Can We Talk About This? Turn-Based Combat

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yakkocmn : hey mom look i'm in the video i'm that cough

Dennis The Tall : Skooch struggling with Japanese is my aesthetic

shotguhn : ngl i kind of prefer the goofy animated skooch face on these. i think doing the greenscreen stuff kind of takes away from all the other goofy editing you do. personal preference i guess, but i thought i'd give some feedback. (seeing how often you feed on stream Kappa)

Tim Plourde : Dragon quest may be the reason why it took 9 episodes to destroy planet Namek?

Lord Rhinark : *Slaps roof of video* This bad boi can fit so many new Skooch memes in it.

Studio Cookie Gaming : Fire Emblem and Disgaea in a Skooch video.... IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ME !! <3 <3 Very good editing by the way ! Good video :)

jacob cass : Can’t wait till ur music vid looks 🔥🔥🔥

Atin O : NOOOO I DON'T WANNA FIGHT YOU SKOOCH ;~; . . . You're honestly one of my favorite youtubers, your smile is contagious and you bring an amazing level of humor without resorting to shock, sex jokes (even though you have quite a few), or toilet humor.

h2ojr1 : Can we talk about the old format? i wanna talk about the old format

TrueWOPR : and now CRPGs are the last bastion for this medium in proper form. (JRPGs have become so damn samey...)

Chemistral : Final Fantasy Tactics turn based combat is so thicc whoever could pull me out of it would be crowned the next king of England.

Zenith Tempest : fam you could have just said fire emblem: dragon of darkness and the sword of light nice taste tho, when's the fire emblem path of radiance playthrough

Areytha Flinai : Turn based strategy- the kind of strategy game I actually like because it's based on thinking and reasoning instead of memorization of optimal strategies. Most of the time. In the well balanced ones.

Freddy Shade : Skooch will you do a can we talk about udyr plz

Anthony Rodriguez : RPGs have always been one of my favorite genres ever but there is a game that no one really lists when they talk about "old school" rpgs and that is the Golden Sun series which is an amazing game series on the GBA

YOnewBUDDY ME!! : CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS? ANIME! In all seriousness I'd love to see what you'd come up with. Love you skooch!!!

Spicy Leg Man : Thank you Daddy Skooch for blessing us with another scrumptious video

Shiro Mushoku : >Sexy Outfits in Lollipop Chainsaw >Doesn't even recognize Shiro's costume's existance you're dead to me

nobodynobody250 : "All these games listed in this video are trash" - Dunkey

TheVmeister 1 : Skoocherino video, yay I is happy <3

Miles The Man : 4:26 &knuckles

João Pedro Duarte Felipe : 6:41 Why not run? After that, we are leaving the page hahaha

Pixel Doctor : Instalike

The Holy Mackrel : 1:41 *literally vainglory*

Dante Ciasca : rpg (turn based combat) best genre let's go Divinity

dick please : Just wanted to say that the small tidbit of your song in Matt's vid was godly and I'ma love it when it comes put. Keep up the good creativity!😚😚😍😁😊 (Serious ly it was real good) Edit: I would totally love a pesrona 5 play through would be hecka lit)

Joshua Pineda : Nice vid and history lesson. Btw are we getting a CWTAT Akali?

coolchrisable : personally im not a huge fan of turn based with very few expections like pokemon, bravely default (i didnt even know this was a god dam turn based rpg till i played it when it first came out holy shit), and conception 2 children of the seven stars. and a very few others but im more of a tactical man controling huge armies like in total war or other RTS games those are my bread and butter. but other all TBS games do have their merrits

-SweetNightmare - : I LOVE TURN BASED COMBAT!

Nathan Webster : But, but, but... What about my baby boi Xcom (original, EU, and 2)? The vid was great btw keep it up luv u😘

PeraPvP [GD] : its so late while im writing this.. i dont have a life

Damián Dvornický : Love your videos 😁


normanderi : I really enjoy turn based combat game, im replaying ff8 just cause i wanted to play a tbg and was the only one i had downloaded, besides i love it

RaceToNowhere : Skooch, please, help me appreciate turn based combat. I'm skipping a lot of goodies cause I'm allergic to them. I also have prolems with proteins intake, cause I have crohn disease and I don't ass-imilate things. Maybe this is why I don't like those friggin menus with "play game" written on em.

Night Stick : Goddamn, that -4 Protein intake, I know the master sword is shiny and all... but that +3 to Ability Power doesn't even help link as all his abilities are Attack Damage-scaling because Rito didn't want to see AP link anymore, and because of the -4 Protein intake Link just gets malnourished and can't do those brain kegels unless he eats meat all day, then you lose the well rounded diet buff for +20 damage, +150 health, and 10% more experience. It's just not a trade I can make when I have to save literally everyone from an evil castle... Sorry mastersword, I have to stick with my stick. Also FFXV looks so good, I just got it finally and have been playing it to death. Also also, Fire Emblem is one of the best RPG experiences I've ever had, truly a fantastic game, though, goddamn, a little dark with some of the recent releases!

