Children of Men (7/10) Movie CLIP - Luke Murders Jasper (2006) HD

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Arthur Rubio : Jaspers death is one of the few deaths in movies that made me cry. A good man. Better than this world deserves. Killed by people trying to make it worse.

Andrey Anisimov : Optimistic to the last breath! Now that is a man's way to go!

ktn808 : everything about this movie felt so realistic, even the gunshots

UnitedStatesOfEmbarrassment10018 : Rip jasper. His last words were "pull my finger"...

TheStapleGunKid : This is one of the most depressing movies ever made, and this scene shows a key reason why.

degree7 : "He's fine.... Everything's fine."

Mike Zilla : Luke was lucky. Jasper was about to go full-on chemical warfare on their asses. This is why the Geneva convention exists.

RandomGuy : He really wanted his last words to be "pull my finger"?

Mak Manto : I always like to think that the last thing Jasper did to Luke was give him the middle finger while saying "pull my finger".

ben thoreson : A total maverick to the end.

Der Mexikaner : Such a depressing scene, Jasper was his closest friend, hard to watch.

Abi Harrison : tbh he was probably too stoned to feel much. Rip Jasper

Tony Roca : Clive Owen is so good in this movie

CleanserOfNoobs : I can't for the life of me find this music. Someone please help?

K42292 : Batman would be pissed if he knew Alfred was killed by Black Panther.

Magnolia296 : Very unique movie! I love it so much. Clive Owen was fantastic!!! Children of Men is one of the most underrated and overlooked Sci-Fi films of the 2000's - next to Mission to Mars, Supernova, The Cell, Pandorum, Serenity, Cargo, Sunshine, Eagle Eye, The 6th Day, Equilibrium, XChange, Gamer, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Ultraviolet, Push, Signs, The Fourth Kind, The Chronicles of Riddick, Hulk, Evolution, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Star Trek: Nemesis, Starforce, The Box, The Day After Tomorrow, A Sound of Thunder, Doom, Jurassic Park 3, Paycheck, Cypher, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Death Race, Hollow Man, Blindness, Avatar (2004), The Forgotten.

Miles Howard : One thing that makes this scene so damn powerful is how Jasper retains his sense of humor (and thereby his humanity) right up to the moment when Luke puts a bullet in his head. "Pull my finger..." Even after briefly and understandably losing his cool when Luke blows his hand off. It made me cry.

Joey Schepella : Saddest death in a movie that I have ever seen

Psychotic Penguin : ALFRED!!!

Evil Gopher : I’d be crying if I wasn’t laughing. Of course it’s meant to be sad but watching Michael Caine saying “pull my finger” just makes it funny to me.

marcmurray1 : Does he throw his finger at him?

Allyn Flinchbaugh : The only thing that would have made that scene more F'd up would have been if Jasper farted right after he died.

Marionette :v : Pull My Finger

Secret Guy : Did Jasper kill his wife before going out?

George Hamilton : It was a very rash decision to kill Jasper the way he did. He could have gotten information.

Shane Meehan : Pull my finger🤣

LM_84 : I actually teared during this scene

ghostsade3 : One of the saddest deaths in any movie I've ever seen...

ChaoticSerenity : Something this film does well is show in tiny, subtle moments how Theo and Kee’s relationship shifts from desperate strangers to parent and child neither ever had. When he tells her “Everything’s fine,” that’s a declaration of his intent to protect her in more ways than one.

pontiacGXPfan : It was in that moment where Theo had to struggle to resist the urge to put a gun in his mouth


Darkwing Dude : That time Dwight witnessed Alfred being killed by Black Panther.

Santiago Guerrero : Mataron a Alfred, hijos de puta!!!!

Robert Gearhart : Why did the guy with dreads keep jumping if hes a soldier but as the movie goes on kills like its a joke?

PrehistoricLEGO : i still dont know why handcuffs was a popular prop for this scene

josh goins : pull my finger

El Gato : No, you are only a kid

Skrooge Lantay : I laughed my ass off first time I saw this scene

Kenneth Monfil : I didn't quietly get the point of "CoM" very much. I think that 4 me to get the point, then it should've been a tv series nd not a film.

Panda Thug : WHY DO HE JUST CUSS AT DA CAR DAT IS SO MEAN I HATE HIM👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺👺👺👹👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

NavidIsANoob : Hahahahaha, good one.

Ryan Husted : man Alfred really let himself go after Bruce died.

Kirill P90 : I know right maaaaan you can't trust our leaders MAAAAAAAAAN!

SweetBrwnSuga : Pull my finger. *POP* Well f*ck u then.

stevensonbak : Lighten up, pull my finger.

Z_Colo : My cocaine*

Cadet Fowler : No. I smiled at that, but that's just because Jasper wanted to piss around with Luke for a few good reasons. I didn't smile at all when Jasper killed his dog and wife, but he did for a similar reason to saying "Pull my finger...", and the reason goes without saying.

ジSenpaiScape : MICHEAL CAINE

Jim Weaver : Piranhas man. Is how it felt seeing the weak get devoured day after day. Really blows my mind to see this. And the crazy part is I was a 60's child believing all the crap about peace and love. And humanity. Then I saw and became pessimistic reservedly. Saw my out and took it. Never looked back since.

Jim Weaver : Hate to say it. But I'd rather live like Michael Caine was in this movie than live the way I was in a big city watching the big fish eating the little fish day after f*#ken day. Thank God I had the sense and movie to basically do just that.