Bear Gives a Warning Bite | BBC Earth

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Smol Fluff : i love how at the end the tiny bear is just inching up the tree

I Polaris I : NASA has just confirmed this man's balls are visible from space

Fanatic : I understand wild animals can be extremely dangerous but this is still amazing to see and makes my inner child feel fulfilled lol.

A Massive legend : Bruh the most dangerous animal on earth is a mama bear and this dude asking for a friendship with 4 grapes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

FunForSameer : Balls of steel, oh man. I would've been choking on my heart

GetMeThere1 : It's majorly insane to try to play around with that cub. There's simply NO WAY the mother can see that as anything other than at least potentially threatening.

Tears of Soy : 2:20 that moment when you realize how stupid you've been all this time

hypoeddy : You could've just grabbed the cub and playfully shook it a little... you know, just to demonstrate to the mother just how durable they are, and she has no need to worry.

Lightning Prod : 3 grapes & you think you're accepted into the pack. . Moma bear has different ideas. Lol.

Just Ash : man his curls are popping. what kind of products does he use?! ๐Ÿค”

Simion Alexandru : never ever try to approach a cub... this guy is a lucky fellar I tell ya

SmokeDogNY420 : Long term, I'm cheering for the bear. Darwin lived to warn us of people like this.

Finn Jones : She was just saying watch yourself, imagine if someone randomly came up and touched your kid

Jesus Wept : Just slap the bear.

PRODBYJB : That baby bear got up that tree hella quick ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

rick neal : the camera man in a cage or something?

Justin Y. : How can that guy move with that set of massive balls he has?

Gear Challenge : This was wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels. Gordon Buchanan is NOT a good example of human/wildlife interaction. Man, PLEASE just find a girlfriend!

Burnt Toast : some people think they understand what the animal is thinking but clearly they dont

DAVID veilleux : This guy is beyond delusional.

Roast Chicken : That;s a mother bear. You can try to be friendly towards any bear but a mother bear with her cubs near? Worst choice you could make

Angel Lee : You really want to end up like Timothy Treadwell?? He was eaten ALIVE by the bears with his wife.

Pamela Corona : Wasn't there another man that was "friends"with a group of bears and they eventually killed and ate him ? Who says they're not dangerous he just proved different. He was really pushing it touching her cub like that. When do most bears attack ? When they have cubs. I hope someone had bear spray handy. These bears are NOT related to Mr. Ted E Bear. Learn from the other guy that died he's the example. He just like this man got too comfortable. When Christ is ruling this earth an peace reigns , that's when and only then , should we hang out with WILD animals. I hope this man will always be safe around these WILD bears and anything else he may hang out with.

Adam Lone : This is one of the most insane things I've ever seen. Aside from the guy putting himself in extreme danger, he's also acclimating wild bears to be comfortable around humans and associate them with food. It's a recipe for disaster any way you slice it. Unbelievable...

dreby2231 : "you dont know how magical this is, I mean, who in the world wouldnt want to do this?" 5 seconds later... "... I've just been bit in the leg."

Simon Templar : Lilly didn't like the idea of you scaring her Cub.

Fiori Beats : If Ninja had a show on animal planet

Jewel Haines : I don't understand why why people insist on trying to make wild Animals into pets!! Leave wild Animals ALONE!! #Respect.

BA_300_AAC : Filming is one thing, but this new trend of interaction with wildlife is stupid, dangerous for the human and potentially deadly for the animals. Yeah, get bears used to being around humans so they raid campsites etc. Pure dumb.

tripletrouble : Looking forward to the footage of this guy being eaten alive. "Good bear, good bear, good, Aggh BAD BEAR, BAD BEAR, BA OH GOD, OH GOD NO, ITS EATING ME HELP, SOMEONE KILL THIS MONSTER"

spllitz : And that's the last time we'll ever see him

AT Games : Be careful... its black... it might have a gun... Joke?

Corey Lucas : What Iโ€™ve noticed, the mama is VERY patient. She was nervous but at the same checking to see what happens closely. Her focus was on her cub but wanted to be nice and interact with the man. Maybe Black Bear are more docile than grizzlies. If this were a Grizzly, he would be among the deceased. XD white people๐Ÿ˜’

Doug Orilio : Thumbs down three seconds in when the old man said bears aren't dangerous animals

Matthew Phoenix : Bear: Donโ€™t worry. Iโ€™m just practicing.

Jallen : Give that man a grape for not panicking. I know hindsight is 20/20 but probably best not to show interest in a bear cub when it's obviously nervous, cause momma bear isn't going to be happy.

Anton TheManton : I love watching videos like these.... it helps to remind me how egotistical and dumb some people can be.

Chuck Schick : Legend has it that baby bear is still climbing

lethalfatality : Little bear like... im out

Jayci Minjarez : The noise the baby makes lol

Necromia : Cub is cute but giving it attention and ignoring the mother bear right next to it is an awful idea.

Mayo Lane : It is not a good idea to feed wild animals. If they get used to humans, they may start approaching them and end up getting shot.

Drake Loki : I know there was at least one person but I think that there might have been more than just one guy who was like Bears aren't dangerous at all to later be killed and eaten by bears

Jacob Peters : And this is why I have no respect for BBC

Black Death 1347 : RIP, Timothy Treadwell. And you too, sir, if you keep pushing your luck out there. Maybe you should watch "Grizzly Man" again, to remind you how quickly you could wind up in a bear's stomach.

Dan Odden : Rule 1 with bears mother's... Don't touch their Cubs.

Maria Lu : He looks like he wanted to cry ...

ForWhomTheGameTolls : I doubt this guy's ever been accused of being smart.

TMoney Hicks : Probably tended to the cub too soon. Mother probably didnโ€™t like that.

Sean B : Bear Grylls would have ate those bears. Then drunk urine to wash it all down