Chriser51 : octopath traveler is imo a really bad game. A Bravely Default ripoff combat mechanic only 8 jobs which are really REALLY linear (grind jp for a meh skill x8) there is no story ("a girl doing a pilgrimage. A girl looking for her teacher/father figure. A guy stealing some ancient treasure so he can get some wristband cut off (LIKE WTF?)) and i could go on For story i (well duh) highly recommend persona 5 but if a ps exclusive/life sim isnt your thing go for some dragonquest (4-8(+9)) And for deep combat definitely go for Bravely Default/ Bravely Second (story is better in the 1st one but combat is deeper in 2nd) fuck octopath and i can call myself lucky that i bought as a physical copy so i could sell it again

Nelmo99 : i actually started wheezing at The Last of Us bit

James Evans : Let me tell you about one of my favorite RPGs of all time... Chrono Trigger. That shit was my jam, bread and butter. I remember I didn't hear about it and play it till it was ported to the PS1 but when I finally got ahold of it, my god that game ate all my time. It's a great game then I enjoy playing to this day, though I prefer to play the DS port since it has so much stuffs in it. It's just a great game and a solid play through is less then what you expect but my god, getting to keep all your stuff and go through it again and take new paths and dick around in different ways was just fantastic. I've been playing RPGs for so long now but you gotta remember the classics that brought us to this point so..... yea. Good on you my dude.

Draxton Mid : I dunno about this "Webcam/Greenscreen Scooch" thing going on here. The editing style doesnt fit well at all with how you act, nor does it really add anything to the video in itself beyond adding something to look at. I think the drawing illustration added more to the comedy purely because of how you needed to work in order to make it showcase your emotion, making it appear only when needed to accentuate a point like in some of your CWTAT's. Its just my opinion, but overall I dont like live scooch because it doesnt feel natural with the snappy visual gags hes sitting besides. (And that posture kinda erks me) As much as I loath to speak their name in any positive light, The Game Theorists used to (and i think they still do) use static images & waved them around to keep up the pace of the video. Just a thought. A fucking long one tho TLDR: Live skooch is certainly sexy, but hes a lil too "robust" to fit in our tight little "videos"

CrimsonCeltCherokee : I have never really like turn based combat with the exception of Pokemon, and Undertale (Hell, Pokemon Blue was the first game i had ever beaten when I was like 5 years old) but the game play usually wasn't strong enough to keep my attention, Especially at a young age when I had the attention span of a gnat and the reading ability of nothing, so I wasn't able to get into the story of most rpgs. Though now i am able to appreciate the story of most of them. Hell, I even tried getting into the newer Fire Emblem games because of the awesome characters. Sadly, I just wasn't able to stick with them for long.

x x : Wow Loved the Video!! The Crouching Goth Tiger thing really works for reviewing vintage gaming :D : D Hopefully you can do a FINAL FANTASY I review one day, as was perhaps hinted in this video, Pretty Sure Thatdbe A Hit. YOU ROCK SKOOOOCH

Ragebrew : Final Fantasy 3 (6) taught me how to read with passion as a child. An amazing story, beautiful visuals, and glorious music. I still remember setting up afternoon tea for mom and dad coming home from work, set to the music of the Blue Mage's granddaughter, the artist girl. Can't remember their names, but I remember the tea part.

youkai42 : I love turn-based combat but tactical rpgs are too much for me. i am too much of a dumb and impatient boi for that fighting system. but turn-based is the shit, I wish there were more games like that nowadays with good graphics and all that stuff

Aurora 76 : Hey Skooch. Im a big Fan of your Videos. I freaking Love youre „Can we Talk about this“ series. I wanted to ask if You could do one about „Jinx+Lulu“? I mean sure thats Not normal, but this Comb is not normal. Look at my EUW „No life Lucifer“ ACC. I freaking win nearly every Game if i am not getting Oneshoot Boy Caitlyn. And Jinx can get with Lulu and her passive 3.5 AS. So.. i guess its a Bit Op 😂

Carson Chavez : Shout Out to picking Therion as the main character!

中二病人神の : 4:27 *"now featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series"*

Inu Azuma : I absolutely loved this video. and RPG's have been a thing for me growing up from breath of fire, Final Fantasy the mana series(though most were not really turn base but still RPG) and more XD It's nice being able to enjoy this and vibe with it so much.

Alexander Marcoh : After watching this I want to recommend the Bravely Default series. Awesome take on traditional RPG Turn based games, but exponentially more story, and cuts down on grinding by speeding up combat frames, allowing multiple actions in a turn, and in the second game chaining battles for bonus exp. Just wanted to throw that out to ya since it's my #1 game. Love your work big boss man Skoocherino

Raccoon : Bowsers inside story Pokemon Conquest