Can We Talk About This? Turn-Based Combat

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yakkocmn : hey mom look i'm in the video i'm that cough

Dennis The Tall : Skooch struggling with Japanese is my aesthetic

TrueWOPR : and now CRPGs are the last bastion for this medium in proper form. (JRPGs have become so damn samey...)

shotguhn : ngl i kind of prefer the goofy animated skooch face on these. i think doing the greenscreen stuff kind of takes away from all the other goofy editing you do. personal preference i guess, but i thought i'd give some feedback. (seeing how often you feed on stream Kappa)

jacob cass : Can’t wait till ur music vid looks 🔥🔥🔥

Tim Plourde : Dragon quest may be the reason why it took 9 episodes to destroy planet Namek?

Chemistral : Final Fantasy Tactics turn based combat is so thicc whoever could pull me out of it would be crowned the next king of England.

Zenith Tempest : fam you could have just said fire emblem: dragon of darkness and the sword of light nice taste tho, when's the fire emblem path of radiance playthrough

h2ojr1 : Can we talk about the old format? i wanna talk about the old format

Freddy Shade : Skooch will you do a can we talk about udyr plz

Lord Rhinark : *Slaps roof of video* This bad boi can fit so many new Skooch memes in it.

Studio Cookie Gaming : Fire Emblem and Disgaea in a Skooch video.... IT'S TOO MUCH FOR ME !! <3 <3 Very good editing by the way ! Good video :)

Spicy Leg Man : Thank you Daddy Skooch for blessing us with another scrumptious video

Areytha Flinai : Turn based strategy- the kind of strategy game I actually like because it's based on thinking and reasoning instead of memorization of optimal strategies. Most of the time. In the well balanced ones.

Anthony Rodriguez : RPGs have always been one of my favorite genres ever but there is a game that no one really lists when they talk about "old school" rpgs and that is the Golden Sun series which is an amazing game series on the GBA

YOnewBUDDY ME!! : CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS? ANIME! In all seriousness I'd love to see what you'd come up with. Love you skooch!!!

Miles The Man : 4:26 &knuckles

Nathan Webster : But, but, but... What about my baby boi Xcom (original, EU, and 2)? The vid was great btw keep it up luv u😘

João Pedro Duarte Felipe : 6:41 Why not run? After that, we are leaving the page hahaha

-SweetNightmare - : I LOVE TURN BASED COMBAT!

Dante Ciasca : rpg (turn based combat) best genre let's go Divinity

Pixel Doctor : Instalike

Joshua Pineda : Nice vid and history lesson. Btw are we getting a CWTAT Akali?

coolchrisable : personally im not a huge fan of turn based with very few expections like pokemon, bravely default (i didnt even know this was a god dam turn based rpg till i played it when it first came out holy shit), and conception 2 children of the seven stars. and a very few others but im more of a tactical man controling huge armies like in total war or other RTS games those are my bread and butter. but other all TBS games do have their merrits

The Holy Mackrel : 1:41 *literally vainglory*

PeraPvP [GD] : its so late while im writing this.. i dont have a life

TheVmeister 1 : Skoocherino video, yay I is happy <3

dick please : Just wanted to say that the small tidbit of your song in Matt's vid was godly and I'ma love it when it comes put. Keep up the good creativity!😚😚😍😁😊 (Serious ly it was real good) Edit: I would totally love a pesrona 5 play through would be hecka lit)

Atin O : NOOOO I DON'T WANNA FIGHT YOU SKOOCH ;~; . . . You're honestly one of my favorite youtubers, your smile is contagious and you bring an amazing level of humor without resorting to shock, sex jokes (even though you have quite a few), or toilet humor.

nobodynobody250 : "All these games listed in this video are trash" - Dunkey


Bookmulch Forthegame : >attack >Channel memes of furry

RawBerserker : This was amazing. Dude, seriously, keep it up.

Michele benedetti : 1:44 that Meme is overdone. But it never gets old. I'm so proud of you.

MaliciousMisari : #MakeLeagueTurnBased

NOphion Trollbringer : Now go back to LoL or I send Jonathan from elementary school to take your lunch money. (good video tho)

Wrapture : *Heh heh*

Robert Martindale : I still remember that hot pepper thing you mentioned in the Kai’sa video Skooch! I don’t know if you want me or anyone else to hold you up to it...but I remember...yeah....

TheXBladeist : Ya man. I love my rpgs, ever since Breath of Fire! It feels awesomr and fun!

M.A.DMatt6 : "Fans use the like button" "it's super effective"

Eastwolf : Damn dude that end was smooth

Liam Sweezey : But what about Lisa...

Poru Santos : I love these turn based games ❤❤❤❤

Rafael Faria : SKOOCH you should play Tactics Ogre LUCT (from the PSP) if you didn't already, it's pretty much my favorite turn-based c: Had branching storyline before it was cool ~hipstervibes

Deathwing Incarnate : But Skooch, talking is a free action...

wopwopkross : Nice video

LuanaKristall : Lil Skooch

Rale Ranger : i would have chose mercy smh

BrainTornOut : I know many people ADORE turn-based, but TBH it was never my cup o' vodka. At the very least I can understand why some people really love it though.

Todd Odom : 6:42 “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark.”