BoJack Horseman Thoughts & Prayers

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Magooser : Thoughts and Prayers, the throwaway line all politicians and celebrities spit out robotically nowadays after every tragedy.

Unknown Archive : Checking in for today's murders

carultch : Prayer is like masturbation. It makes the person doing it feel good, but does absolutely nothing for the person they are thinking about.

TeK : well...this became sadly relevant again when will u learn 'murica?....when?!

Ⓐ ANARCHY Ⓐ : So relatable nowadays...and every other adays.

Loken Lok : Oh, its that time of the week huh..

Andrew Shuboy : This episode was genius in how it handled this topic. I always think of this episode now every time I hear about a mass shooting in the news, like the one in Florida yesterday.

Chaotic Neutral : Pumped up kicks!

Daniel Evans : thoughts and prayers

Poisrouge : that foster the people reference is one of the best and most underrated jokes in the whole show

SPDYellow : While agree that thoughts and prayers are about as useful as a bucket of worm spit, a Bridget Jones movie with slightly more bloody murdering, does actually sound kind of cool, like how Face/Off with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta is basically "Freaky Friday With Everyone Trying to Kill Each Other."

Christian Nuñez : This won't stop being relevant for a long time.

DeltaPhoenix180 : This is... well... this is going to stay relevant for a while

anti-social-tree : nail hit on the head

saa miranda : 0:34 I saw this episode like 3 or 4 times and just today I noticed the Foster the people-Pumped up kicks joke.

Mike Richard : #Florida #Valentine 2018

Mike Richard : When will I get paid to do nothing about gun violence? Politicians get paid so much to do nothing and I would like some of that shill cash.

Ajdarc : It’s sad how realistic this show is nowadays...

Dave Von Saunder : We don’t send enough thoughts and prayers to stop mass shootings.

BlackBeWhite2k7 : Cough, cough.