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Alessandro Gabriel Espinosa : T H IS I S A R T

grayfruit : why do I like this so much

Niall JC : This video should be sent on a gold disc into space to show aliens the meaning of life on Earth

Maths moi ça ! : Get high, get nostalgic. E N T E R V A P O R W A V E

Mr. O Negative 6210 : P L A Y T H I S A T M Y F U N E R A L

Bartman : Sometimes I forget that Simpsons used to have very sad episodes back in the day

Gametris : Imagine finding this on a real vhs tape.

miserumn : This feel so nostalgic it's making me sad now oh my god

Macaco Louco : Added to suicide playlist

whomst'd've pies : Man. This song and video are literally story of my recent life. It really touched me. i love u

LLUM.INATI : This story is about homer, who silently watches the stars thinking of his unborn child and his mother who passed away, being depressed marge tries to comfort him, so he spends time with his friend at a bar driving home but not returning as he goes back in time he want to run away from his mistakes sippling into a long dream he visits place he liked he runs away fron what has become earth as he makes his last breathes he falls in to a place that is not reality you could call it heaven as he opens the door to "heaven" his brain is replaying his mind while evrything is falling apart for homer, he closes his eyes.. He fall in a deep deep sleep.

L4marr : Most people just turn the speed down and add pitchshifting, but his is actually very well made

Generic Asian : I'm not wasted enough to handle these feels.

Conor Aday : The last pitch change I was w o k e

Puyolda : This is one of the few well done vaporwave songs. Congratulations, I love it.

Frédéryk Adams : when i was young i remember watching the simpsons with my dad, i still watch it today and i realize how deep and sad this show can be..

Sailor Confused : This made me sad reminds me of my dad

Miles Pidgeon : I prefer this over the original song

cloud lyrics : THIS IS GOOD SHIT

Khal Drogo : this is incredibly sad wtf

LillayFran : T H I S is how you v a p o r w a v e. Excellent work!

seokdipity : this made me very sad and having divorced parents makes it even sadder bye I'm crying

tatum t : lol madee my heart beat fast heeee

Only 90’s Kids : Only just found this just then and man was I just hit with some emotions. Extremely good work on this, honestly top quality stuff

I don't know what to put on username : this song is just making my depression worse but I love it

Liam Morel : this is emotional...

Wayno : My theory on this video is that Homer spent a majority of his time slacking off work, having relations with other women, getting drunk at Moe's, and hanging out with friends. (and possibly having drugs.) Either Marge left him, or maybe she was dispatched from Homer's drunken doings. After that Homer sits there in retrospect of all the things he shouldn't have done, getting drunk, not spending any time with Marge, cheating on her, and reminiscing about when they were just married. Then Homer, (possibly in a drunken / drugged state) falls asleep thinking about somebody he used to know.

Bitch : Reminds me of someone I had a crush on for 4 years and now that we've graduated I'll never see them again it make me sadder cause they grew up with out me while I was left behind and it hurts more cause he helped me get through a lot and didn't even realize it

Wst Clique : I wish I could just sit under a tree and cuddle with someone who would actually love me because whenever I try to find love the other person doesn't really care about me anyways.

T Niggs : the only vaporwave I enjoy, just something about the tone and visuals that makes you feel that kind of way

Trojan horse : How could you turn something as funny as Simpsons into something so nostalgic sad. This is... just great

Julyfuli : This is actual good vaporwave i unironically love vit

Sad ._. : Since I've watched this I can't not walk somewhere without acting sad and pretending like I'm being recorded 🤦🏻‍♂️

avoine : is this song out somewhere to download? it's like a million times better than the original one

Epiphany Love : I dig the hell out of this.

zawzero : Extremely deep and well made wave!

Rebecca Farrell : That last key change hit me harddddd

John Palermo : I swear this is the only vaporwave-cover that actually works. Most are slowed down to the point where it's obnoxious; this is actually tasteful.

Gblnv12 : sadness and emptiness, in a complex way because of images and sound of it , this are the feeling about it, but makes no difference to me , i feel like that everyday.

jason humphries : ive had to come back to this day after day things have been so rocky in my life here lately ive really needed this to calm me down. seriously thanks bro you created art that substantially stiches up the pain i feel


barbie doll tea : This is personal, very. This makes me sooo sad. This is one of my mom's and I's favorite songs. We used to listen to it all the time. Now, I listening to it by myself, crying, wishing she wasn't in the hospital, getting help from a attempted suicide.

Rafa Kira : Nice song and nice story, congratulations for this video

TheBrickAnimation300 : I didn't think Somebody that i used to know could be sadder until i saw this

dan : they said that i need a chill pill. i followed their advice, I drank the whole bottle. now I am happy. I never felt so free.


Proving Phoenix0 : D I D N T H A V E T O C U T ME O F F

peanutbutter : this is the type of sad that hits you in your stomach

Nereo Garduza : h e g o e s t r o u g h s o m u c h ☔️

Fleados : The original didn't bring feels, so why this brings feels and SO MUCH feels?