An Exclusive Club
An interesting short documentary on the people who climb up a 2000ft pole to change a light bulb

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Instagram There is a small group of people who climb to the top of the tallest spires on the planet. They usually do it for the most mundane of reasons - to change a lightbulb - but there are also repairs and inspections to be done. In honor of these workers, and on the anniversary of our famous "1500' TV Tower" video, please enjoy this look into the antenna climber's world.


David Harewood : I met one of these guys on holiday a few years ago and asked him how often people fall off these towers. " Once", he replied.

John Jay : Am I the only one that has sweaty palms just from watching this?

Antler Assassins TV- Bowhunting Television : Thought I was a pretty tough guy. Watched this video. Now feel like a complete pu$$y

Stevey Irwin : hahaha 2.5 people out of 100? more like 1 out of a million.

speakebreathe : How could you continue to do that job after seeing one collapse? I would quit.

jim weiss : Makes my toes curl and not in a good way special breed God bless them so we can have 500 channels and still nothing on

ynotnilknarf39 : Fred Dibnah did this type of thing 40 years ago and no hard hat, no harness, smoking a woodbine and carry his balls of

John Basil : I'm certain the body weight of each one of these men is 96% balls. I nearly lost my grip and fell watching this, and I'm in bed! Crazy stuff

TheMattc999 : First train outta Nopesville all the way to Fuckthatistan....

Crypto Current : According to ZipRecruiter "As of March 24, 2019, the average annual pay for a Tower Climber in the United States is $44,712 a year." No thanks

loddicc : I used up a value pack of Charmin just watching this.

Grant Walker : Some facts about the tower climbing profession > There are now more than 290,000 tower sites nationwide, up from 5,000 in 1990. There are more than 10,000 workers in the tower profession, not all of whom are climbers. While most tower contractors and subcontractors practice standard construction safety standards for climbing, rigging and constructing, there's no industry safety standard required by law. OSHA has no authority to regulate safety standards on these companies, and they are not required to report accidents or deaths to OSHA. There are no Unions representing workers in the tower climbing business. There are approximately 10 deaths of climbers per year, which is 10 times more than that of construction workers. Climbers are most often required to work in very cold and windy conditions. Climbers range in age from 18 to 55 years. Hourly wages can range from as little as $10 to as much as $38 per hour, depending on experience and certified training. Average hourly rate ranges from $16 to $18 per hour. Climbers work between 40 to 60 hours a week and can earn upwards of $75,000 a year. Climbers with electronics and radio transmission installation and repair experience generally earn the most money. Strangely enough, those people who are used to extreme and dangerous heights, such as skydivers, mountain climbers, lumberjacks, iron workers and steeple chase workers, are seldom cut out for tower climbing. Tower climbing is a fearsome job cut out for only a select few.

Omi Gaming : FUCK THATSHIT!!!!

Wayne Gacy II : If I ever got over a 100 feet on tower, they would have to use pry bar to make me move. I'd rather swim with sharks, at night.

woowooNeedsFaith : That is exclusive club I would not like to join in any circumstances. I feel anxious just by watching these videos.

emarskineel : I'd be more comfortable doing this than removing a wasp from my car

Dave Scott : Balls of steel, I rather swim an ocean channel with bloody meat strapped to my back, seriously.

Robert Gutheridge : im a wind turbin tech. I love doing blade inspections at 500 feet. but climbing a 1500/2000 feet tower is nuts. but then again 500 or 2000 feet your dead.

Nativtexan2 : Man just watching these kinds of videos make my testicles feel like they're dropping to the floor...... These guys are crazy brave for sure.

Twotoes Thecurmudgeon : In 1975, I worked for a tower crew out of Houston, Tx. Employer's name was Pete Benevides. We built line-of-sight microwave towers for Arco oil in Lousiana, and the Texas panhandle. I made $4.15 per hour. We painted towers and lamped them also. Tallest I've ever been on was 1500 ft. Most were around 500 feet or so. I've seen those views. That is a young man's game to be sure. Now I lose my balance just looking up at one.

Len EDFM : I assume a night climb is less scary after all... check out James Kingston, thats scary

Celtic Jay : Im drawn to this. Like it's callin me

Thatairplanegeuy : These are special guys I’m a pilot. I turn my plane every way I can within its limits. But I’d never get up there. I know a guy who used to climb. He had no problems with it yet he thought I was the crazy one.

Mike Schreader : And like with every other exclusive job in life that little to none are willing to do, I'm sure those jobs still pay peanuts! High risk job with limited interest and here's your $12/hour. Wait, you wanna be capable to work but too lazy OR you wanna be a Politician? No worries, your life bill is covered~

justaglimmer : I'm so glad they wear helmets!

phuturephunk : In a way, I think it'd be easier to do this at night because you aren't really reminded just how friggen high you are off the ground. Wow.

Eric Belinc : My feet and hands are sweating just watching this. Tallest thing I’ve climbed went up 75 feet which is our ladder truck, I’ll stick with that.

Hunter 4net : Jaygan has the right idea 😂😂

Roderick : Keep dropping my phone from how sweaty my hands are

Virtues et honor : Anxiety nothing but anxiety when watching this good gravy

JOHN SMITH : i belived my job was tough...

Sal C : These guys have cold eyes. Thousand yard stare.

tponn : I’d be like....hey, I’ll be down here gittin’ Jaygan some coffee!

PonyTail Gitty Up : Highest I have been on Tower 1600' gotta love it

chris atkins : Been a member of the club since 1980....the coolest climb I had was on a 500 ft tower in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Low clouds moved in so I had the experience of "Tower heaven" or as I call it, my :jack n the bean stalk" experience. Climbing through the clouds into the sun is a beautiful experience. THANKS FOR ALL OF THE MEMORIES

Adam Makowski : I'm perfectly fine jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, 14,000 feet.. exit aircraft... I would love to do this job once... Then base jump when done with the relamp.

Bulletguy07 : Imagine reaching the top of a 2000 ft tower then realising you're desperate for a crap.

H P : Though the thought seems scary, I would actually do this. Adrenaline junkie needs his fix.


TheNoisePolluter : Why can't they just helicopter somebody into the top, like they do with high-voltage powerlines???

pesto12601 : Jaygan is safe IN her desk... lol.... now THAT i'd like to see!!!

Peter Shaw : I somehow think that hard hat would be useless

2012ANONYMOUSA A : not me~ my ballz are crawling up inside me.

angela prestwood : i wouldn't do this job for a million dollars an hour

Chummy : Go change the lightbulb on top of the antenna

rdcole : Been there, done that, back in the 1980's when I was a 20 something crazy guy.

John S : I am an arborist and also climb both rock and ice, so I am very used to high places for work and for fun...but these towers are a whole different level of exposure!

Irish Shaftman : The power is gone from my body watching this. i just feel sick.

zachary burdette : they should be required to wear parachutes