Tech Scammer Loses To Granny In Typing Race

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TheJimtanker : Now let's see you do the same test but in Hindi. LOL

Little Peace : Nice typing. Accuracy and speed, you win! 😊👏

Music Is A Rainbow : Someone just commented on one of my videos, "KITBOGA". I thought it was an acronym for something, so I googled it. How have I not heard of you before? Love the bit about the kids larping. 😄

PriestAamakaine : He sounded so defeated after you beat him in the speed typing test lol

MrPotaDos : "KIDS are like KIDS, that's why they're KIDS" - Microsoft Employee

Niall Webb : Quit your magic missiles!

keegan773 : Granny's voice just cracks me up.

Daniel Vance : I may have waited a week for 9 1/2 minutes of Granna Edna, but she's always worth the wait.

hueheuhuehBR : will we see edna getting caught by the police while speeding on youtube?

Firetrapdiva : Clam pie....sounds a bit fishy to me 😁

Glitched x 3d : LOL @ slow zoom

AwesomeSource Films : Awww he's adorable! I love scammers who come off as more human.

Pantera : See you tonight on twitch Kit 👋☕

Alden Marske : "Kids are like kids, because they are kids"- Scammer, 2018

MURFMAN04 : Damn Edna is a fast typer haha :D

David B : Did you say, "These kids keep LARPing outside". LOL That was Great

Dontbeweakvato : Too bad we can't call India and say our name is "Rupindarshanavit" "Brian" sounds like he's trying his Texas accent.

Lasse Fischer Olsen : "Doo Doo, Ninja and PogChamp" lmfao

Anime Professor : "They just keep... LARPing outside. ... HEY!" I gotta try this on Scammers.

monkeyboy2461 : I wonder if there are any legit grandmas who watch this and find it entertaining lol

Kim Rey : LOL..I swear I though he said Granny Edna had a Grandpa virus! 😂🤣😃

WowDude1029 : You should do a Grandma Edna and talk to someone about how you were watching "the pornography"

roadmonitoroz Brisbane : Well done... I can do about 70 words a minute with 100 accuracy but as you see from the test the words were pretty small. I think if I kept typing my speed would go down to 50 - 60 words a minute. I like when you put your trifocals on (2nd pair of sunnies)

Leonartist : Ima firin my lazer beam

Kazokai : beware of the clampie man

WONAM0NGTHAF3NCE : Lmfao the Ninja stream references

boglin : help him monkaS

CL0WN FAC3 : Can you share that desktop background?

Ladislaus Ferreus : Did that software search for Credit card and SSN information or what? Can somebody explain?

theshoal12 : Man. That guy was like, the first scammer capable of empathy I've seen in one of your videos/steams so far. I mean I found your channel two days ago, so that's not saying much, BUT STILL. I hope that your message got through to him, because he seems too nice to be scamming.

Eme Rose : Omg Edna voice with Hanzo ultimate? I'm loving this.

tptCJ : totally Hustled him, omg

Macieks300 : which one is this from? I love the mouse going to the right constantly thingy and would love to watch the full version

John Parkerson : Love a bit of clam pie

vapor : Kids be like kids cuz their kids 😂

Sherlock Shlome : What's the voice jammer called?

MrChops : I could listen to Edna all day! I actually had your latest chill stream on my phone today while I was coding at work. Thanks Kit!

Mega Faye : You, sir, are a god damn hero.

rockmom h : I love your channel I'm having trouble with my PC now and was going to do geek squad or hellotech. I talked to hellotech on their chat and she offered to go on my PC. I chickened out, because of watching your channel lol

rstehr : Tyler and his friend Drake!

Con : Keep up the intuitive content. You're gonna be a star jimmy boy.

GamerBoy77 : “tyler and drake...they were saying something about ninja and pogchamp” im dead🤣😂

Rogley : “My grandson Tyler was playing with his friend drake.” Genius

LukeKlutz : 2nd

Mr humane : u type faster then i can jack off, wow

The Mad Mick : Gammy....RKOOOOOOO and then he threw it at me

Hyrule Denizen : i'm still trying to figure out what clampie means

MrRiggyRiggs : Poor scammers, give them a chance people, they need love to.

Joshua Kleiner : Thats very aspiringness

Kelvin Park : The scammer was always going to lose on a virtual machine on the other side of the world.