Bear Gives a Warning Bite | BBC Earth

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HardRockMiner : They say if you're attacked by a bear it's best to play dead. I'm pretty sure that's because You'll be spending a lot of time dead right after so you should get in some practice.

I Polaris I : NASA has just confirmed this man's balls are visible from space

Adventure Outdoors : Always stunned at the level of idiocy these morons reach so effortlessly. Maybe next he will make friends with a rattlesnake.

visualdog1 : What would you do if you were hungry and a friendly hamburger handed you a grape?

Ollie A : "She's nervous about something" yeah it's you mate

outbackeddie : What's really fun to do is grab a bear cub and hold it upside down while mom watches. Mama bears love this and the cubs will squeal with joy. Give it a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Heather Hardman : This guy went into this unprepared. I raised bear cubs for a while and the mom was giving body language that she was in a bad mood well before he gave her the grapes. She was purposely rubbing against branches which is a territorial display, she was chuffing, (breathing out of her nose loudly) and she was clacking (clicking her teeth together) which are all "back off" signals. He didn't know any of that body language so when he says its amazing "how fast it changes" he's full of it, cuz nothing changed, her mood was the exact same the whole time. He just was oblivious to it.

tripletrouble : Looking forward to the footage of this guy being eaten alive. "Good bear, good bear, good, Aggh BAD BEAR, BAD BEAR, BA OH GOD, OH GOD NO, ITS EATING ME HELP, SOMEONE KILL THIS MONSTER"

Sup : Imagine a stranger was touching ur kids

DAP123 : “Ok Lilly, I’m just going to change my pants”

Terranovation : The way he holds his hands up like the bear has a gun

shara30000 : balls of steel? more like brain of oatmeal

Jalan Rina : Isnt it feeding bear not allowed? Because next time it sees human they will try to get food=means endanger other humans

Hashtag : I love how everyone in the comment section is suddenly a bear expert, with a PhD. And 20 years long bear keeper.

Smol Fluff : i love how at the end the tiny bear is just inching up the tree

SAK- SOON : This is why men die early

al f : The haircut told the whole story

Raptorus Productions : There is a thin line between bravery and stupidity...

WildKat25 : Anyone who is a Canadian and just watched this was like, "What are you doing you loonie? You are just asking to be bear bait aren't you?" Too many times have I had to warn stupid tourists from approaching bears. To anyone who meets a bear know that you don't feed bears, come too close, or try and touch a cub at any time. They are temperamental and will over-power you in less than a second. THEY WILL KILL YOU FOR ANY PERCEIVED THREAT AND THERE IS NO SORRY BUT TWO DEAD BODIES IN THE END. (You then and later the bear)

GetMeThere1 : It's majorly insane to try to play around with that cub. There's simply NO WAY the mother can see that as anything other than at least potentially threatening.

King Elessar : If he didnt sound so creepy maybe the bear wouldnt mind so much

jlen82 : Why is Sideshow Bob playing with these bears?

SmokeDogNY420 : Long term, I'm cheering for the bear. Darwin lived to warn us of people like this.

NELSON X : Show us the bite.

Roast Chicken : That;s a mother bear. You can try to be friendly towards any bear but a mother bear with her cubs near? Worst choice you could make

jackson lambert : Male bears commit infanticide so its natural for mother bear to protect cub at all costs. This dude isnt smart.

DS : A young man in Alaska once felt that he had a special connection to bears. That bear mauled, killed, and ate him and it was all captured on his running video camera. Days later a scout aircraft searching for him saw the bear feeding on him and it later returned with hunters to kill the animal but of course it was too late to save the young, foolish man. The partial video was on Youtube. You're a foolish person to believe that undomesticated animals form bonds with humans. They may temporarily tolerate you but instinct can kick in for any reason and you become prey. NEVER drop to eye level with an animal or stare it continuously in the eyes which is a sign of aggression. Never turn your back on a bear even when slowly backing away. Never run because that will most likely will cause your death as the animal instinct triggers seeing you as escaping prey. Carry bear spray and use it properly with the bear downwind. This situation was particularly dangerous because she had a cub nearby and that cub was conveying fear. Don't become another Roy Horn who believed that his tigers were pets who loved him. Don't become another Steve Erwin who antagonized animals which eventually caused his death.

