The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves

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MR SLAV : Imagine explaining what you do to your investors

Kristian Dimitrov : When scientist says 'inch' my brain hurts.

Crazy Candy Crush : That guy is an Indian version of Homer Simpson!

Kevy Elyod : Why wear laser goggles if the 1MW laser beam would vaporise your head?

Miika Mäentaus : That guy's shirt has been affected by some gravitational waves

Marc F. Nielssen : A typical science freak. Does not iron his shirts. 😆

ChopperDoc181 : Don't mind me. Just scrolling though looking for flat earthers so I can report them to the NASA Conspiracy Enforcement Division. Carry on.

Silica : Security vulnerability in the universe, god patch plz

Tau : Hey, *You*, yes *you*, average person with a functional prefrontal-cortex. Don't damage your IQ by scrolling through these comments. (I've already done it for you, its an ugly job, someone has to do it) Sometimes people just don't want to learn, They just like to keep burning witch- I mean being confused and scared of new things, it's not their fault, Oh wait...

Tai Jarman : Can't wait until 2060 when we all have gravitational wave detectors in our phones.

dan parish : Don't you just love hearing smart people talk who are experts in the field?

problemsolved : Provided I don’t get a quiz, I think I learned something here.

GalactiNaut : You know what's funny about the last thing he said.....we do have alien civilization levels of technology. What would humans from 500 years ago think if we just appeared with the technology we have? It would certainly seem impossible to them.

Boaty Mc Boatface : Oh look thumbs down from geocentric flatearth christian fundamentalists.

It's Okay To Be Smart : A megawatt *continuous* laser? That's a helluva beam. I toured the Petawatt laser in Austin but that thing only fires for like a trillionth of a second

Elysian Dreams : Science FTW. Lots of haters like to try and tear down science because it conflicts with their beliefs (which were spoon fed to them at a young age and forbidden to even question) but yet these same people have no qualms with using the fruits of science- everything we have in our modern civilization came from theoretical science being turned into useful inventions. If science was bogus they would not have been able to accomplish these things.

magnetiktrax : "you have this stick which is moving and stretching so you don't know how many inches it is" That's what she said.

Quapadople : Tha guy looks more like a gangster than a scientist:))

Pintkonan : usa, myanmar and liberia don't use metric system. this is the true axis of evil =b

Star Shine : I like to watch this sort of videos and pretend to understand everything

XxTrigerHappyxX : Gravitational waves... The heart beat of the universe!

Connor201 : 2:59 coolest guy to ever live

David Anber Criminal Lawyer : 1:54 vs. 7:20 — which is it?

K1naku5ana3R1ka : Perhaps a better title would be “What Does it Take To Detect Gravitational Waves?”

J Park : *video starts *doesn't understand anything *keeps watching *video ends **feels smart*

Larry Leveen : I particularly liked this video because most of the time, we hear about the discoveries of LIGO or at CERN, but not about the engineering that had to go into making those discoveries possible. I would subscribe to a YouTube channel that just addressed those things!

Jonseredi : Veritasium you're probably not going to reach this but I sincerely think your videos are awesome

ROBZTA M : Wow! this machine is so sensitive it could probably detect an aliens fart half way around the universe.

CryptoDeaf Studio : Thankfully they didn't use 1.21 gigawatts.

Rens : the guy looked so cool with his glasses lol

peccatumDei : This is essentially the Michelson-Morley experiment writ large. Imagine the confusion that would have resulted, if Albert Michelson and Edward Morley had been able to use equipment this accurate, back in 1887.

CAfakmykak : the 1k dislikes are flat earth believers

Ricky Rick : A physicist's real genius is convincing someone to pay for this. Since they can do complicated esoteric math they can tell people anything and you just have to take their word for it. He told the truth at the begining when he said it's all bogis shut it down. But he said it jokingly to get it out of the way. Yes, physicists are smarter than the rest of us.

Adarsh Sharma : Einstein was right

SmarterEveryDay : I really liked this man. Is it really just a Michelson Interferometer on a really incredible scale? Excellent job on this video. Prof Adhikari did a FANTASTIC job as well.

SZ : Light itself doesn't get stretched. Light travels in straight lines and when space gets stretched, light has to cover more distance.

Michael Ryd : At 5.40 mr Rana says it´s all bogus and can´t be made... I think the video should have ended there!

Stephen Crumley : Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. Nikola Telsa

Wolfgang Breitenseher : You can’t stretch a concept. Space and time are not physical objects. They are measuring units.

Dave B : American don't use metric they use foot ball equivalents (FEq). The volume of air in the arms is equal to 40,000,000 foot balls. The arms are 43.75 football fields long.The radiation pressure is equal to 23,000,000 deflate gate footballs. The black hole's weight is 10^21 football stadiums, with enough energy to stop 10^34 line backers. The FEq = 98.628 meters. I don't see why America is 47th in education compared to the rest of the world.

therightgame3 : Makes Sense. Thank you.

JR S. : I think his explanation missed the point of the 2 perpendicular arms. It seems gravitational waves don't stretch both arms in the same way, causing the arms to differ at length during the passage of the gravitational waves. After all, if it weren't so, the arms would have the exactly same lengths and regardless of how many new laser beams you shot into both arms at the same time, they wouldn't go out of phase and interfere, right? Can anybody correct me if I'm wrong?

Jer M : Could you improve the experiment by measuring in 3D rather than 2D? Measure the waves on a Z axis, maybe there us something there. Gravity interacts in 3 dimensions, not just 2 dimensions.

Youthoob Gamer : 7:30 - I will never believe a person who wears sunglasses indoors.

1ucasvb : Hah, Prof. Rana is awesome!

Manik Kalore : 1MW laser huh.. Somehow I am getting filling that some weapon mass destruction come out of this research if not anything else..

Filthy Filter : Detect all of the black holes in the universe? :'O Sounds so promising hope it comes true one day <3 I feel awe with such progress and new skills humanity achieves ^_^

Nick Tokar : Who else didn't understand half of this?

Ben Simpson : What is the point of all this? What good is it doing? What's the end goal? It all seems so...pointless. Just people getting paid to measure things. Is your life different because of it? "Ah...a trillionth of a change, that must mean two black holes collided and this enormous and incredibly expensive machine I built to measure that exact phenomenon worked...Fortunately enough. Now you can keep paying me to measure this infinitesimally small distance for the zero benefit of anyone." Quite a logical jump to go from a trillionth of a light wave distance changed...THEREFORE TWO BLACK HOLES COLLIDED. Can you explain that a little?

erikig : Rana Adhikari looks like the scientist you have to drag out of the bar to save the world at the end of a sci-fi movie when the pencil necked number cruncher have failed