Beyond the Mind's Eye - 09 The Pyramid

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Theodore Avraam : I remember watching this on YTV, waiting for "Reboot" or "Are you afraid of the dark?" to start.

Josh Hauta : I remember this video vividly from my childhood! Thanks for uploading.

cassidy ladden : God this takes me back. All these tapes had such a huge and wonderful impact on my childhood that I still remember vividly to this day. My father was an Art teacher in Nyack, and he was always bringing home the latest computer art or claymation festivals for me because he knew I'd love them. He's been gone a little less than 3 years but I still feel very close to him whenever I watch these. Love and miss you forever, dad. ⌚️️🌙❤️

Nick Hentschel : Possibly my favorite segment of the film, this may have been a pastiche, but it somehow creates more of a concrete "setting" than any of the others. I always wanted to learn more about these people who lived in this magical pyramid, surrounded by a desert.

Symonds : This is prime vaporwave material right here

KuroCartoonist : 20 years later and i still don't understand what im watching

YoRocky : This takes me back to my childhood. :) Gotta love the 90's.

Kristin Drover : I remember seeing these on YTV in the wee small hours of the morning. Always thought they were thought-provoking and beautiful! Thx for sharing!

SmokingSpoon : My favorite. It's the one that marked me most in my childhood. Am I the only one being remembered of FF/Nobuo Uematsu with the soundtrack?

thebikevoid : "We are of the butterfly." I think the main message here is really important, actually.

K Korjus : I remember watching this as a kid and being mesmerized by it. My favorite part was at 0:56 with all those weird, cool, faceless beautiful creatures.

CaRcypher : I still hum this tune lol

Andre00x : My favourite and the best

TrustyCranberry : 0:58 weirded me out. That blue lady needs her neck checked!

Diego Neira : This is soooo deep! I love it!

Jesse Johnson : This shit scared me as a kid, the other Short Circutz were good though.

Zaphernater : oh god i remember this from my childhood on YTV in between shows. awesome!

jeve nagi : Wow! I haven't seen this one in at least almost 20 years! I remember particularly loving this one because of its music an weirdness. I dont even feel these shorts are dated at all... they sort of have a timeless abstract quality to them. It was these shorts, Reboot, and some SNES games and Mario 64 that first introduced the world of 3D animation to me, and I guess it was the same for the world in general. What an exciting time to be a kid, and right on the edge of the millennium to boot. I wonder if the current or future generation can experience something that way.

Damien : What is this? I can't believe I missed this as a kid. I used to love YTV and this would have blown my mind.

Seth Caudle : When everyone is high at a party

Daniel Fanshaw : It all makes sense

swiftwolfcoyote : I love this animation so intense

Sipahi100 : The nostalgia is beyond overload right now

Josh K : Ya it reminds us all of growing up in the 90s but seriously wtf are we watching here?

tomaskejr : Jan Hammer - Our Czech Genial Musician!

Javonni Otero : Did you know they used the dog bark sound from WW:MMG and WW:MPG

Patrick Bateman : I've been looking for these for YEARS! i never knew what to search for, I was so young I couldn't think of anyway to describe what they were. Easily my fav short when they used to play this on Y-TV at night. Never thought i'd ever get to see these again. man the nostalgia.

Daniel Link : Annihilation (Alex Garland, 2018)

Amathene : Vaporwave ripped this off basically

T-Bone : ah yes Canadian childhood :)

Meaghan Edwards : Totally remember this one on YTV. I loved that dog.

Antichrist2000 : Man I remember this one really weirding me out as a kid with the music and especially the scene with the strange abstract humanoid sculptures but then I always came around by the end heh. I think it was because by the end the music reminded me of a track from a game called Killer Instinct.(more 90's CGI heh)

Adam G : Oooowwwwwwwwwwww!

Man from Nantucket : My childhood was little more than a bad acid trip.

johnsonapp : This one was always my favourite. The song is so good! :-)

carlycatpants : Game of thrones, linkin park music video mashup much

Takumi : Holy crap! I have been looking for this for forever! Thank you!

Pinakure Mageek : Am I the only one who reminds an alternate version with another soundtrack?

Nick L : ohh mannnnn!!! where has this been hiding !!!!!!!   

swiftwolfcoyote : Love the transformation scene

Mortemain Crowe : Wow, never thought I would hear this again. :)

sausageslaps : hard to believe this is over 20 years old

Jan Ramsay : Thank u for doing this I loved the music on this

R1PT9C0N : i think i saw some of this on the lawnmower man

Karla T : Watching this in 2018

keon habibi : What is the name of this song? It is very nice

CovenantOfComedy : chasing realities and other thoughts

Jax184 : I think it's "We are of the butterfly." She said something different in the original version of this video, and in neither case did it fit with her lip movement.

Maxwell Landbeck : Does anybody have any idea what the woman says?

DoubleCannon2 : Just as I post that I go looking for mp3's by this creator and BAM! they have mp3 OST's of all of them!! OMFG! Amazing!!!