Beyond the Mind's Eye - 09 The Pyramid

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Beyond the Mind's Eye followed Odyssey/Miramar's successful Mind's Eye video in 1993. Like the earlier release, it was made from many animation shorts, demo reels and special effects sequences. This time Jan Hammer of Miami Vice fame was brought in to compose an original soundtrack. Eventually some of these shorts would be licensed by YTV in Canada to be aired as "Short Circutz" in place of commercials. Beyond the Mind's Eye was the first in the series to be released on DVD in addition to Laserdisc and VHS. This upload was taken from the DVD release.

Comments from Youtube

Josh Hauta : I remember this video vividly from my childhood! Thanks for uploading.

Rocky : This takes me back to my childhood. :) Gotta love the 90's.

Nick Hentschel : Possibly my favorite segment of the film, this may have been a pastiche, but it somehow creates more of a concrete "setting" than any of the others. I always wanted to learn more about these people who lived in this magical pyramid, surrounded by a desert.

cassidy ladden : God this takes me back. All these tapes had such a huge and wonderful impact on my childhood that I still remember vividly to this day. My father was an Art teacher in Nyack, and he was always bringing home the latest computer art or claymation festivals for me because he knew I'd love them. He's been gone a little less than 3 years but I still feel very close to him whenever I watch these. Love and miss you forever, dad. ⌚️️🌙❤️

Andre00x : My favourite and the best

Kristin Drover : I remember seeing these on YTV in the wee small hours of the morning. Always thought they were thought-provoking and beautiful! Thx for sharing!

KuroCartoonist : 20 years later and i still don't understand what im watching

CaRcypher : I still hum this tune lol

thebikevoid : "We are of the butterfly." I think the main message here is really important, actually.

Zaphernater : oh god i remember this from my childhood on YTV in between shows. awesome!

Jesse Johnson : This shit scared me as a kid, the other Short Circutz were good though.

Diego Neira : This is soooo deep! I love it!

K Korjus : I remember watching this as a kid and being mesmerized by it. My favorite part was at 0:56 with all those weird, cool, faceless beautiful creatures.

Phawnix : What is this? I can't believe I missed this as a kid. I used to love YTV and this would have blown my mind.

CovenantOfComedy : chasing realities and other thoughts

Jax184 : I think it's "We are of the butterfly." She said something different in the original version of this video, and in neither case did it fit with her lip movement.

Maxwell Landbeck : Does anybody have any idea what the woman says?

DoubleCannon2 : Just as I post that I go looking for mp3's by this creator and BAM! they have mp3 OST's of all of them!! OMFG! Amazing!!!

DoubleCannon2 : Am I the only one who wants this music as an mp3 plus re-mastered and longer! without the we are the butterfly lol. thank you for posting all the YTV Short Circutz. you have no idea how much nostalgic overload im having lol

lovelifelivejellyb : it's nice to hear and see. the world is an ugly place now on tv...reality shows and garbage... :( I am so HAPPY that I can come here and relive my childhood...even if it's only for a few moments.. IT'S WORTH IT! <3

PcinWc : This song has ben in my subconscious for 16 years. For all that time i have ben trying to remember it and to imagine back parts of the song. This video hit me like a brick wall.

twiztedanimeful : omg omng omg omg omg i remember watching this when i was a a kid wow i like the 90 days and high school days as well bionox

Cole McCarthy : I saw this one on TV and it creeped me out like nobody's business. In fact this is the only one I remember from YTV short circuitz.

Jax184 : It's nice to know people read video descriptions around here...

Louis Rodriguez : We should also give credit to Jan Hammer's music, it definitely contributes to the animation...don't know if anyone has done that yet? He also wrote a lot of the theme music for Miami Vice.

missheath000 : Its interesting to see how much this video meant to so many people, This s a piece of my childhood.

QMTOGR : i haven't seen this in 15 years..

Alex -Wilky- Wilson : you know, back in the 90's, this was considered "modern" and "sleek"...

Nikau T V Liddell : I thought it would be Wolfmother

JoeBee9 : Used to watch these on YTV during "Short Circutz" as well. This particular animation was my favourite out of the bunch (that and maybe "More Bells and Whistles"). I loved the music and animation alike.

Breadstick3 : How the hell did I get here...

chickenpollo1013 : Strange memories...watched this when i was four

MrAntny777 : Is it just me or is this filled with evil symbolism?

Phteven : Holy shit I got goosebumps watching this. I forgot all about it. I used to be fascinated with these little shorts when I was a kid.


AngryTucanaBird : The music sounds like it should be in a Legend of Zelda video game.

christpunchers : 0:56 ... ugh, those dancing mummies scared me as a kid... they still do now with their awkward half dead dancing!

James : takes me back

Jesse : We are of the butterfly.

michaelm610 : @jschoolhannah and to finally find it! holy shit...

Dymez187 : WOW! mind blowing memories i tell ya...

HamNEggs : This song has been stuck in my head for nearly two decades.

LAMCL23 : @Tom8201 I thought "she" was saying, "we are of the butterfly" which makes more sense, considering their colors, and stuff. Kinda cool to think about really...butterfly

Jax184 : @roboguy75 He leaps off and transforms into a butterfly. He actually sheds his skin and flies away.

phoxybrown : This was probably my favorite of all the little clips shown on YTV. Thanks for the memories!

thecosmicgoose : we've come along way since then. animation like this used to cost tens of thousands to produce. now, i can make something equivalent on my desktop.

KuroCartoonist : I feeling so nostalgic, damn the 90's were the coolest times. now lets bring back Reboot they finished off in a bloody cliffhanger

Oxalis : I have a hard time watching this without crying or wanting to cry, haha. Nostalgia at its greatest here, folks.

Tom8201 : "Will you hug the butterfly?" Nice, brings back memories.