Fred Armisen's Guide to Dance and Self-Defense
Any other videos like this VHS comedy documentary

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Fred Armisen generally goes places where he does not belong. Found at the Odd Obsession in Chicago, ripped off of VHS.


motivecap : Fred was way ahead of his time!

Alex Johnson : It's a young Candice!!

Ruben Luna : Oh. My. God. I need Fred to make love to me right now.

Hernan Jose : Someone likes Massive Attack's Mezzanine album.

Spaghettaboutit : Just last night I saw Fred at a A&Q in Orange County at the Observatory and someone asked him about this. He said it was made in the 90s. -I hadn't heard about it till then, golden shit....he also said this was this first stuff that he did.

Molly Jene McGrath : "I am full of love I am full of food I am full of joy I am full of shit" 9.23 is the best part

g3rberbaby : so in love with him

Reuben Pinckney : This is the best thing i have seen in a long time!

Don : I feel like I'm watching YouTube in 1998

Adam : "one of the worst muggings in history" lmao

uriahfiiya : Self defense really makes me wanna go to goodwill and buy some windbreakers

Zoe Oms : He's my favorite individual. Ever.

jermed2001 : I almost passed out from laughter!

zfan2591 : He's not a bad tap dancer haha

Monika Wheeler : Love the poet girl. His a natural.

Ethan Sturgill : Massive Attack!

deweygumdrops : why did they get so mad at Poet Girl (so quickly)?


Jesus Christhole : omg why haven't I heard of this guy?! he's an expert troll

pinkskies21 : LMFAO at 13:23 at the picture of the baby scrolling on the screen

Bianca Marcellous : oh my gosh he's adorable

Debra Bruinsma : MASSIVE ATTACK <3

ghostofdayinperson : He's the first Borat. Before Borat. OH YEAH. I marry him.

ghostofdayinperson : HOW DID HE GET ION THWEUrhsdfkg there?

Ambuh DripDrips : I remember seeing the pen/gun thing on some Comedy Central special. Didn't know it was Fred. I knew right away what this was when I started watching it. I hope this got him on SNL.

George Johnston : You didn't figure out this wasn't real until then? Your a real genius. Thanks for sharing that info.

George Johnston : One of the funniest people on the planet! How did he not get recognized?

Nnickr : He only typed in 10 digits for his 11 digit code. FAKE!!!!

AAARONSD : This is gold.

Alvin Gonzalez : All you need is a pen to stop a gun. lol

AD Seagle : 5:40 Thanks anyway!

thecosmicinternal : this is HILARIOUS. awesome.

gippy renna : kidney spines... 6:13 LMAO

peekaboots01 : He was very attractive in his younger years, that Fred.


Ross Mazin : What year is this

Pedro Takahashi Gunderson : because it hasn't been watched a million times yet

Bobsackamanno's_Dad : Armisen is definitely gay. Dude loves cross dressing in his sketches. Also look at his past 2 wives. Both have very masculine features.

fido barks : hosh dam he kisses gooood.

mizzipaul82 : Rule #3: Christ is always watching.

Alyssa Silver : Has anybody tried that email?

missrollsjoyce : round 2 lol

Joseph Molina : hooray for anarchy!

Devon S : This is terribly unfunny

YH : this is so funny

swlovesvegans : kidney spines hahahaha

culturedgraffiti : Fred is so cute

Jack Flank : I'm addicted to this nut job. Gotta have my Fred fix. Horay!

Noel Bockholt : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah..