Battlefield 5 The Gnome Hunter

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3000llamas : So did you find the gnome?

TrackManiaFtw : Should have been the official trailer :D

Champi0n : You've been gnomed, YagnomeWhatImSayin?

Justin Y. : *Actual WW2 footage colorized*

Ö _ : Perfectly shows Jack's sense of humour and love for Battlefield 5/5

DanceySteve : Gnome is obviously hacking

Chrisket : This is what was in the isolement chamber back in Bf1, it’s all been leading up to this

Minifridge : That’s gnot a gnelf that’s gnot a gnoblin that’s a gnome and jacks been gnome’d

Jake Broderick : You know when you hear In the Hall of the Mountain King it's gonna be a good video

AzzyTheMLGPro : reminds me of my nan

Mia Zamora : I subscribed for good content. I am not disappointed.

Lennox Cross : This is literally the best video ever! "HELP ME!"

Murphinator S : I’m g’not a g’elf, I’m g’not a g’noblin, I’m a g’nome! And you’ve been GNOMEEEEEED!!!

Say Hello to my MP40 : I'm gnot a Gnelf. I'm gnot a Gnoblin. I'm a German! And France is ours!

Braincube 013 : Spongebob trying to remove the stain from the plate...

excuseme21 : This is a masterpiece. Seriously good job mate.

Exhausted Troll : I liked how you entered the church ,hoping to be safe and immediately realise it ain't stopping it :D

Sammy Samdals : How do I quadruple like the video

daniel richardson : This was freaking brilliant, I laughed so hard. Great work Jack! They way you put the whole video together was awesome. (:

Andre S : These are the kinds of videos that make Jack the best!

SkypredatorGaming : Hah, and in the end you god damn nuke the damn thing and its still there still alive and watch you how you bleeding out!!!!

PRΞÐAT0R : Hey look it's Keemstar

Usain Boltactionrifle : yeah just...just launch a v1 on a...a lawn gnome...yeah sure xDDDDDDD i luv jack <3

SZYMON Majchrowicz : Ohehhaa Hello there little chum I'm not a elf I'm not a goblin I'm a gnome And you've been gnoomed

xLawnGnome : we're coming for you all

p. f. : Gnomefield V

EeveeFall : Jesus that was scary. Like imagine playing late at night on an empty server. I use to do that in BF3 to look for cool places in maps.

Hermione Granger : i came back for a 35th viewing lol its still scary my arm and chesthair are standing 😂😂😂

SorryRooster 21 : *IN NEED A JB-2 AIRSTRIKE*

Lillrodis : Get gnomed mate

glaucor3 : Muito bom kkkkkkkkk

Ahmed Mr Noob : WTF😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

windchester45 : Jack got gnomed ...there is no coming back

Daniel Blackforest : Perfection.

E ML : Jackfrags got gnomed

MeMe Connect : there should be a mod where 3 Gnomes was random located in the map and then is about to find it first and shoot it and i didn't know that Keemstar himself was in Battlefield 5

Félix Caramagno : one of the best videos i've ever watched

AndytheRambi : Ha ha ha he he he, I'm the laughing gnome and you can't catch me!


Your Doctor : that was the best thing i've ever seen all week omg

SvenEST : Simply WTF

DiStreet : You've been GNOOOOMED!!!

VIZIN : Same design as the gnome from Half Life 2.

Plymco USA : Omg pure genius. I was roflmao 🤣

Virus_ HD : *You just got gnomed.*

The Dark Side of Nature : *YouTube high quality video*

Yali Biran : Incredible

Philippe Carriere : im gnot a gnelf. im gnot a gnoblin....

MrSMS86 : Hahahahaha.... that's hilarious!!!!!

Chaingunner72 : Fk gnomes, really