Evan's Botched Broadcast - Bruce Almighty (6/9) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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Jamal Sampson : I really LOVE this scene!

Colin Donovan : 12 years later, and I still laugh my ass off on this scene

Worthless Opinion : Steve's delivery here is just fucking flawless. A work of art.

ZeroKool7140 : Me asking out a crush.

MagusFyre : Gotta admit Steve Carell and Jim Carrey was an awesome team... its 2016 and this scene still make me laugh my ass off.

guitar242465 : My tiny nipples went to France.  Best line in the whole skit.

Lurker1979 : Jim Carry and Steve Carell need to do another movie together.

Preston Caudle : 0:10 That evil smirk lets us all know that some heinously hilarious shit is about to go down! ;)

1God : The first 30 seconds had me freaking dying dear God. Can't believe this movies so old now

Hope Dubna : Did anyone else's heart break when he did that frown at the end? I felt so bad...

Brandt : Every news castor watching Trump win the election.

Perry Hvegholm : A great movie with many hilarious moments...but this scene was hands down the funniest in the entire flick. I don't know how anyone on the set managed to keep from laughing uncontrollably. 

Christoman64 : PEE PEE!

The Unknown : when you get roasted and you run out of comebacks

Liam Kuhlmann : This is the best scene in the entire movie.

Brenden White : Prime rib roast minister! LOL

PrettyGirlOtaku : This is the best scene in the whole movie!!!

Isaiah Meyers : @2:02 no matter how many times I watch it...I die laughing


Frost Karlson : who's still watching this and still can't hold in their laughter in 2017

Azer Simple : 1:40 And that's what every human language put into one would sound like.

Alyssa Mitchell : i see why the office cast steve he is an amazing funny actor

Marcus P : When he said "PEE PEE" I busted out laughing lol

BlackFox0911 : The only thing I would've done differently. God would be voiced by Morgan Freeman throughout the movie, but God should have taken a different bodily form each time He is seen in the movie. Morgan Freeman in one scene, an Asian woman (but still with Freeman's voice) in the next scene, a paraplegic Native American in the next, etc

Ryan Floom : This just goes to show how great of an actor Steve Carell is... I mean Jim Carrey is probly my favorite, but Steve is unreal, an incredibly close second (if not tied with Jim Carrey). He is this character as well as Michael Scott who to me are 2 totally separate human beings, and he's also Brick Tamland! Like he never seems to play a similar character to one he's played before, they're all really different and unique

Joseph Hudson : best scene from the whole movie, I had to stop if so I could laugh/cry before finishing the movie lol Steve Carell was amazing as Evan Baxter, almost as good as Brick!

Charismali Kyoki : 200 people dont do the cha cha like a sissy girl ;-;

Drizz : @2:10 " dodo caca popo" Lol

icomeandgobybubble87 : This movie...so much better than Evan Almighty!!!!!!!! Also, this is Steve Carell's best moment..like...ever! I don't think he can even top this.

Brandon Coates : PEE-PEE!

Derpy's World. : LOL

SharksRule86 : 0:40 That laugh! HAHA!

QueenDorky : This is my favorite scene!!! I can never stop laughing when I see this part!!!

Michael O. : I thought he couldn't interfere with free will...

Turd Ferguson : 1:38 - 2:15 is what the news sounds like to me anyway.

DazdnConfuzd : This scene had me crying in the theatres when I first saw it.

Lord Alek : This is one of the most hilarious parts of the movie XD

Carla Murillo : Evan: I lika do da cha cha like a sissy girl. Me: OMG!! XDDDDDDD

Alltime MusicLover : Captions make everything better! XD

earl sarmiento : 0:39 did she say co-wanker?

The911knight : I know fart jokes are cheesy and lazy, but this has got to be the best one ever. lol

Johnny : in the movie bruce says, "how do you make so many people love you without affecting free will," and god says, "heh, welcome to my world, son. If you come up with an answer to that one, let me know." In other words, god is saying he cant fulfill most people's problems because it will affect people's free will, so thats why people feel that god isnt listening to their prayers. People who have cancer, they have family and friends who prayer that they will be cured, but it doesnt happen. Why cant god make this happen. Saving a person who has cancer doesnt affect anyone's free will in any way. Certain things like making someone like them, obviously wont happen because it will make the person go against their free will. So why cant god make the miracle of saving a cancer patient's life?

Friedrich Nietzsche : powers of god with the intentions of the devil

Catty Cakes : OH MY GOD I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!

LG : The high pitched laugh always kills me

Rockne Oliver : This is the Funniest Movie Scene of All Time©, hands-down. I've seen it dozens and dozens of times, and it still brings me to tears from laughing so hard.

Katie Zientek : I lika .. do.. da cha cha..

Andrew T : This is my 4th time watching this and I still get sick from laughing so hard

carschmn : This was the breakout role for Steve Carrell as he stole the movie from right under Jim Carrey..

nunh : I cannot stop laughing - this is the funniest clip!