Binging with Babish: King of the Hill Special

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Peggy Hill is many things: she's a mother. A boggle champ. A substitute teacher (substitute teacher of the year twice, in fact). A sculptor. A foot fetish model. A kidnapper. A survivor of a fall from 13,000 feet without a parachute. The mother of the 15th Dalai Lama. She is by her own admission, however, not a very good cook. Will her specialty dishes make it into the clean plate club? Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free Check out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: Binging With Babish Website: Basics With Babish Website: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Soundcloud: Stitcher:


Bill Casey : They're two issues I have with this video. 1. Peggy has one Substitute teacher of the year three times. 2. Peggy's apple brown betty has a teaspoon of orange juice in it, because "nobody else does that".

MountainRain : *Meatball dough* Babish is living in 2030

Firefly Lightning Bug : This is probably going to get lost in the multitude of comments (great job on that), could you try making the Hazelnut Soup from Tangled? Pretty sure I requested this before, but I wanted to make sure you see it so you can consider it.

Melissa Lewis : I really thought you were gonna make the spaghetti in the style of Bill Dauterive. just slap the wet noodles on the table, and then slurp the spaghetti sauce right from the jar like a man. a sad, lonely man...

Kakacarrot Cake : Please make the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show and try not to get high

Anim1013 : This episode is grim reminder that Peggy didn't grow up in Texas

Send Nukes : “Meatball dough” r/technicallythetruth

BronyZone EXTRAS : I thought Peggy never used butter for the apple brown betty

Apex Predator : If I can't poison country music stars.. then what's the point of living?!

OG Loc : You forget the orange juice Peggy adds to Apple Brown Betty.

Avatar Edward : I'm laughing both at the outrage from random Texans and the frito pie looking like an actual pie But I love it

Rich Bones : Taste the meat not the heat.

Ray Venn Nerdiness : Things un-Texan about the Frito pie: you put the Fritos in the bowl first, then pour beanless chili on top, sprinkling shredded Colby Jack cheese, or cheddar. Add with optional condiments (I.E. onions, mustard, ketchup, etc.). Things un-Texan about spaghetti: nothing tbh. Be sure to cut garlic toast extra thick, and broil it in the oven to toast Things un-Texan about the Brown Betty: idk, my family’s more of a savor recipe family, not a sweets recipe family

Lance Bradshaw : There was a spaghetti sandwich in King of the Hill once too.

Ekin İşsever : Lord of the Rings special maybe? (Lembas bread, Sam's rabbit stew, slow roasted pork...)

Bischoffski : came here for a meatloaf sandwich but only found disappointment

mike hawk : You forgot the table spoon of orange juice she adds to her Brown Betty

Ronald Raxter : Please do Captain Crunch Casserole from Futurama!

YamiPoyo : Who touched my spapegy? And why did you not cook with propane?

Preston Chloupek : I’ve never clicked on a video so got dang fast I tell you h’wut

Totally Not Josh : Christ, all the salty Texans in the comments are getting annoying. Its just food, no matter how it's made its going down to the same place anyway.

Patrick Toner : Can you make the noodle soup from Kung function panda?

vamperious : Wolf too thick? Put a dab of milk in there, enjoy your day.

Texan Tucker : No Texan would ever make Frito Chili Pie this way. We just make chili and then put the Fritos and cheese in afterwards.

Somethingsomethingnapalm : You forgot Peggy's secret ingredient in the Brown Betty, orange juice.

Roberto Mijailovic : can some one tell me what watch is heute wearing thx

Nick Moreno : You should have used cheddar and chili without beans for an "authentic" frito pie

John DC : I think it would be nice for you to make Mrs. Lovett's meat pies for this Halloween

please : i absolutely love you for doing a full variety of KOTH food instead of choosing just one, this is without a doubt my favorite show

Mordicai : Why did she call it a Apple Brown Betty and not Apple Brown Peggy?

Kraven Spider : I’m Texan, and I approve this.

Miranda Marie : Lol roasting tf outta Peggy 😂 what did she do to you?!

necogreendragon : My grandma was Italian and she hated parmesan cheese in a jar. Called it "cardboard crap". XD

Some Guy : I've never heard of anyone that put frito pie in the oven. Always just chips,wolf, shredded cheese in a bowl and mix it. And boom.

Wiggity Wack : *_THAT'S MY PURSE_* *_I DON'T KNOW YOU_*


Andrew Shea : For the Spapeggy sauce couldn’t Peggy have just added sugar to a jar of store bought sauce?

Droggelbecher ! : yo, i came for the brown betty because my mom used to make something similar. but she used oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs, and mixed it with the butter for a shaggy dough to lay on top. i love how munchy your version is, but for a crunchy topic i recommend oatmeal

Kaiser Frost : I always made my Frito pie with refried beans, not chili. Guess I'm not doing it perfect.

GaynorOL79 : All the Texans in the comments are all pissed off at the cook from New York. It's like a Pace Salsa commercial. LOL

puddaz444 : Just needed to comment about margarine not butter plus a spoonful of orange juice. Ily but I love Peggy hill maybe more. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Kamikat : To this day he still doesn’t know what a jpeg is

Superstar 17 : Recreated your spa-peggy and meatballs for last night's dinner, came out tasting like a charm. Thanks Babish

Cirque Du Opinion : I am going to sit here and boo! BOOOOOOOO!! BOOOOOOOO!!

Mia Singer : Dang ol tell ya what man loved this dang Babish episode. Baby talkin bout I hear the dang ol blues calling man, ya know tossed salad and the scrambled eggs man.

Hurley Tanaka : For our meat balls we use Lipton onion soup mix

Patrick Andre : If I ever win the lottery You're cooking for me With or without your consent

Karonpad : Gordon Ramsay: hey, wanna be a judge at my show

jonescalypso : Love that show, Love that you did these recipes, Love it all around! ;D