lol..keep it up guys! i never knew we even had crocodiles for sale in this lagos!

MARIS OJOMON : I would like to know where this fish market is please. We are blessed.

joe whoever : not one ice cube in sight....hmmm?

olubunmi oluwayi : If you want to be taking seriouly,all the producer and the presenter have to do is search on youtube about different types of fish,your aim should be to inform people.It is very unprofessional to go infront a camera not having a clue what you talking about,you will never find a whale on a table in a fish market for obvious reasons and do we have sharks in nigeria waters?

Negro Tarantino : I wish women in America didn't know what Lobster was. Haha

Lion Dove : Lol the look the lady gave her at 0:59,,, is hhhhhhilarious!!.....

MsCheriecoco : That's a squid and not an octopus. Love the videos battabox!!!

askchrishetrades : Subscribed!

Craig Rozario : Yes I have. ..wish urll all the best

Craig Rozario : Great work

Tj Gong : I fancy her.

Sterlyn Ali : thanks for making these videos .

Sonu Vishkarma : you are very brave girl and smart too.

ezzy gossamer : Shark or whale! Seriously! Are you kidding me?

Francis Steele : is tourists aloud to go there? it safe

Chinny Kelly : Guys if any of you want....those fishes.....head over to hunts point NewYork...that is where i buy mine but you have to be on say 1.00am in the morning and be prepared to stay for atleast 3 to 4 hours goodluck......also.......tell mr sullivan and sons that i sent you guys then una go get better discount .....for real no kidding great guy......too...bad he he is getting old.........

usaontop atlantan : ..the hostess sounds like my future wife from nigereeeeeahhh..

olubunmi oluwayi : Good video,but the presenter doesn't have a clue about what she is doing or what she is talking about

Mendy Peters : it''s snapper not sniper ps I like this presenter , shes not afraid to do anything she just go at it. she can be quite threatening though. for people who are camera shy

Fernando Ramos : What kind of fish are there in the market?

debayous : Wow, can you imagine someone paying N20000 for a barracuda, there are rich people over there. If I was to buy the same fish at the farmers market, Buford hwy in Atlanta, I will pay $25 which is 25% of what I will pay for it in Nigeria. Wetin man wan do for that country sef? The only way to cope is if the the exchange rate is $1 to N2000