Shannon Heather : This should not be made accessible to the public. It promotes feeding bears and accustoming them to humans, which inevitably ends in death for the bears. Bears with no fear of humans get closer and closer and eventually become labelled as "problem bears," which may result in a dangerous encounter for humans, but almost always results in the bear being put down. We need to maintain a healthy distance (100 meters) and respect that becoming close with a bear - however possible - is terrible for that bear and the entire population.

garybaker730 : What an idiot, trying to coax the cub to him so when it is bigger it is no longer afraid of humans and then it will be considered a nuisance animal when it approaches people and then they have to put it down. The momma should have done more to teach him a better lesson.

Simion Alexandru : never ever try to approach a cub... this guy is a lucky fellar I tell ya

Abhi Abz : I feel bad for the guy..the human i mean. You can genuinely see the pain in his heart there (and the leg of course). Must have felt really disappointed. Yep. Wild animals! never can trust them with eyes away (same with humans too but thts another story). Feels bad really, guys face shows the embarassed disappointment. Let it be man! You know better every day.

yves provencher : Not a good idea to get them used to humans. It puts them at risk. She's telling him that she's not comfortable with her body language and still he keeps interfering. I think his curls are a little too tight and have affected his brain. Next up let's stick our hand in a bee hive!!

John O'Neill : "I feel really connected to this family" Oh please, brave through delusion snowflake

LexusVIP 400 : Next time; We go swimming with open wounds, in shark territory! (Honestly about the same scenario. A mother bear will be worse than any other mauling on earth, if you mess with her children.) You just don't mess with nature or try to understand it. Just simply sit back and observe the spectacle. We are NOT equipped to take on a bear from that distance. Even with the strongest revolver in the world, from that distance it only takes a second for teeth or claws to be ripping through your jugular like a hot knife through butter... This was about as stupid as stupid gets...

Sean B : Bear Grylls would have ate those bears. Then drunk urine to wash it all down

pavan kumar : Lucky he didn't get killed

cain TV : No offense but white people crazy af but brave😂💀


Chadwick Doyle : The best part was when he said the bear seems nervous, "it must be because the wind is blowing the tree branches" It has nothing to do with him being If this guy's not careful he'll end up like the grizzly man. Getting eaten alive.

spllitz : And that's the last time we'll ever see him

Aian Lacruzel : Can't believe BBC Earth promotes people who have little regard for human life. This man is not a good role model for children.

AJ Rod : Stupid is as Stupid does Run Forrest Run.

Patrick Gordos : This is a known side effect of watching too much Yogi Bear and being read too many berenstain bears books into his college years...

ghoulunathics : would have left the cub alone seriously. what you thought was going to happen? :D don't know where you live but here in finland at least everyone knows that mother bears with the cubs are by far the most dangerous bears you can encounter, because they can be very offensive protecting their cubs. thought this applied to every place which has bears lol.

Denfktinso Noyb : The sow should have shown him the same hospitality that the grizzlies showed that other idiot, Timothy Treadwell.

Ankit Bharti : "Who in the world wouldn't to do this" . Nobody except you. No one in the world would be stupid enough to be desperately reaching out for the cub while his mother sitting right next to him is clearly showing signs of disapproval. I'm no expert but I clearly saw it coming.

Quad X : *BEAR SMACKING LIPS* means you're dinner. Grapes were just the entree.

Fiori Beats : If Ninja had a show on animal planet

Tears of Soy : 2:20 that moment when you realize how stupid you've been all this time

Crystallyzer t : Him & the grizzly man should do a collab.. lmao