The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves

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Miika Mäentaus : That guy's shirt has been affected by some gravitational waves

MR SLAV : Imagine explaining what you do to your investors

Crazy Candy Crush : That guy is an Indian version of Homer Simpson!

dan parish : Don't you just love hearing smart people talk who are experts in the field?

Kevy Elyod : Why wear laser goggles if the 1MW laser beam would vaporise your head?

VodkaHindJelly : "you have this stick which is moving and stretching so you don't know how many inches it is" That's what she said.

GalactiNaut : You know what's funny about the last thing he said.....we do have alien civilization levels of technology. What would humans from 500 years ago think if we just appeared with the technology we have? It would certainly seem impossible to them.

ChopperDoc181 : Don't mind me. Just scrolling though looking for flat earthers so I can report them to the NASA Conspiracy Enforcement Division. Carry on.

Tau : Hey, *You*, yes *you*, average person with a functional prefrontal-cortex. Don't damage your IQ by scrolling through these comments. (I've already done it for you, its an ugly job, someone has to do it) Sometimes people just don't want to learn, They just like to keep burning witch- I mean being confused and scared of new things, it's not their fault, Oh wait...

It's Okay To Be Smart : A megawatt *continuous* laser? That's a helluva beam. I toured the Petawatt laser in Austin but that thing only fires for like a trillionth of a second

Quapadople : Tha guy looks more like a gangster than a scientist:))

Elysian Dreams : Science FTW. Lots of haters like to try and tear down science because it conflicts with their beliefs (which were spoon fed to them at a young age and forbidden to even question) but yet these same people have no qualms with using the fruits of science- everything we have in our modern civilization came from theoretical science being turned into useful inventions. If science was bogus they would not have been able to accomplish these things.

Silica : Security vulnerability in the universe, god patch plz

Eric Taylor : "All the air had to be eliminated." This phrase if comically sinister for some reason.

J Park : *video starts *doesn't understand anything *keeps watching *video ends **feels smart*

Marc Normandin : The host asks great questions and the professor answers very well.

Boaty Mc Boatface : Oh look thumbs down from geocentric flatearth christian fundamentalists.

Youthoob Gamer : 7:30 - I will never believe a person who wears sunglasses indoors.

Jonseredi : Veritasium you're probably not going to reach this but I sincerely think your videos are awesome

SmarterEveryDay : I really liked this man. Is it really just a Michelson Interferometer on a really incredible scale? Excellent job on this video. Prof Adhikari did a FANTASTIC job as well.

K1naku5ana3R1ka : Perhaps a better title would be “What Does it Take To Detect Gravitational Waves?”

fetuso fetuso : for once we're not spending inane amounts of money to develop or produce new and more effective ways to kill each other. I consider that everything but absurd.

CryptoDeaf : Thankfully they didn't use 1.21 gigawatts.

CAfakmykak : the 1k dislikes are flat earth believers

Star Shine : I like to watch this sort of videos and pretend to understand everything

Larry Leveen : I particularly liked this video because most of the time, we hear about the discoveries of LIGO or at CERN, but not about the engineering that had to go into making those discoveries possible. I would subscribe to a YouTube channel that just addressed those things!

juutube123 : Next make a video of how gravity waves were not really observed this time either and how detecting them has been tried for decades and every time someone has said "We found 'em!", it's been later determined to be false.

Confuzer : Maybe easier to have 2 4 km long iron rods and measure with electric currents :P Anyway, so our equipment is good enough to see those "huge waves". Maybe if we enhance resolution, we find a whole array of alien communications with a message saying "Welcome you have reached the minimum technologic requirements to start to communicate with the galactic wikipedia :P

Rich 91 : 5:35 oy vey...shut it down!!!

Rens : the guy looked so cool with his glasses lol

Michael 732 : One megawatt of power. "Enough to leave you with a smoking stump." Good thing you're wearing those safety glasses.

Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg : Prof. Rana is a cool guy!

wasup23tube : I live in hanford... and i make boards at a different company for LIGO, i never knew what they did. I know now.

Wolfgang Breitenseher : You can’t stretch a concept. Space and time are not physical objects. They are measuring units.

Orgil B Onolt : I am so excited about the future since we haven't discovered the majority of all things. Like Newton said, great scientists are usually just little boys playing on the seaside picking up a pebble or two while the vast ocean lies undiscovered. I hope to make a contribution towards our understanding of the universe at some point too. You Derek, definitely make a good contribution my man. Thank you for these videos.

Tyler Hewitt : Vuuuuuuuuuuűp

naxel37 : It was all a lie. That big machine was just part of a giant Donut production factory!! 🍩

Ricky Rick : A physicist's real genius is convincing someone to pay for this. Since they can do complicated esoteric math they can tell people anything and you just have to take their word for it. He told the truth at the begining when he said it's all bogis shut it down. But he said it jokingly to get it out of the way. Yes, physicists are smarter than the rest of us.

Nick Tokar : Who else didn't understand half of this?

Tai Jarman : Can't wait until 2060 when we all have gravitational wave detectors in our phones.

SevenPhotons : This is the best explaining video I've ever seen about gravitational waves detection. So clear.

Alistair MacDonald : Are they able to determine the direction of the source of the gravitational wave with the two LIGOs? How do they know for sure that the waves they are seeing are coming from space and not, say, the middle of the earth, or the sun?

Manik Kalore : 1MW laser huh.. Somehow I am getting filling that some weapon mass destruction come out of this research if not anything else..

XxTrigerHappyxX : Gravitational waves... The heart beat of the universe!

1ucasvb : Hah, Prof. Rana is awesome!

Pintkonan : usa, myanmar and liberia don't use metric system. this is the true axis of evil =b

Len Danley : This is forced pseudoscience. These engineers theorize that they could measure gravitational wave with lasers, as they fought for a 620 million dollar grant and budget. Many scientists said this was illogical, because of environmental anomalies that could easily warp the results. The team pulled top engineering companies to help propose LIGO. Because of this, they got approval from the National Science Board in August 2013. The only reason they claimed victory and discovery was because they testified in front of Congress to beg for help to budget this monstrosity; but in all actuality (Opinion alert --->) they did not want to look foolish. They had no Idea if the waves actually existed and only theorize that two black holes combined millions of years ago, which the waves, so call originated from, caused this ripple effect; which in fact, the waves should have never reached earth, simply because of the rate of dissipation of such an improbable wave would be close to light speed. The fact is, Black holes existence is still a theory, as the definition of black holes changed over time and no Telescope has actually peered into a black hole. Their solution, to keep earth environmental anomalies from causing changes, was to dangle the mirrors on a thin string. The fact that the unit's lasers weigh over 100 metric tonnes and will move with the earth at the lowest tremors recorded, has not been addressed, which would affect the results. This is why no project has a perfect quantitative number, and at the values, they were looking for, are too small to give any infinitive results without error. you always round up the results, because environment creates errors to the smallest numbers. The earth constantly quakes, due to the high activity of the inner core. Gravity is still a theory regardless of it's known value to physics, and it can not be measured with any device outside gravity itself. But the one Anomaly, that most of the science world is saying, is magnetic waves affect light, and travel all over the universe.

NewHampshireBoy : Well done but I am having trouble wrapping my head around this. Gravitational lense telescopes are coming to a planet near you!

SZ : Light itself doesn't get stretched. Light travels in straight lines and when space gets stretched, light has to cover more distance.

erikig : Rana Adhikari looks like the scientist you have to drag out of the bar to save the world at the end of a sci-fi movie when the pencil necked number cruncher have failed