Tech Scammer Loses To Granny In Typing Race

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Music Is A Rainbow : Someone just commented on one of my videos, "KITBOGA". I thought it was an acronym for something, so I googled it. How have I not heard of you before? Love the bit about the kids larping. 😄

PriestAamakaine : He sounded so defeated after you beat him in the speed typing test lol

MrPotaDos : "KIDS are like KIDS, that's why they're KIDS" - Microsoft Employee

Ke Hi : I feel weird saying this, but this was the friendliest scammer I had ever seen on this channel.

TheJimtanker : Now let's see you do the same test but in Hindi. LOL

tracy langsley : Wow I bet Edna can knit 10 jumpers a day with her speedy fingers lol

Little Peace : Nice typing. Accuracy and speed, you win! 😊👏

WowDude1029 : You should do a Grandma Edna and talk to someone about how you were watching "the pornography"

theshoal12 : Man. That guy was like, the first scammer capable of empathy I've seen in one of your videos/steams so far. I mean I found your channel two days ago, so that's not saying much, BUT STILL. I hope that your message got through to him, because he seems too nice to be scamming.

David B : Did you say, "These kids keep LARPing outside". LOL That was Great

keegan773 : Granny's voice just cracks me up.

Will Hart : That guy actually has a personality. 10/10 would get scammed again

Niall Webb : Quit your magic missiles!

Daniel Vance : I may have waited a week for 9 1/2 minutes of Granna Edna, but she's always worth the wait.

SiViX : "There's these kids all the time, they keep LARP'ing outside..." "Quit your Magic Missiles, quit your Magic Missiles, no one cares... Go to bed!!!" Classic...

Alden Marske : "Kids are like kids, because they are kids"- Scammer, 2018

monkeyboy2461 : I wonder if there are any legit grandmas who watch this and find it entertaining lol

Firetrapdiva : Clam pie....sounds a bit fishy to me 😁

Roselia Jackson : I don't know why they think using a English name will make them "believable". We do have lots of foreign people in the US with foreign names. I believe they are just very unintelligent.

Camila Montoya : When they ask you what do you use the computer for mostly, you should say for high end mansion sales because you're a Realtor and your computer is important because you have alot of peoples credit information and personal identity information. Then start asking them home questions and lawn suggestions and home repair ideas to waste their time lmao

hueheuhuehBR : will we see edna getting caught by the police while speeding on youtube?

SoleFern : Oh my god that voice changer is amazing

Fuch Goog : Damn, that guy actually seemed decent. A shame.

Anime Professor : "They just keep... LARPing outside. ... HEY!" I gotta try this on Scammers.

AwesomeSource Films : Awww he's adorable! I love scammers who come off as more human.

LadyGoddessofAnubis : "My grandson Tyler was playing with Drake" LOL Man I'm glad youtube suggested this to me. You're going good work and I gotta give you credit that you don't explode on these people.

Unlockeverydoor : I'm becoming obsessed with your videos 😂

GawdDamRicky : this one is so funny i died when she said she took classes at the local library 😭😂

Kelvin Park : The scammer was always going to lose on a virtual machine on the other side of the world.

I'd͘ C͜ut ͢M̷y ̶Strin͟gs F҉ǫr Y̢ou̶ : I just found your channel last night and binge watched a lot of your videos. However, the more I watch the more paranoid I become because im starting to realize I know jack shit about computers. Good content though! Very entertaining! :)

charzy888 : That typing is some kind of sorcery.

inlovewithi : Nice, relatable, human interaction, as he scans "her" computer for Social Security numbers.

Kim Rey : LOL..I swear I though he said Granny Edna had a Grandpa virus! 😂🤣😃

Dontbeweakvato : Too bad we can't call India and say our name is "Rupindarshanavit" "Brian" sounds like he's trying his Texas accent.

Tyler Wallschleger : The fact that this man is so friendly and nice just breaks my heart. If he were an actual tech support agent, he would probably love his job. It's such a shame. For all we know, he could be completely desperate and have little choice but to do this "job" to feed his family. Part of me wants to cry thinking that someone who is so friendly could do something so terrible to someone he doesn't know.

Casundra Venable : Also saddens me that the scammer seems to be a nice man. Maybe he isn’t aware that what he is doing horrific. Let’s hope so. Won’t get him out of being responsible for his acts at the end though. Maybe some day he’ll wake up. Thinking about it though, most serial killers come across as very nice. Lol

MURFMAN04 : Damn Edna is a fast typer haha :D

Leonartist : Ima firin my lazer beam

Joshua K : Thats very aspiringness

Μανώλης Κουτρουλάκης : See you tonight on twitch Kit 👋☕

rstehr : Tyler and his friend Drake!

LaIZe : "Doo Doo, Ninja and PogChamp" lmfao

Noah Hernandez : “tyler and drake...they were saying something about ninja and pogchamp” im dead🤣😂

Głïtčhęd x 3d : LOL @ slow zoom

roadmonitoroz Brisbane : Well done... I can do about 70 words a minute with 100 accuracy but as you see from the test the words were pretty small. I think if I kept typing my speed would go down to 50 - 60 words a minute. I like when you put your trifocals on (2nd pair of sunnies)

rockmom h : I love your channel I'm having trouble with my PC now and was going to do geek squad or hellotech. I talked to hellotech on their chat and she offered to go on my PC. I chickened out, because of watching your channel lol

Skippy Church : These kids outside keep larping! lol!!!

Eme Rose : Omg Edna voice with Hanzo ultimate? I'm loving this.

Macieks300 : which one is this from? I love the mouse going to the right constantly thingy and would love to watch the full version

Josh Ramsay : "kids are like kids, because they are kids like kids" - Rajul Barsar, 2018