Bleaching My Buzz Cut · OMFG!?

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Chrissy Of Oldstones : Your hair turned into an optical illusion 😂

Mikk : The bald illusion was hilarious 😂 I think the bleached hair looks fierce 😍

burnheroe : I love that the image in the thumbnail wasnt clickbait 😂

Mary McConnell : for a hot second i literally thought you lost your hair while doing this...but over all it looks so freakin good

Soybean emma : Dear slim, I wrote you but you still aint callin

Grace G : I laughed so hard at the lighting making you look bald hahaha this hair is so fun!

Solas ! : This is the best not clickbait clickbait ever

babelady : girllll i thought bleach scorched the top part of your head and left you bald the thumbnail gave me a heart attack

msLocky : With the freshly bleached hair you look like a middle aged man about to buy himself an expensive motorcycle 😂 you're a pretty middle aged man though, nothing wrong with that 😅

Lyric Lewis : You could definitely pull off lavender hair! It looks awesome with the anti-yellow stuff on it!

Infernal Cookie : I think you just made your hair transparent! 😂 best bleaching everrrrr

Lauren Elisabeth : Her facial structure just incredible. Her cheek bones and that jaw line 😍😍😍😍 damn she is fierce. She pulls off this cut so well

Ropa Gutu : Oh my god😂😂😂😂 the bleach made your hair do a disappearing act. It looks like an optical illusion

Lena Rosendahl : I buzz my hair regularly and color it at home. When I saw the image in the thumbnail I thought, "oh does that awkward bald illusion thing happen to everyone?". I feel less alone.

Happiness is what you make it : The lavender color is pretty too!! (With the anti yellow stuff) you could even do some fun color

Cyclops 3000 : Lol you're gorgeous even with male pattern baldness. And clearly you have a great sense of humor.

Blueyez369 : I could not stop laughing at the image in the camera/mirror. I think the bleached buzz cut looks freaking awesome on you, but that was definitely hilarious.

qwertty888 : I also laughed when you looked bald xD with that thumbnail I thought something wrong had happened ! I'm glad it turned out good too, it looks good under normal lighting but yeah, the bathroom part was funny xD

Tiina Laitinen : Hey at least you were able to do a very good but real clickbait 😂😂 it's definitely very blonde and looks cool on you 😊

M S : the "I have watched Brad Mondo" killed me

Daniela Alejandra Bascuñan Miglino : I thought it was a clickbait 😂 but it's real and it's so funny 😂

Elena Beatrice Martinelli : seeing the thumbnail I was afraid you had melted your hair, but luckily I was wrong. you look so good in lilac tbh!

Samantha Goodman : I think Brad Mondo should react to your video 🤣❤❤ he will be just as shook as you

Marie-Ange Rahir : Brad Mondeo need to see and react to this one! 😂 Also try light silver toner, it might look better than the illusion baldness...

Purple Dawn : Omg! The lighting makes you look bald at the topxD that's funny. I feel mean for laughing, but this is priceless.

Cayli J : I would totally love to see a pastel lavender on you!! And it would fade out really well so you could have blonde or another color again! The bald illusion seriously tripped me out 😂 it looks so good on you though😍

Josie Harcourt : In regular lighting it looks so high fashion I’m in love with it!

oh hi mark : YOU LOOK LIKE A HIGH FASHION MONK hahaha i gasped. I've never seen that before (the bald effect). Looks so good though! I love Brad's videos haha, but I will probably always bleach, dye and cut my own hair just because I can't afford a salon and I really enjoy it! If it needs buzzed off then hey, I'll get to shave my head, which is something I'd love to do.

ahcasapopo : HAHAHAHA I CANT STOP LAUGHING HOLY SHIT this is amazing pahahaha

Leila Murphy : Giving me Gunther from friends vibes 😂😂

Tiahna Marie : This video made me laugh so much! It’s crazy how the lighting made you look bald! I love your spirits about it and it totally looks better the next day! Great video girl!

Kenzie : Amber Rose who? Marshall Mathers who? We only Katrin

fran rose : Will the real Katrin Berndt please stand up 🙌🏻

Kaycee Case : When it grows out your going to have frosted tips ! Lol it looks great though, the optical illusion cracked me up 😂

I’m not a colourful girl I love darkness : Omg 😂😂😂😂 I thought you lost all of your hair on top 😱😱😱😱😱 hahaha

Alina Sorochan : "I'm saying that now because I haven't failed yet" ah...the truth of life ahah

Rina : Your hair is soooo seethrough 😄 like a polar bears fur ❄️ so cute 😊

Othila_Dayaalu : Brad Mondo should react to this :p

Maja Popovska : Your head shape is unbelievably beautiful!!! 🤩🤩 (Is that weird to say?) 🙈🤪 most likely yes lol

Veronika M. Sterbova : I watched Brad Mondo, I know what I'm doing 😂😂😂

Yuno Hellsing : Love the illusion bold👀👀now do leopard prints on it missy!

Cris _ : 4 years ago I used to fry my hair with bleach, and used to be so creative with "crazy colors". Now I dont even have patience to wash it. I think is a sign that I got old hahaha

Caf fè : Omg your hair bleached are so light they are literally invisible ahaha Blonde goal

Geisa Abreu : OMG when you hair growns just a bit you will look like a hardcore version of Roxette's singer....and i have to say, you will look perfect, i always wanted to have this hair but i thing platinum hair doesn't go with my skin tone. You look amazing

Omneya Moawad : I laughed so hard I ALMOST HAD A HEARTATTACK THINKING THE BLEACH MADE YOU LOSE HAIR OH MY GOD, you look beautiful though, you're gonna have a blast with short hair it's so fun.💕

Nateshia Wilson : I love that you’re taking us on this hair journey with you!! At this point I’m convinced you can pull off anything

Anita Gomez : We need to get this video to brad mondo

Amira F : Omg i wish i was naturally as blonde as you cos going white is so easy for you??? wow

EC A : That has to be the best bleaching video ever! The white looks beautiful on you though. Super funny that it turned out like that!

Amber Brink : In your video when you first shaved your head you were talking about how you had some dry spots on your scalp I was wondering if since you cut it if those spots improved at all?