Edie Brickell - Good Times

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Bjørn Andreasen : Det bedste fra Windows 95

James Jiao : Windows 95 forever

J F : It was '95 and I was soon to become a father, still young but foolish. Somehow I'd fallen in love with computers and when this song came out, I then fell in love with Edie Brickell. I wanted a girl (and a life like that!) ....and for some reason, I fell in love with the thought of living in Seattle; a cold, wet, rainy, easy going, fun loving place. Its still on my bucket list. For all I know it was San Francisco - but it really doesn't matter now. That's what's etched in my brain.

Claudio Borges : Ainda ontem eu tinha 18 anos, curtindo Good Times no meu poderoso Pentium 133 Mhz, e o seu poderoso Win95. Lá se vão 20 anos. Ainda volto para velo e matar a saudade. Bons Tempos......

Manabu Yoshinaga : ❤️this song , soft and easy ...

Basch3000 : I think I mishear the lyrics somewhat. This is what I make of it: You don't even have to tryhyyyy It comes easy for youhoohoe The way you move is so appealing It could make me cryhyhyy Oh I'm driving with my friehiends If Bobby's beagle be a cahahar I'm with a lot of people then I want the way you are Good times, Bad times, Gimme someone up (3x) I don't wanna say goodbyehyehyyyee Don't wait no waking to the dohohoor I spend a little time with you I want a little mohohorrre Good times, Bad times, Gimme someone up (3x) Ohbabyehydgghapppayhaptoe I dont anywhere right now You are so lone You are so loness If anywhere youajkhdskjeesss Sing it! Waahysysyay Just sing it! Good times, Bad times, Gimme someone up (3x) I want those good good good thai I got those bad bad bad thai I want those good good good good thai

Tomala Berry : Since i have the original windows 95 disk.... and a CD drive....... Operation: Install Windows 95 on a Virtual Machine to feel the 90s groove.

wardrich : Windows 95 companion disc brought me into the future to comment on this video.

james bell : IVE BEEN looking for this awesome song for 20 years now!!! omg Im glad I finally found it!

Acacia Gray : Is this song a cover? I feel like Smokey Robinson should be singing this... 😆

Guntur Wibowo : This song is on Windows 95 CD, some easter eggs I guess

Vicat Mauricio : This video always reminds me of Windows 95! LOL It was one of the videos included with the Windows 95 disk to demonstrate the "power of multimedia"!

Martin Alfaro : Como hacerse famoso con Windows 95

sue s : ❤ you Edie...! Nice song...

Wilson Gross : win98

Steve Trekker : Discovered in STUFF folder on Win95 disc... Amazing. There were a time where certains things were good done and for ever in the memories.

Corentin OGER : Memories as a schoolboy struggling to assemble my very first computer...

Daniel RocknRoll : Windows 95...

Suli Priantoro : This tune brings me back to my teenage era

Maurício Santos Domingos : Fazia tempo que eu não ouvia esse rit.a melhor.

tavisxavier : I remember this song from the Windows 95 install disk.. Ohh the nostalgia.

tanadon krapee : ตามมาจาก พี่โน๊ต เดี่ยว 1 555555555

Ketdinee Jompathang : ❤❤

Nicholas Maietta : Whoah, this bring back the memories!

Crescente Bao-as : ohh the feels!! we could use some good times right now.. 🙂

Rory Leng : Anyone fancy a game of Hover?

Muhammad Dadan Achdian : Awesome <3

Jimmie Amos : This is one of the best songs ever!

evelyna felda amorita azzah : Remeber malang 94

Perez Jorge : Buenos tiempos

Dot Moky : First nipple poke.

Scott Roy : Nipples. That is all.

Luke Barroso : Windows 95 brought me here!

Jaya Madarun : This... Definitely bring back memories..

lleonc1 : Great Song , quite delicious featuring Barry White...good windows 95 memories!!

Bob Piddington : sexy gal there...

Lester Muster : No cell phones, no social media, barely any internet. Just one big long summer afternoon we called the 1990s.

José Jaramillo : Que buen tema... me trae muchos recuerdos... muchas gracias!!!

StartabandRoxy : It was surprising that this song, like Mazzy Star's hit song too were hits in the 90s. In that horrible waste land of awful depressing nonsense ... a few bands like AIC and most Soundgarden were great but they were the exceptions. That depressing music was ... depressing.

Wiko Sasa : still love this song 3/7/17

VALDIRENE SALES : perfect...windows 95 forever

Jr Crawford : I can't take you back again.

pote2639conan : Veterans PC Master Race should all knows this treasure. :)

Frank Valdez : I guess my monitor wasn't very high resolution back then because I never noticed she didn't have a bra 😂

Wesam Bakhsh : Stirred up old memories.. sweet memories 🙏

Catte Adams : Is that Barry White doing the spoken part? Cuz, WOW if it is.

Richard Delve : Second best thing about windows 95, buddy holly being the first obviously!

Rogelio Garcia : come back the time For this remenbers ... very good

4sundown : I first came across this vid some time around 2010 - I have to watch and listen to it at least 40 or more times a year; I have posted it on my facebook page often as well - and decided I should say thank you Edie for giving this to me.

netschi NAberer : windows 95 memories.listen it 10.000 times and love it 2017