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Kenny Young : This man can play this same thing with the banjo behind his back. I have seen him do it. And he is a very nice guy .

Brayden Weese : That's very interesting because Luke Kelly strums his banjo while another picks his like a mandolin or guitar.

Salvador Casado : Es, un Renacentista de la música popular Gigantesco!!!

Obadiah Pearce : walt koken

BL Thompson : Good stuff Mr Paxton!

Myra1959 : Love the banjo.

priser24 : Guy is only 23. Amazing.

Chuck Levy : Nice!

rasputinsghost : the beginning is pure round peak :)

rasputinsghost : love him

I, Potato Salad, want 1,000 Subs : @maensammour22 1st and last comment.

EOsborne318 : Does anyone know where I can learn more about that 3rd style he played with the up-picking? I've never seen anyone else do that!