Build Underground House

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TheSunMoon : Watch this on 2x. Have a good laugh. While being awed at the same time

Elvan : Ada ada aja primitive jaman now..

Fabricio Souzah : BR?

Ceasar Mejia : Holy shit.....these guys are quick and didn't even have beer👍

野獣の翻訳チャンネル : I used to make like that underground house in minecraft

TheManChise : No way too dangerous to live under there..

Song Sy : I wanna see behind the scenes! Like if you guys want!

Mikzme : what happend if it gonna rain?

Hieu Le : First night on Minecraft

Anjalin Dass : Higher ground would be better

LaffeeTaffeeGG : 4:25 my brain totally saw a human skeleton lying in the fetal position

Ferret Face : Primitive man digs cave with simple pointy sticks... then posts on his personal YouTube channel... lol

Emily Garrido : Like como hasen las cosas😐😐😐😐😐

its a brent new day : why would u want to make that when ur in a survival situation?! if you go ot and get in ther 2 hours later you can't even see if there is for example a deadly snake in there.

Angelica Mejia Martinez : Buen video

Victoria Webb : How they gone get out?

IWSGT : Where the heck do they get the WiFi from???...Very Huge "Hmm" for me

Eduardo Justen : A boca coisa q falta é a luz

Boogie Cousins : Minecraft: Survival Mode

Matutina Mcgriff : Eat food to so you too guys will no starv to death

Hand Made : I’d add a little sunhole for light. And make a pot cover to close it when it rains

Lincor 007 : Маинкрафт в реальной жизни)

Король Коралл : Клёво

Rusian Bliet : This channel should be called DA JUNGLE BOIS

Ryan Gabriel PH : Oquer e isso

50人を目指して!チャンネル登録者数 : これは凄すぎる

Ali Basrawi : زل خرا والله

سيمو المجنون. : هاااااااااا 😒

WooferJr : Why am i getting intense Vietnam flashbacls?

LmGoBGo YT : They could get payed good money for that

5stevedude : Vietcong hard at work

d_ price : That dirt is hella soft like clay i see why it shape so easy… hmmmm

madhu kumari : Hard worker 👍👍

Cal T : This looks like a death trap

Ujjwal Sundi : Must 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍

Jordi El Niño : o delikten bi yılan geçse varya orda yarrağı yersiniz

Delcio Brum : I LOVE YOU CATH

Guh zaram nami nhacara : Q delícia de vídeo lsksksllslsl

JERCO 26 : First day in minecraft be like

Amelia Pledger : Two boys are always following each other

Maru Monteros : Alguien habla español

guilherme Gomes : 5:28 até q enfim escutei eles falando algo, eles nunca falam nada

Sahan Bro : Super village

God's Chosen People : I’m making one of these due to California’s high priced rent

Черная Пантера : Если кто не понял, то это холодильник

Ruby Jane : What country is this?

Gülçiçek özdemir : Eladı

Domo and Crissy : +

onits Hansda : wow ऐसे मैंने जम्मू कश्मीर में देखा है दीवार जमीन पर होती है घर superb Ghar 😍😍

sourav all academy : Panchowk