NO water changes for 40 DAYS! What Happened?

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Martins tank talk : Now that was a very irresponsible thing to do Mr BugMan. Now you sitting with all that Black Beard algae and rubbish to sort out and you know how much of a hassle that will be. Although, it is a very educational and effective way to show way you need to do water changes on your aquarium. I just hope you will show the solution to this problem areas ins some future videos as well. Great video, keep up the good work

Richard van Rooyen : Now I know what a student card is for, great video

Professor Aquaria : Some great info here. Well done on the experiment. People sometimes need to SEE before they believe. ABSA also tanks you for the free advertising lol.

funny videos : Great video

Benji F : Great video. But nitrates and nitrites don't directly harm the plants, they're fertilizers. It does also fertilize algae, which in turn can harm your plants. The main problem however is the imbalance of nutrients and too many proteins in the water without water changes. Accordingly water changes can be reduced by balancing out an aquarium (over much time and much trial).