Can We Talk About This? Turn-Based Combat

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Tim Plourde : Dragon quest may be the reason why it took 9 episodes to destroy planet Namek?

Dennis The Tall : Skooch struggling with Japanese is my aesthetic

Lord Rhinark : *Slaps roof of video* This bad boi can fit so many new Skooch memes in it.

shotguhn : ngl i kind of prefer the goofy animated skooch face on these. i think doing the greenscreen stuff kind of takes away from all the other goofy editing you do. personal preference i guess, but i thought i'd give some feedback. (seeing how often you feed on stream Kappa)

Studio Cookie Gaming : Fire Emblem and Disgaea in a Skooch video.... IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ME !! <3 <3 Very good editing by the way ! Good video :)

jacob cass : Can’t wait till ur music vid looks 🔥🔥🔥

Atin O : NOOOO I DON'T WANNA FIGHT YOU SKOOCH ;~; . . . You're honestly one of my favorite youtubers, your smile is contagious and you bring an amazing level of humor without resorting to shock, sex jokes (even though you have quite a few), or toilet humor.

h2ojr1 : Can we talk about the old format? i wanna talk about the old format

Zenith Tempest : fam you could have just said fire emblem: dragon of darkness and the sword of light nice taste tho, when's the fire emblem path of radiance playthrough

Freddy Shade : Skooch will you do a can we talk about udyr plz

Chemistral : Final Fantasy Tactics turn based combat is so thicc whoever could pull me out of it would be crowned the next king of England.

Areytha Flinai : Turn based strategy- the kind of strategy game I actually like because it's based on thinking and reasoning instead of memorization of optimal strategies. Most of the time. In the well balanced ones.

YOnewBUDDY ME!! : CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS? ANIME! In all seriousness I'd love to see what you'd come up with. Love you skooch!!!

Spicy Leg Man : Thank you Daddy Skooch for blessing us with another scrumptious video

Anthony Rodriguez : RPGs have always been one of my favorite genres ever but there is a game that no one really lists when they talk about "old school" rpgs and that is the Golden Sun series which is an amazing game series on the GBA

Shiro Mushoku : >Sexy Outfits in Lollipop Chainsaw >Doesn't even recognize Shiro's costume's existance you're dead to me

Miles The Man : 4:26 &knuckles

TheVmeister 1 : Skoocherino video, yay I is happy <3

Mahtan Amandil : Basicly we have more adventure games with RPG elements and less actually RPG games.

Dante Ciasca : rpg (turn based combat) best genre let's go Divinity

Joshua Pineda : Nice vid and history lesson. Btw are we getting a CWTAT Akali?

dick please : Just wanted to say that the small tidbit of your song in Matt's vid was godly and I'ma love it when it comes put. Keep up the good creativity!😚😚😍😁😊 (Serious ly it was real good) Edit: I would totally love a pesrona 5 play through would be hecka lit)

Blue Flamer : I love you Skooch. Your vids always make me happy. ❤️ Also whats the name of the game at 5:52??

Jay Man : Can We Talk About This? Sona (League of Legends)

Sam Sam : Skooch my man, i gotta say, your video's keep gettin better. Keep up the good work my dude.

Chiński Dorian : Toriyama played Dragon Quest! I had no idea!

AbbasRB7 : This was amazing. Dude, seriously, keep it up.

Co 2 : Do Can We Talk About This Nocturne.

神の中二病人 : 4:27 *"now featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series"*

Doyoon Kim : Eyyy love your videos! Even though I haven't been here from the start I'm here now. Thanks for everything magikarp

Nelmo99 : i actually started wheezing at The Last of Us bit

Todd Odom : 6:42 “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark.”

Bookmulch Forthegame : >attack >Channel memes of furry

Dolphinboi : I am LITERALLY playing FF1 right now. I got stunlocked by 3 geists

Radimon 101 : good work skooch your videos /editing have gotten alot better ^.^

Ricardo Juliani : Holy shit skooch 11/10 great video man

Abel Veldhuis : Talk about gnar nexts time cuz you hate him Love you video's btw keep going

Engiminer : Damn, I managed to do 40 damage? My stats were higher than I thought. ...Wait, SKOOCH NO.

Derpy Dergan : Damn. Some of these I've never even played. Thanks for the new RPGs I can try skooch! ^^

Trevor Moses : Please. Jhin. He's my boi 😢 Can we talk about Jhin??

Varo Spieler : i find turn based combat more frustrating than the soulsborne gameplay.

Peyton Ibarra : *Before watching video* CRONO TRIGGER!!!

Michele benedetti : 1:44 that Meme is overdone. But it never gets old. I'm so proud of you.

Zorrotsu Nagarra : >Sees Disgaea >Immediate Like

Dat Cerf : Skooch this was god damn amazing. Not only was it incredibly knowledgable and informative, but also remained funny and interesting. I'm glad you're able to create the content you want and thrive off of it. Keep up the good work my dude

Keiju Nagasaka : DRAGON QUEST! Finally someone noticed the great game for what it is. DRAGON QUEST 8 SO GOOD

Jeffrey Mariner : HOW DARE YOU NOT MENTION XCOM, PS Love you man

Maxeviros : Can we talk about MMORPG? Like World Of WarCraft...

Øracle : Dofus has been my fix as far as turn based combat 👌