Bear Bite: how not to gain a bear's trust | BBC Earth

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spllitz : And that's the last time we'll ever see him

HardRockMiner : They say if you're attacked by a bear it's best to play dead. I'm pretty sure that's because You'll be spending a lot of time dead right after so you should get in some practice.

Jallen : Give that man a grape for not panicking. I know hindsight is 20/20 but probably best not to show interest in a bear cub when it's obviously nervous, cause momma bear isn't going to be happy.

Simon Templar : Lilly didn't like the idea of you scaring her Cub.

Hiram Méndez : Bear that in mind next time...

Tatsusama : "....This footage was found in the woods two months ago. Gordon has not been found..."

MechaniFUN DIY : You have a guts dude 🐻🐻🍇

Music for Meditation : He should have drawn a circle on the ground then the bear couldn't have done anything

justin smith : Amazing how quickly his demeanor changed he went from amazed and loving to fearful so quickly

Ake S : Great. Now do one with the girls next time.

Tyson Judd : 12 seconds in and I’m sure this dude is crazy. Bears are dangerous. Though, not as lethal as what I’m dropping in the toilet at this very moment... good god!

Photoshock : Misleading movie and Buchanan's improper behaviour: Teaching a wild bear (especially the mother bear with cubs) to "trust" a human is WRONG. Next time, the "trusty" bear looking for a human's treat could get a bullet through his brains when encountering some other human, for instance. Keep your litter away from wild animals for the same reason as well.

danrdgreen : This was brave but also incredibly stupid. That is a wild animal that could turn against you at any second.

MrSparkles : BEAR BITE.... : "I wouldn't call it a bite"...."I wouldn't call it a bite"...."I wouldn't call it a bite"....

hypro manyak : 3:22 meanwhile the little bear has reached olimpus XD XD XD

Darth Lazurus : If a bear bites you and doesn't take a limb you have just gotten a fair and gentle warning.

Cjai : Maybe he should have been more Bear-ful

fernysyoutube : Maybe just stay away from bears as a matter of policy. They aren’t your friends.

Radosław Podgórski : "Funny, how quickly it changes". Seems like a golden thought to me.

Invincible Nightmare : It's really impressive how the guy managed to stay calm and all but I still think this is a stupid thing to do. He's taking risks for nothing and putting his life and the bear's in danger. When you're interested in wild animals, just enjoy watching them from a distance and hide, no need to interact with them like that. Let them live their life and simply observe their behaviour in their natural habitat and conditions.

superduperniceguy : oh my goodness, why would you reach out to the cub!? Let the mother intoduce you to the cub first, or let the cub come to you! 😰

Genius : Aaaaand he died...

Dolores Flores : The mother does not want her cub to be domesticated by human

Blooming Accents Blooming Accents : Incredibly irresponsible

Vanda Almeida : I think you really want to die.

Yousha Ahmad : What is wrong with the BBC constantly trying to interact with wild animals? I have lost a lot of respect for Gordon. Hand feeding these bears will gradually make them more used to humans. It may be a wonderful experience, but for the sake of the bears it shouldn't be done. These bears will be more likely to interact with humans and get into conflict which can result in someone getting injured and the bears shot. It has happened before. The BBC shouldn't be promoting this behaviour.

Less Legislation Please : It’s like when my wife goes to the grocery store with our 6 month old. You can look and comment, but you better not touch that baby. It’ll be hell

The Zee Group : Idiot

nameunavailable07 : Already been said but yeah, feeding and touching wild animals is bad for both them and people, stop doing this

Slippery When wet : Click bait it didn’t even bite him Classic britain

grodhagen : All the time I was watching that I was thinking the guy really must know better than to extend his hand towards her cub; and then when the cub made its first sounds of displeasure, I was sure the human would no better than try again. Nope. No sense at all. He earned that nip, and should be grateful that he got off so easy. Always stay clear of the young, and wait for the mother to signal it to approach you.

Niki M : You made a mistake focusing on the cub when the mom is right next to you. I guess you learned a lesson here.

Chuck Keough : My heart was beating out of my chest.

Iva : NEVER feed wild bears.

gigasami : She might have been looking for more grapes...

dansw58 : Trying to befriend a wild animal in this manner is one of the most selfish things a person can do. It does not matter if it ends bad for you or not. You are teaching wild animals to trust humans, those lessons are not forgotten come hunting season when an animal who may have been skittish around humans spots a hunter and does not recognize it as a sign of danger. You interfere with the animals ability to follow his natural instincts which can get him killed all so you can have a few moments of gratification that you managed to hand feed a wild animal or some nonsense like that.

Abbass nejaty : that was a dumb thing to do, to begin with never mind getting close to her cub! he is lucky to get away with a good listen.

Cara Mico : Ok, so this is the same bear cub that became separated from her mom. The documentarians just left her there to die. By feeding the bears it's possible he caused her to abandon her cub. Seriously.

Charli Rose : My goodness that was his lucky day!! That situation was going pear-shaped very quickly with mamma bear. Never mess with cubs!!!

Tatopolos Pablo : What a nailbiter

xevious2501 : Playing around with a wild mother bear and her cub... wow.. stupidity is bliss. Here's something people like these guys forget. Animals bite each other not simply as a means of showing aggression, but also affection. They play bite each other as well, which in many ways is how they play fight. They also bite each other and attack each other when in heat. Not to mention showing dominance against a rival. A person with a pet Bear can be attacked clear out the blue simply because the bear wants to claim their position in the pack. in other words, having such animals means your taking a huge risk with your life, because theyre not fully domesticated.

Zankaru : lol, its hilarious seeing the exact moment this guy was finally faced with reality. Bears see everything as food, including other bears.

Skunky Monk : Big dogs, they really are just big bloody dogs! hope you gave her another chance just make sure she's well fed :P

Skulls Ain't Dead : Good of him to remain calm, but surely this isn't a good idea. If it does attack, the crew will presumably shoot it, or the guy will end up dead. Even if nothing happens, this bear and her cub will associate humans with food and may get shot for simply being hungry. Why did they do this? I've seen a doco from him before and there was never this level of interaction.

hancock63 : This reminds me of a Werner Herzog documentary I once watched. Things didn't turn out well for the subject of that film, or his girlfriend.

larolimu : Her cub is way up there, and it's because of you. I wouldn't be happy either ...

FireMageryGuru : I don't know why but NOTHING in this video could compare to laughing at my first impressions of the reading title. And subsequently guessing the ultimate meaning.

Walker : What a bozo!

ira irara : it is better to feed a squirrel.

Simon Maracine : 3:22 I can reach the sky!