Fred Armisen's Guide to Dance and Self-Defense

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redblackshirt : What Youtube would look like in the 90's.

motivecap : Fred was way ahead of his time!

Stephanie Rexus : "I don't want to hear any of that racist bull-shit. Cause nine times outa ten, your attackers going to be one of those dirty latinos." Hahahahaha I lost it.

Alex Johnson : It's a young Candice!!

Spaghettaboutit : Just last night I saw Fred at a A&Q in Orange County at the Observatory and someone asked him about this. He said it was made in the 90s. -I hadn't heard about it till then, golden shit....he also said this was this first stuff that he did.

Ruben Luna : Oh. My. God. I need Fred to make love to me right now.

g3rberbaby : so in love with him

Reuben Pinckney : This is the best thing i have seen in a long time!

uriahfiiya : Self defense really makes me wanna go to goodwill and buy some windbreakers

pinkskies21 : LMFAO at 13:23 at the picture of the baby scrolling on the screen

Zoe Oms : He's my favorite individual. Ever.

jermed2001 : I almost passed out from laughter!

Don : I feel like I'm watching YouTube in 1998

Adam : "one of the worst muggings in history" lmao

Ethan Sturgill : Massive Attack!

zfan2591 : He's not a bad tap dancer haha

Hernan Jose : Someone likes Massive Attack's Mezzanine album.


David Kriz : 6:28 lol the guy with the glasses on the right is like, "Who the **** let this guy in?"

Monika Wheeler : Love the poet girl. His a natural.

Justin Time : I want to bang Johnny Cheesecake

Jesus Christhole : omg why haven't I heard of this guy?! he's an expert troll

Chris Call : OMG those teeth!

Mike Post : "They were very gentle with me but very firm about...leaving."

Tom : wow this must be where sasha baron cohen got his influence


Vqn 4Dream : 3:26 from anylising "smart" people to enjoy simple things. that music is part of my what is life crysis

PearsAreOkay : Holy shit it's cacao

ANDRE WARMSLEY : d blaine of comedy.....i live near Silverlake where he lives....and ill be so star struck if i see him...he is like no other i cant even type right now........

D Rago : Butch Vig baby! Fred has been and always will be a punk rocker at heart

Angel La Canfora : "kidney-spine!"

Jessica Liu : Hey here's a bolt. Ya better swallow it

Lenin Gutierrez : Fred and Vig. Nice..

Taylor Angelique : omg the first character development of my fave from fred, the girl named regine

Agusta J : Oh I fucking love this and FREDDDDDDDDDDD

AmiaM Mag : Where's the rest of this?? I gotta see it

barbaric37 : I am dying

Pain Set To Music : 10:47 killed me

yeahmansoul : be safe gang !

tomastles : Dead

h9ooo : Massive Attack ; ''angel'' at the beginning

Fred Freddy : Me laughing long time.

chloe watson : im gonna try that email lmao

CristianKirk : Can somebody tell me what year is this?

Bianca Marcellous : oh my gosh he's adorable

Debra Bruinsma : MASSIVE ATTACK <3

ghostofdayinperson : He's the first Borat. Before Borat. OH YEAH. I marry him.

ghostofdayinperson : HOW DID HE GET ION THWEUrhsdfkg there?

Ambuh DripDrips : I remember seeing the pen/gun thing on some Comedy Central special. Didn't know it was Fred. I knew right away what this was when I started watching it. I hope this got him on SNL.

George Johnston : You didn't figure out this wasn't real until then? Your a real genius. Thanks for sharing that info.