Binging with Babish: King of the Hill Special

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mcBUFFfluff : *Propane goes good with everything*

groggily : I’m surprised you didn’t include the clip of Bobby asking what to do if someone wants their steak well done and Hank says “we ask them firmly but politely to leave” aka the only right answer

Totally Not Josh : Christ, all the salty Texans in the comments are getting annoying. Its just food, no matter how it's made its going down to the same place anyway.

Angela Mowles : That is waaaaayyyy too much work for Frito pie😆 heat up those cans of chili on the stove, throw some Fritos in a bowl slop that chili on top with shredded cheese and tell the smaller children if they don't eat it they're not getting blue bell!

justin : I'm legit crying. Everything in this episode is my mom. Store-bought ground beef. Disgusting parmesan from a can (must be at least 2 years old). Canned chili. Under cooked tomatoes. Weird peach cobbler derivatives. I'm sorry babish. This one just really got me.

PhantomSavage : From a Texan: When you make apple brown bettie, don't use regular bread crumbs, use yellow cake mix, and don't be afraid to use pre-made canned pie fillings... apple is great but my favorite is probably blackberry and my second favorite is probably peach (with Fredricksburg peaches), and don't feel bad about spending the extra dollar to buy quality vanilla ice cream over standard fare. Cake mix makes all the difference in the world, and you actually don't even need to use the brown sugar mixture if you do, it has plenty of sugar in it already as does the filling if you make it yourself or use pre-made fillings. By far my favorite desert in the world, though we don't call it apple brown bettie, we call it a "crunch".

Jacob jacoby : Peggy uses margarine not butter and she adds a spoon full of orange juice

Danielle Anderson : I gotta say I was born and raised in Texas and to this day I don't understand why y'all got your panties in a twist over the beans. A chili recipe is as personal as your social security number. You make it how you please, and anyone who fusses can make their own damn chili. Edit: Did some research and found out. Basically people who feel strongly about beans in chili were raised to feel strongly about beans in chili. It's tradition, in the same way that it's tradition to have drunken arguments about college football. Personally, I grew up poor, so my mama would use beans to stretch a pot of chili to feed myself and my two brothers. She was probably taught that by her mother, who had to feed five children. Y'all might have a tradition of not using what some may call filler, but I have a tradition of being resourceful to save money. One is not more Texan than the other.

Bill Casey : They're two issues I have with this video. 1. Peggy has one Substitute teacher of the year three times. 2. Peggy's apple brown betty has a teaspoon of orange juice in it, because "nobody else does that".


Billiam : Why no love for the Dauterive family's BBQ recipe?

dnb127 : You got the brown betty wrong. In the thanksgiving episode (the one where they are trapped in the airport), Peggy states that her brown betty reequires margarine, not butter and that she also commented her mom was being neglectful and probably ended up buying butter anyways .

Melissa Lewis : I really thought you were gonna make the spaghetti in the style of Bill Dauterive. just slap the wet noodles on the table, and then slurp the spaghetti sauce right from the jar like a man. a sad, lonely man...

mike hawk : You forgot the table spoon of orange juice she adds to her Brown Betty

Spencer Cox : Peggy deserves better than your condescending east coast elitism

Kakacarrot Cake : Please make the Mississippi Queen from Regular Show and try not to get high

Darth Boxman : I haven't seen this many pissed off Southerners since they learned that they aren't allowed to have slaved anymore.

Firefly Lightning Bug : This is probably going to get lost in the multitude of comments (great job on that), could you try making the Hazelnut Soup from Tangled? Pretty sure I requested this before, but I wanted to make sure you see it so you can consider it.

Tree : >rolling spaghetti in a spoon YOU ARE NOW BANNED FROM ITALY

Apex Predator : If I can't poison country music stars.. then what's the point of living?!

Fallout Plays : A king of the hill ep? See you @ 1M views

Texan Tucker : No Texan would ever make Frito Chili Pie this way. We just make chili and then put the Fritos and cheese in afterwards.

Lucas Murray : Look, I am a Texan and that Frito thing is an abomination. THAT IS NOT HOW WE FRITO PIE!!!

Andrew Shea : For the Spapeggy sauce couldn’t Peggy have just added sugar to a jar of store bought sauce?

Avatar Edward : I'm laughing both at the outrage from random Texans and the frito pie looking like an actual pie But I love it

Nathaniel Foga : "Hey Baby I'm hearing the blues a calling , tossed salad and scramble eggs "!!!

Rich Bones : Taste the meat not the heat.

John DC : I think it would be nice for you to make Mrs. Lovett's meat pies for this Halloween

Natasha : 1. Bean chili is the only good chili, and 2. Peggy is originally from Montana

vamperious : Wolf too thick? Put a dab of milk in there, enjoy your day.

Daniel Taber : "But what if they want their steaks well done?" "We ask them politely, yet firmly, to leave."

Bluefox 186 : Man, Texas sure does suck, huh

P H Y : Don't watch this while you are hungry... Seriously...

Nick Moreno : You should have used cheddar and chili without beans for an "authentic" frito pie

Patrick Toner : Can you make the noodle soup from Kung function panda?

AlienShirtz : god darnit babish if i ever catch you cooking in here again you'll be in quite some trouble I'll tell you hwat

Why Not Gordon? : Wolf brand chili is good and all, but the best chili pie is made with chilimac instead of a full chili.

Eric Pope : As a Texan I gotta say....... that does not look like a true frito pie. Dear god american is not what we use.

Evan Yee : Soon enough directors are gonna feature weird foods so that babish gives them free advertisements

LetsStayUnnamed : this is gonna make me look like such a nerd, but can you make ketchup-infused-fries from s3e12 of steven universe

Austin : "Your lack of propane and propane accessories disturbs me." - Hank Hill probably.

Shaun Dreclin : Apple brown betty looks a lot like apple crisp :o even served with ice cream too

ThePhenomenalEX : I don't particularly remember what episode it was, but I remember Peggy saying she used orange juice in her apple brown betty. So that's one thing you missed in your recipe.

seth connors : Babish gives his girlfriends ass 30 minutes wait to let the flavors get to know eachother

evan atchison : Make the last meals from lost!

Lindsay Daly : I was literally JUST telling someone about that tweet you made about Peggy Hill having a strangely extraordinary life for an "ordinary" character hahaha

chokkai jones : For some reason I think it would be funny if a bunch of tiny babishes ran around the kitchen measuring food but their voices are all slightly high pitched except the ruler babish who has a normal voice.

Sarah Lohn : Oh Andrew, honey. Next time talk to at least one Texan instead of Google before you try a quintessentially Texan recipe. In fact, that’s probably a good rule of thumb for any type of regional dish that you’ve never experienced before. Don’t worry; Texas loves you anyways. (Your Frito Pie, not so much.)

IceMcFlfuffy : ...who the hell makes Frito chilly pie that way....

MLGBOSS 602 : Meatball dough