Whitney houston - i have nothing live! [billboard 1993]

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Johnny G : She killed this while chewing a gum lol...this is a joke lol

martinisrael7 : Usually a studio recording is better than a live performance, but not with Whitney. This performance is electrifying compared to the studio one. She was just amazing.

Dan Wopp : Best thing about the crowd, NO PHONES

TheXanderVan : no drama in stage, no dildos flying around, no awkward and riddiculous costumes, no brainless backdancers .. just stand still and make the whole world says WOW ..

Lateasha mayo : That dress she has on is at the African American Museum in DC. What a beautiful person!

MikeLowry : Who is still watching in 2019?

BRENT GREEN : Best vocalist of all time

Mahogany. : People don’t understand, this was Whitney not trying to sing. She was simply opening her mouth and giving the crowd a sample of her greatness.

nam nguyen : who is still watching in 2018

Sheldon Hendeson : Standing ovation in the middle of the song....beautiful

Charlies_Angels : She made a song that was already difficult to sing and with this performance made it near damn impossible to copy her!!! Queen! ☺️💃🏾

marc chesley : No one performs better with an orchestra than Whitney Houston. Her sound quality is just fucking ridiculous. I truly loved this lady she was everything to me. Wasnt always a fan of her personality but I learned to separate that from the talent and live!

이보람보 : I would fall down if I were there.

Christopher Reed : OMG the ending on that song....her vocal pliability....i don't think she starts knowing how she'll end...she just follows her heart

Elias de Sousa : Novembro 2018? 😍😍


Ana Johnson : I just saw the Whitney movie last night and they played a clip of this during the movie and I found myself getting teary eyed mainly because Whitney's performances are the closest I'll get to seeing her singing live.

Pop Land : Beauty, class elegance, confidence, control, power and poise. These are some of the terms that can define excellence, these are all of the terms that define this performance. Rest in peace, THE Voice, Ms Whitney Houston.

Steve Steele : Less is always more. Not trying to impress, singing with passion, not having to make it overblown or overdone or contrived, just pure music and pure talent. Awesome band too btw.

Miguel Carlo Paraiso : This is one of the proof that THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. WHITNEY HOUSTON. 🙌😢 So Iconic and legendary.

Toolness1 : I've never heard someone who could hold a candle to how she performed this song.

Mellisa Shamba : God truly took his time creating Whitney Houston coz her amazingness was beyond me: 1. She was the most sort out Model during her modelling career 2. She has never acted in her life then BOOM, her first movie was such a big hit, and her movies after that did just as well 3. Movies she produced; Princess Diaries, Cheeta girls, both of those movies did very well. 4. She had the first best selling gospel album 5. My word, the lady standardized the national anthem for crying out loud 6. She was known as the One Take girl coz most of her recordings were taken in one take, and turned to be masterpieces. 7. She covered a lot of songs(Do you know how difficult it is to cover someone else song)? It's extremely difficult to translate a song and make it your, make everybody forgot about the original, but Whitney did. 9. Whitney got a standing ovation for just walking on stage guys, this happened quite a lot during her career. For simply just walking on stage. 10. She performed at the Grammy award, won a Grammy award(same award she performed live) and with that live grammy performance, she won an Emmy award😱😱😱 11. One of the very few artists if not only artist to get a standing ovation at the opening stage performance at the Grammys, and that is rare!! 12. Mind you, she was the first female ever to debut at 1billboard(correct me if l am wrong here), first female ever to sell more albums, first female ever, to have 7 conservative number 1s. She was the first female artist to receive 11 awards in one night. If your favourite exceeded her, just know that she did FIRST!!!! 13. One of the very, and l mean very few artists(if not only artist) who's live performances are actually better than the studio recordings. 14. Only artist to be called the 8th wonder of the world(l see no lie there) like EVER!!😋😋 I am proud to call myself a NIPPY FAN always. Truly Proud of WHITNEY HOUSTON. Whitney was anointed beyond than we could ever imagine. Everything she touched, turned to GOLD!! masterpiece!!! There is something about her that was far beyond her talents and all l can call it is SPECIAL!!

chykolaethai : I remember watching this when it aired... My edges never grew back 😕.

Beautiful Becca : No one can sing this song like the lovely Whitney Houston. This brings a tear to my eye. She was so incredible.

Revshare Global : 26yrs later...give it another 26 yrs, I'll still be listening...

Penjani Nyirenda : Your fave could NEVER

Viking Distrik Cilegon : Who watching in 2019? Like

Benojojo Jojo : this song is too easy for whitney....

purkabe12 : I prefer this to the studio version, the studio version is almost too perfect. Her live voice is more raw, deeper darker and richer.

Vphiamer Adis Ogaarwa : Honest to God, what the hell happened to music. How did we go from this greatness to the madness we see today.

Fabiola Santiago : She was EXTRAORDINARY! What a talent my goodness!!!

Samanthaa White : She could literally sing about trash and I would still cry with amusement. A true angel 👼🏽

beyondfirstclass : 3:57 - let me take out that gum from my mouth before I sing that high note.

bruna Santos : Voz mais linda que já existiu

Lily Smalls : She was so beautiful and amazingly talented

B M P : To grow up with Whitney as our standard ... boy we were blessed to witness vocal excellence at the highest level. My forever favorite singer of all time.

Meriah Neely : Dammit, got my grown ass over here crying

Oops Bloguei : It’s just hard to believe that she is gone....

steve f : So very sad anyone dies but people who are so gifted leaves everyone missing them.

Che Cheokhei : jessie j 's can never be comparable to this

Reshod Williams : She gives you chills who's here in 2k19 Sip Queen

Matheson M : Eterna Whitney Houston visualizando o vídeo 2019/03

Korhan Kilicoglu : Efortless but no one can do better than this.. She was the best and will be the best forever..

Mateo Perez : I love that she has gum in her mouth through half the song she was fucking amazing. Man if i was in that crowd i would be so amazed 💓

Emma Pf15T3R : And now we got Taylor Swift 🤦🏼‍♀️

Dexter Rosales : She's the mike tyson of the music industry.

marc chesley : on her last I have nothing with the drum roll she went from mid range down to her low rang and soar back to the top of her range in a high head note......Mariah don't have shit like this in her repertoire! Not just Mariah I dont know any singer that does reverse scaling that well. And I have heard a lot of scaling people. Whitney mastered her voice.

anjelheaven : Can we also acknowledge how gorgeous she was?

Gabriel Bündchen VEVO : Eu sempre amarei à inesquecível Whitney!