The Glitch

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YaBoyRoshi : Be sure to hit the bell so you guys can be notified whenever we drop skits/reactions/whatever! Hope ya'll enjoy!

DH Animations : Bro all your skits are gold 😂

Lupasan : Yo Im literally dying laughing at this 😂😂😂 The bathroom scene lol

Sushi : "Glitch bitch" 😂

Kiro : The Doc: Follow the white Rabbit. Me: Where is that? The Doc: in the directions of rabbits.

Wallaby Inertia : lol this guy said 10 weeks of studying medicine


Asaru Jordan : This is so creative and funny, y'all are geniuses, keep up the work guys!!!

Brandon Adrien : You hav- m- c n- *O* le-E-eNcEs.

Method 11 : *You think that's air you're breathing?*

Kelsy Abney : 10/10 Morpheus voice, is there a voice Lupa can't pull off?

Mighty Moku : Ten weeks of medicine school *Ten weeks of medicine school* Sign me up Lol

Othmane Boukbir : 10...weeks of studying 😂

RIP MAN MLG : All EA games

Christopher Rawls : I thought I had problem with my phone lol

Aiden : This is basically Mass Effect andromeda

FireboltZer0 : And just like that, I want to watch the Matrix again.

Q : "Glitch Bitch" lmaooooo

Sushi : "Sometimes I........ sometimes I buffer" 😂

Justin Jie : 554 likes and 1 dislike Maybe the one dislike was misread as Dis I like Edit : HOW DID I GET A LIKE FROM YABOIROSHIIII!!!!!!! Big fan broooo

Lord Zarcon : Glitch bitch.

O : I hope they find a way to cure you Frank

Baby Ghetto : This is the funniest thing I've seen all day 😂😂

Truth : I didn't know that the Matrix Triology was getting a reboot starring Frank & Dr. Bartholomeu McGillicuddy ( seriously how the hell did Lupa say this with a straight face? )

thgritic102 : Should have talked to another glitched out person. Like Caleb for example. He was glitching out years ago and now he is better. Reference aside, I love this. Glitch jokes are the best.

Hashim Benjamin : That one dislike don't understand the severity of acute glitching 😂😂😂

Raphael Williams : Oh thank god I thought it was just me with this problem. Anyway, I’m off to find a phone booth with a ringing phone somewhere. (Does any city still have those?)

Hayden : Frank might be the most op person if he’s able to control know you had that opponent at least once in a game that was so strong because of lag. Nice acting from Roshi and Lupa.

Don Seoul Oh : Key and Peele of the gamer community

Timmy ThaTitan : yo, "he said "in all my 10...weeks of science" 😂 and the bathroom part was too funny

markus hill : This was cool. Keep it up!

Sky Wiz00 : “In all my ten weeks of Studying MEDICINE” 😂😂

Austin Henderson : "Buffer the vampire slayer" I'm dead😂😂

Vishvanjay Risbood : That was so funny and creative.

Luv Sec546 : The bathroom part had me dying😂😂😂😂😂

Kurama : Lmao im already dying

Wallaby Inertia : OMG this is was hilarious

non ya : Congrats on the skit ya'll managed to put all the things I hate in one video lol.

MarcTBG : Remember kids, dont take both pills. If you or a family member has taken either the red pill or both please consult with your nearest Mr.Smith. *Warning: Excessive glitching can lead to a reset of all stats (i.e yo broke ass in a alley starting from scratch). Don't get banned, consult Mr.Smith if you feel woke more often than 2secs a year!*

Salman Mohammed : OMG.. 😂😂😂 Amazing. I subscribed to your channel and became fan from the moment the skit for God of War was made.. Still remember.. In the direction of burgers Love y'all Keep up 👍🏽

Jonathan Barrera : BRO !!!! THE MORPHEUS PART KILT ME

Juvi Cendejas : See the problem is his name is Frank

KimPopGaming : Frank Quirk: Glitch Type: Emitter Frank can produce electrical energy from his body that can conceal his presence and disrupt physical and magical attacks. Ultimate: EMP When his body experiences a rush of adrenaline, he can produce an electrical explosion that temporarily disables Quirks around him for 30 seconds and disabling his quirk for 12 hours.

cohesionfield : Amazing, AMAZING yet again man. You can turn this into the GLITCH-TRANSMISSION and 1-up Goku LOL. Keep up the great content. :)

non ya : Memories of growing up with dial up internet back in the day. The struggle.

Pocket Fox : I lost it at 'in all my 10 weeks of studying medicine' lol This was supremely funny and touching.

Othmane Boukbir : When he said I suffer from Ivwas thinking about crippling depression

Justin Kemp : This is fye y’all are funny and good at skits keep doing what y’all doing 👍

Kirb Y. : This is like late night Adult Swim but better

James Cohen : "They called me Buffer the vampire slayer" That had me dead 😂😂