The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves

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It's Okay To Be Smart : A megawatt *continuous* laser? That's a helluva beam. I toured the Petawatt laser in Austin but that thing only fires for like a trillionth of a second

MR SLAV : Imagine explaining what you do to your investors

Crazy Candy Crush : That guy is an Indian version of Homer Simpson!

Salty Admiral : Is it just me, or does Prof Rana Adhikari look _exactly_ like you want a professor to look like? :) I don't know what it is, but I just love it when extremely important people does extremely important work, dressed like they are enjoying an Piña Colada on a tropical beach instead. That is what I love about the field of "academia", or should I simply say public sector, they usually have a completely different work culture than the "corporate office" culture that has spread way too far imo.

Simon Engelholm : The smaller a thing is the bigger the machines you need.

Miika Mäentaus : That guy's shirt has been affected by some gravitational waves

guy anello : is this man wearing crocs...?

TNasty : clarification is absurdly low

David Anber Criminal Lawyer : 1:54 vs. 7:20 — which is it?

Marc F. Nielssen : A typical science freak. Does not iron his shirts. 😆

Orgil B Onolt : I am so excited about the future since we haven't discovered the majority of all things. Like Newton said, great scientists are usually just little boys playing on the seaside picking up a pebble or two while the vast ocean lies undiscovered. I hope to make a contribution towards our understanding of the universe at some point too. You Derek, definitely make a good contribution my man. Thank you for these videos.

Ahmed Grwan : congratulation to professor Rainer Weiss for detecting gravitational waves and the 2017 nobel prize :) .

problemsolved : Provided I don’t get a quiz, I think I learned something here.

emteiks : such a nice discussion to have by the afternoon tea

Mikey : Something suspicious about this research. I remember watching the initial video where you spoke about them finding the waves. It was something like, in all of mankind, in all history and in future. The only time they had to detect those waves was the exact time they turned the machine on... And they couldn't believe it. A year earlier would have detected nothing and a year later they would have deteced nothing. It's like the won the lottery 15000 weekends in a row. And then we have things like "Measuring the waves is like measuring a varation in the distance from earth to Alpha Centurai with the width of a human hair" So we built something HUGE... 4km? That is not huge. That's like saying "I built a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001m fishing rod to try and catch fish at the very bottom of the Mariana Trench"

SmarterEveryDay : I really liked this man. Is it really just a Michelson Interferometer on a really incredible scale? Excellent job on this video. Prof Adhikari did a FANTASTIC job as well.

Connor201 : 2:59 coolest guy to ever live

The TruManZoo : how did they make sure it wasn't a plane, as a plane would disturb them both as well. planes make a lot of waves in the air that reach plenty far when we think of the schlieren effect...

StillCloser : Utter nonsense...

Jonathan Smith : pixies fairies and unicorns.

Michael Ryd : At 5.40 mr Rana says it´s all bogus and can´t be made... I think the video should have ended there!

Elysian Dreams : Science FTW. Lots of haters like to try and tear down science because it conflicts with their beliefs (which were spoon fed to them at a young age and forbidden to even question) but yet these same people have no qualms with using the fruits of science- everything we have in our modern civilization came from theoretical science being turned into useful inventions. If science was bogus they would not have been able to accomplish these things.

BCML : Did anyone come here after watching his latest video?

eiyaz00 : Did we know the two black hole collided before the waves hit? Or did we find out after it happened?

Star Shine : I like to watch this sort of videos and pretend to understand everything

Kristian Dimitrov : When scientist says 'inch' my brain hurts.

Vijay Ninel : Total pseudoscience. The mathematical church seem to be going more insane by the year.

GalactiNaut : You know what's funny about the last thing he said.....we do have alien civilization levels of technology. What would humans from 500 years ago think if we just appeared with the technology we have? It would certainly seem impossible to them.

Shalva Qutelia : Something tells me that a gravitational wave wouldn't add more distance for light to travel but stretch both it's frequency and the measuring instrument not letting us notice any difference

Andalusia T.O.L : I agree with the man, shut it down! It's just more waste of our money on erroneous highly speculative theories. General relativity is wrong. There are no black holes, and there is no dark matter or dark energy, blah blah blah, and there is no so-called fabric of space-time. **

Quapadople : Tha guy looks more like a gangster than a scientist:))

David Jackson, II : So the next step based on detecting all of the black holes in the universe is a star map based on those black holes?

Schweitzer A : It is all wrong physics .bunch of professor must get grand for their so called research . All mambo jumbo crap. The Main Street scientist don't want to admit that they don't know nothing .

Tai Jarman : Can't wait until 2060 when we all have gravitational wave detectors in our phones.

Ben Simpson : What is the point of all this? What good is it doing? What's the end goal? It all seems so...pointless. Just people getting paid to measure things. Is your life different because of it? "Ah...a trillionth of a change, that must mean two black holes collided and this enormous and incredibly expensive machine I built to measure that exact phenomenon worked...Fortunately enough. Now you can keep paying me to measure this infinitesimally small distance for the zero benefit of anyone." Quite a logical jump to go from a trillionth of a light wave distance changed...THEREFORE TWO BLACK HOLES COLLIDED. Can you explain that a little?

Mike Collins : As it has been proved that LIGO works - by detecting ridiculously small deviations - would the Michaelson-Morley experiment have worked if their detectors has been of equivalent sensitivity?

sh si : This is nonsense.

Andalusia T.O.L : *Youtube~"No -- Gravitational Waves have been observed | Space News"* Back to the drawing board people. Try using observational physics instead of philosophical theoretical mathematics this time guys; and study the truth that HAS been discovered by plasma physics/ cosmology.

1ucasvb : Hah, Prof. Rana is awesome!

Junan Lin : Nobel prize in physics 2017!

Buck Fisher : Who told these losers that gravity travels, or has waves? What a pile! As far as we can tell, gravity doesn't have a delay. If you turn over a rock, on planet Earth, you instantly affect the entire Universe, a little. Or did someone somehow confirm the speed of gravity? How did they do that?

101perspective : I'm still confused by how they can tell anything took place. His explanation doesn't make any sense to me. He talks about how the time it takes changes. However, time is distorted as well isn't it? If the wave reduces how far the beam has to travel it would also be increasing how long it takes to travel that shorter distance... such that what you would observe would be no difference at all compared to a beam that didn't get distorted. I get that they are pretty confident that they can tell when the beam gets distorted, I'm just not seeing it in their explanation.

Enigmatic Monkey : Rana is from Nepal , amazing i never knew .

J Park : *video starts *doesn't understand anything *keeps watching *video ends **feels smart*

Pepe - : Nice work Veritasium, quality content as usual.

DruMusica : Wow you asked two of the very questions I've been asking myself for a long time about the process of detecting gravitational waves. Thanks so much for this well prepared interview, great job.

Larry Leveen : I particularly liked this video because most of the time, we hear about the discoveries of LIGO or at CERN, but not about the engineering that had to go into making those discoveries possible. I would subscribe to a YouTube channel that just addressed those things!

Alistair MacDonald : Are they able to determine the direction of the source of the gravitational wave with the two LIGOs? How do they know for sure that the waves they are seeing are coming from space and not, say, the middle of the earth, or the sun?

SeanHodgins : There is a guy who loves his area of research.

Andalusia T.O.L : *Youtube~"Quantum Craziness | Space News"*