Homer goes 30 days without beer

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The Stuport : "YOINK".....Love That Word

Zetoria : Day 1854 without alcohol for me

acid flashback : A truly great video. An example of just how brilliant the simpsons once were.

Grumbles : 2:25 me when reconnecting with friends from high school

Give me garlic bread or give me- nvm that's perfect : Remember when Moe wasn't a suicidal depressed manic?

Ham Boney : God I love that ending. Free of vices

Issara86 : Watching these as a kid, I realize now that the older I get, the more I can relate to Homer.

dellboid : Well this was a pleasant way to start my first day of sobriety.

SuperPikachu Jexs : That duff commercial at the beginning was gold!

Sarah Walter : 11 days sober :)

Waldo S : shoot, im starting today.. day one, done.. this is going to be a nightmare.. thanks a lot Homer!

C. Lincoln : Classic simpsons - with the great story telling and moral lessons ... gotta love em. Now its all about 1 pff lame joke after another.

Ghost Thad : Why are the episodes where they sing at the end always so good?

EZIO STONE : 0:15 Oh If life was that easy XD

Willie Lee : I want to the same with no fap challenge

supersmashbro596 : no beer and no tv make homer something something.

ChafradorGaming : There's 2 Larrys in the bar.

Collins : This shows the humanity we all face. It's our first instinct to go back to something the moment we can but this just speaks to me on so many levels. Thanks Simpsons team 👍🏼

Rubashow : Such a warm ending and still really funny.

Penguin Pie : I never really got that homer ate the dirt under the bleachers because of all the spilled beer over the years that seeped down.

Max Marks : As a guy who quite drinking for addiction related purposes I can attest that the part between 1:15 and 1:48 is very accurate. Beer is literally everywhere.

Lee Ball : 0:28 baseball in a nutshell

Arnold Hay : I tried pouring beer on feminazis once. It didn't make them more attractive. But when I drank a lot of beer... They were still unattractive! Moral of the story: not even beer can make feminazis attractive.

Davis 7469 : Moes face everytime he turns left is crazy

Gunner : I cast Thee OUT!! 😂

Gadblatz : This is actually pretty accurate

Ankford : This could've been a good ending if it actually mattered

CommunistDoge : I CAST THEE OUT!

DurkaSan : Looks like me when I was slowing down on weed for a month, I was pathetic and all over the place, legit felt just like this. Glad im over it and moving on with exercise and being sober for a while, cant always be high even when reality sucks. Face it.

ryan barker : it's these simple and sweet moments in the show that allowed all the craziness to not become too much. there was a balance, and it was once a thing of beauty.

ZootWorld1 : Sadly, Homer did go back.

Mathieu Leader : Moe's fourth wall break

Alesk Corriveau : I was completely sober from october 2016 to mars 2017. My goal was 3 months but I did five. It's amazing how this little short from the Simpsons speaks to you once you've done that. I do plan to do it again. I love drinking, but ohh boy, the benefits of living without a drop of alcohol outweight that.

AJ Bardawil : The struggle is real

Michael-Francis Polios : my god, how sweet is the ending~~~~~

the crow : wow there is a big meaning in that episode nothing is more important than familly people lost everything because of alcohol its not worth it .hats off homer lol beautiful ending

Muratib Mike Fatah : Still an amazing clip to see after so many years!

oKing : _Rain drops keep falling on my head_

The Sentinel : "I CAST THEE OUT!" Huh... you know, I would have expected that from judgmental, hypocritical Helen Lovejoy. Not the Reverend.

pat waddington : Pipe down rub a dub hahahaha

Cato Malgus : Today, not even Beer Goggles can make feminist landwhales sexy. Its nothing but going downhill with them

R G : Why do people go to the bar when everything is more expensive than the liquor stores?? Especially the people that just drink by themselves??

Nuwanda84 : theres no judgement here lol

Gunners1886 : Grew up on the Simpsons, like so many others. What a brilliant show. Rewatching the earlier seasons as an adult gives it a whole nother dimension.

zach : I want a beer

GM26 : As a man who is fighting with an addiction, I can tell that the whole "no relapse" struggle is quite realistic. Keep up the fight guys <3

E105_Alpha : Homer should permanently quit drinking XD

The Real Babylon : He’ll be back! And so will You! And You! Aaaand Yooooou! I think I spelt it right lol! That bit is hilarious!

UnSubRocky : Hmph. Homer turns on the television only to have the television turn on him...

StutteringCrisTop10 : two days sober, I began jumping rope and eatimg oatmeal and drinking water. so... yep. ( ._.)