Sales Rep Life-Cycle
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Like software, sales reps have life-cycles. You can tell the difference between the bright-eyed, baby-faced bitchasses and the grizzled salty veterans through a few subtle cues. While the lengths of software life-cycles vary, sales reps follow a very consistent decline.... and it's usually about a year. Which phase are you in? #SalesRepLifeCycle #GreatBrandGreatProduct #BoutToDisruptSomeSpace #TimeForASickDay Subscribe! Follow Us! Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Buy Stuff! (or don't.) Our Shop: Patreon: Cameo:


ZacAttack : I'm 7 months into a job and I'm already on month 10 of this video. So true it hurts

Rosetta G : S.A.D.N.E.S.S.

Robert Brunello : Too real.