Whitney houston - i have nothing live! [billboard 1993]

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Pop Land : Beauty, class elegance, confidence, control, power and poise. These are some of the terms that can define excellence, these are all of the terms that define this performance. Rest in peace, THE Voice, Ms Whitney Houston.

Oops Bloguei : It’s just hard to believe that she is gone....

simplybri : Beauty in the 90s was so effortless. Timeless beauty

nam nguyen : who is still watching in 2018

gideon wagner : Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer that world ever seen but Whitney Houston had the greatest voice ever ....

Zahmi Boyd : This performance makes me laugh because you can feel Whitney saying "can't none of you get on my level" by the pitch in her voice, the way she makes the crowd wait for her highest moments and how she had them on their feet...she truly was THE VOICE...

Coryny : Fucking flawless. She was gorgeous and her sound was so crisp. There are some powerful singers but Whitney had such a beautiful blend. High or low, she had perfect control. It never hurt your ears.

Kim Kibum : She make it seem so easy I almost lost a damn lung trying to sing this

Heather Mason : The best female voice of all time. Just perfection

Lateasha mayo : That dress she has on is at the African American Museum in DC. What a beautiful person!

martinisrael7 : Usually a studio recording is better than a live performance, but not with Whitney. This performance is electrifying compared to the studio one. She was just amazing.

JP Sillick : I wonder how many people were crying in the audience

LoGiK 101 : This woman's voice demanding attention, absoulte power and excellence

chris simpson : Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

Lubbylove89 : Oh c'mon! We were pretty much dying of her excellence and then she just slays us at 4:46 NO ONE compares to Whitney.

Herbert Carillo : BEYONCÉ ????? We are here writing about a FEMALE singer of all time ICON and your asking about BEYONCÉ .......are you serious ? Come on now...we are chatting about a singer who can modulate and not an entertainer who shakes her booty on stage...sorry....

Fred Jacksons : It’s 2018 and this is still Iconic as ever.

Boi Romãn : When you get a standing ovation and you haven't even finished slayying!

XTony64 : People trying to compare Whitney with other artists. Guys you just can't, she will always be better than anyone because she really was The Voice! No one can beat her. Sohyang? She's amazing but Whitney was better. Beyoncé? Amazing voice but don't you dare compare her to God herself. And so on...

Kris Bergsma : The best singer of all time! Queen of vocals... Whitney Houston forever #1 Rest in peace diva

Number One Fan : True gifts are never appreciated until they're gone

The Nerdiacs Podcast : Jessie J is talented. Whitney Houston was gifted.

Christopher Reed : OMG the ending on that song....her vocal pliability....i don't think she starts knowing how she'll end...she just follows her heart

R F : there has literally never been a singer better than whitney. zero strain in her voice, so beautiful and so effortless.

Rossadah Ros : I miss you whitney 😍😘

Benitez Burns : She made a song that was already difficult to sing and with this performance made it near damn impossible to copy her!!! Queen! ☺️💃🏾

Mary 40 : Whose watching this in 2016?4 years gone I cry for my silenced inspiration

이보람보 : I would fall down if I were there.

Beautiful Becca : No one can sing this song like the lovely Whitney Houston. This brings a tear to my eye. She was so incredible.

Johnny G : She killed this while chewing a gum lol...this is a joke lol

David Jones : I’ve watched this so many times. Still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up - perfect live performance.

beyondfirstclass : 3:57 - let me take out that gum from my mouth before I sing that high note.

Steve Steele : Less is always more. Not trying to impress, singing with passion, not having to make it overblown or overdone or contrived, just pure music and pure talent. Awesome band too btw.

Meidina Siti : The standard of music is here everyone.

Alessandra Thayssa Rodrigues : When i watch Whitney singing, i’m always very touched 😥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Jill J.S : When performers were really classy and put on a real show

ajbreezy11 : I think some of you guys are kind of missing why people believed Whitney was the greatest. Most who love her as a singer and believe that she is the greatest only believe that in part of her vocal ability. Indeed that is important, BUT let's look at the larger reason that most considered her so great. Most people can't put their finger on it. Most can't describe it. Most don't even really know what exactly it is. All they know is that they feel it. It's quite simple though. It was simply her spirit. There was a certain anointing that her voice contained that few really posses. It truly is God given and I think that it really stemmed from her natural relationship with Christ. The problem with most singers today is that they have the beautiful coating. Shiny and appealing and great, but not much substance. Whitney had substance. And her spirit seeped through the screen and the audio. Believe me or deny it. It's your call. Peace.

Penjani Nyirenda : Your fave could NEVER

sopian siregar : 2018?

ZS 15 : Absolutely stunning. She looks beautiful and then sings like that. The audience (pre mobile phone fixation) are transfixed. Amazing.

G Kim : For her, it was just like talking

vini916 smith : Just a voice to get attention!!! Not naked, no dancing or other gemics. Pure talent! I swear 90's was all talent!!! No auto tunes. Pure god gifted talents.

Ruxandra Zampetti : No voice will ever be near to yours! I can't even compare your voice with anyone else's! You were something so big, too big for this world. Maybe we didn't deserved you enough to have you with us more time.I am so sorry I was too young on those days of this live, that I couldn't assist to your live voice and I won't even have this change now on. You are so much more than an idol. You've went too soon to nearly realize how many lives you've changed in better with your gift! Like I use to say to my mom,that has also been an artist, I wish you to shine on the sky,along to the other stars, for ever! I will always love you, Whitney! The World will always love you! I also hope that you're shinning near to my Mum too😍 she was also a big fan of yours! 😊

Taylar Shae : The theatrics and talent, MY GOD. No one can touch the real queen! Whitney forever❤️

Fabiola Santiago : She was EXTRAORDINARY! What a talent my goodness!!!

Joseph Felipe : No one does it like Whitney, some may came close...but Whitney is perfection

Toolness1 : I've never heard someone who could hold a candle to how she performed this song.

purkabe12 : I prefer this to the studio version, the studio version is almost too perfect. Her live voice is more raw, deeper darker and richer.

Shannon AllAround : The Voice. The greatest singer of all time.

Vphiamer Adis Ogaarwa : Honest to God, what the hell happened to music. How did we go from this greatness to the madness we see today.