Migos Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Late Show with James Corden : Which way?

Jaimee Palache : Takeoff and offset are a whole mood the entire video in the back😂

Gabriel Lenny #1 : Carpool karaoke with Eminem please!

زراعة الاسطح : 99% of you won't read this but.. Have a good day < ^ ^ ^

Richard Kacperski : Quavo is like this hommie in the class that everyone likes

G O D : I changed my opinion on migos ....nice guys

Tini Gashi : dang this showed us such a fun side of Migos I've never seen before, all seem like great people

Jude Francis Yang : Takeoff and Offset is a whole ass mood at the back

Nola Mills : “does it work?” “hell nO”

Talal Albalushi : offset's teeth is brighter than my future.

Rhiannon McLean : “It’s more of a flood” takeoff is kinda funny as hell


Luca Miller : Anyone else watched this about 20 times cause it’s just too funnyyyyy😂😂

Timothy Babalola : 10:55 a meme was generated.🤣😂😂

William Ruto TV : Offset used to be a back up dancer for Whitney Houston when he was about 9 or 10 years old on her whatchulooking at video. He's the kid in the grey shining suit with braids

Nokwanda Sikosana : Takeoff and offset destroyed me loll 😂😂😂😂

itsyaboy * : That is unironically the funniest shit I’ve ever seen

katelynn smith : offset- “yeayeayeayeayea” quavo- “hey” takeoff- “mAmA”

queen trin : Takeoff and offset r like wtf😂😂😂I swear I wanna hang out with them for jus one day

Olivia Ivy : 11:12 😂😂 the look on Take off and offset face. They're high asf and likee...😩😩😩

BFrank : Takeoff has the best voice in this crew.

Funny Cover : Considering how disinterested they usually seem in traditional interviews, this was an amazing surprise

Michelle Carvajal : Yo Migos can y’all do me a solid and pay off my students loans for Christmas >.>

Lil_Z Nation : I lost it from the way take off and off set looked at James with the instruments lmao

Braulio Segura : Who else wants to see part 2 ??

Belix Parks : Takeoff is there...❤️ he feeling that Whitney song

Kathy N : I never wanted this video to end, honestly there needs to be another video with them in it

babydoll 07 : 5:15 “200 thousand smousand dolla ehhhh”😂

francisco frias : Takeoff a whole mood all the way after 11:04 😂😂

Tm X : So fascinating how a 14 minute video content creates so many new memes. Just sayin :D 11:21 Dead :D :D

j sass master Martinez : can i just say that quavo looking fine asl😍😘

creamy nips : There’s just something about James singing “I TURN OFFSET ON” with offset in the backseat😂

Adrian Blazevic : 3:02-3:06 Corden all in it! Dabbing with the best and hanging!!! lmao!!!

Layani Hawkins : This is funny every time they sing there song they have to be funny best video

Rhyse Wilson : I want a full recorded Sweet Caroline cover by migos asap

Bic Lighter : That was the funniest carpool ever😂

Jennifer Vaughan : I love that they all know Whitney word for word. Epic.

My Best Friend Jes : Ohhh but when they started with sweet Caroline!!!! I wasn’t ready!!!!!! I was NOT ready!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

somethinelse0930 : Which way?? 😂

Halim mimo : 2:14 ----> 2.27 takeoff you lost bro , stay with us

Malaysia Nova : Who’s back after finding out about offset, Cuban doll , & cardi ...


Adam Deadpool : 2:02 James looks like his face has been photoshopped


P0L4R : Who keeps coming back?🔥

Thank you next : 10:30 MAMA 😂😂😂

Vini DAI REEDY : Offset and Takeoff really just funny with no effort

Shaniah Moody : When he had in that jacket that looked like foil I was dead🤣🤣

AllThingsGirly XO : Takeoff was so confused when they were making up a new sound lmao

Mohammad Alghamdi : Best ad-libs 😂😂😂👌