Grandma’s bottle flip
Showed my 80 year old grandma how to bottle flip over the weekend and she sent me this today

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Brandon Velasquez : Wholesome content in my day

William Pereira Gomes : You know she didn't paint her middle finger's nail so she can flip you an unpainted bird.

Rudy Vargas : That was awesome. Made my day

Kylin : the laugh!! so sweet

Prism Quartz : Awesome! That's so cool Grandma!

Rays : way better than those guys at dudeperfect where they edit out the 5000 tries they had. grandma gets it right on the 2nd attempt!

Jack Chrismon : This is the sweetest thing ever!

kandish : She rocks!!!

Andrew Woodford : Get them Pinto Beans

jehanr : A new contender for greatest video on youtube.


Jersey Representing : WHATEVER GRANDMA! TOTAL LUCK. (jealous...)

TheDotGamer : Damn, nice one!

Anthony De Castro : Hell yeah grandma! \m/

LouSaydus : Noice.

nevergaf : Gramma killing the game!! This shit warmed my goddamn heart

rebecca berlin : Get it Gammy!! You are the best💓

NOAH freaking THOMAS : Amazing, posting this everywhere.

Ted Backs : Hi reddit

Shobi Shobu : That's Awesome Grandma 😱👍

mediacenter man : Next up, show her how NOT to film vertically

Randomness : This is the best video Ive seen all day

Z : That's me when I'm older. Lol. If plastic will still be used by then

Dennis X : Your grandma has skill.

Keandre Palmer : If you don't tell her we're so proud of her we're gonna have words

Cool Products : That laugh is the definitive laugh of grandmas everywhere

Philip Kendrick : Well done Grandma!!! From Ireland!

George Brown : Hey man, George from LADbible here. We love this video, please could we post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!

Nick Ramos : DAB ON 'EM, GRANDMA <3 <3 <3

Michael Alexander : L E G E N D

Joshua Penn : She never hit the dab........but good on her anyway. Lol

Nika Tark : das some mlg grandma

SubparPanda : An absolute legend!

Conman : Now teach her how to meme up her vidoes

Fozzythemexican : That is too sweet, great job

VampireQueenBrittany : Go grandma!! 👏

Sam Hoag : Made it look easy what a champ

agereaver : GG GM

Chancey Dicklord : wow this is the most adorable thing ever

Cheyenne Allen-Hinds : Proud of you, MeeMaw.

Letters909 : Her laugh made me laugh, scared my dog too

Thomas Draper : Go grandma!

Franco Platania : I'm just glad she knows how to "sorta" properly use a camera.

sandollor : Good job Grandma!

Frank Silva : Dab on em

Gnome : this is epic

Niki Rose : Nicely done!

Architectus : Legendary

Kristina : You got dunked on!