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SoWhaTxoxo : Just wanted to let you know that your song is played on the radio in Germany!! I love it

India Bastien : Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I used your song as 'our song' and we are just so in love with this song and your voice! Thank you for such of voice!! <3

TheEpicElement : lets go internet make him famous

LoiroTV : Probably 100.000 views come from my computer hahahaha awesome song! 

Ray White : I must support this guy. (0_0)

Kylboxen : Reminds me a bit of James Blunt. Wich is good.

Annika Färber : Germany already loves you <3

Imfromjamaicaman : Holy motherfather, this is amazing!

AcTiVe DylZ : Wie es erst nach 1,5 Jahre bekannt wird

XFriendsForNeverX : This song is just too beautiful!

Greg Nixon : This is why I love the time we're in right now!  With sites like YouTube, the playing field has been leveled more now than ever!  All you need is talent, a few hundred dollars to invest in equipment and you're off! 

Nima : Simple pickup brought you here ?

Sky Williams : Your range is so... incredible. Never have i been more inspired and jealous in my entire life haha. More please!

Joshua Champagne : good job! black man doing big things! #respect

Marchel's Haberdashery : Hey Kelvin!! Beautiful music ur making!! Love ur voice and style! Keep doing it big!! Can' wait to see you bubble!! JAH BLESS!!!

seekingjustthefacts : It's after midnight and I keep playing this song again and again. I really like it. Thanks for being such a great talent. I hope you go far and stay humble.

Edvin Spelar : Song of 2014! im calling it guys!!

iDubbbzTV : Dude. all you need is a bolo tie, and u good.

Freddie Gordy : change speed to 1.25.

Jobana Paramo : Holy moly!! You are beautifully talented... wow. Very impressive. I found this video by chance. I do not regret it. Keep up the good work. ♥

Nicolás Javier Ignacio Rodríguez Blanco : My god, you're really amazing! Great song and voice! (And I'm just sitting here, commenting)

XTEntertainment : Upcoming Star

Kevin Palmer : Not my style of music normally, but WOW!  

Simon Johnson : Spotify please

HALO INSTINCTS : Simple Pickup brought me here.

Ra's al Ghul : Dude, you are amazing. The lyric, your voice, the guitar, and all this is your own. Down with the hat!  Deepest respect from Hungary! 

yves peraux : Hello Kelvin, You are great ! I sing myself, and I really enjoy your songs ! This one is ridiculously great ! Greetings from Belgium !

KeithTheKreHater : Please don't let them overproduce and autotune you. You're perfect this way. 

Kyle : Song is stuck in my head I sing it everyday and man..... It's just my favorite song I wish you the best of luck and keep making excellent music Thank You!!

RM2Static : Heard his story on GMA this morning, excellent voice!! Keep it up!!

jake Exton : Unbelievable! Who knew behind a sportsman, lay a very talented musician! Good job buddy!

Réka Szabó : oookay its just so good :) its actually professional and the song with ur voice is perfect! congratulation!

Peter Munnerlyn : This type of music needs to be on the radio more. #Wow

Peter Maleh : so pure, so authentic. amazing. Keep both when you grow

João Brito : I don't usual comment anything but now I have to. You're great Kelvin! Amazing voice! Amazing artist! Keep up and good luck to your career! Cheers!  Any graphic design work you need email me. ;)

Tereza Vávrová : Amazing! Perfect! Its made my morning good. I need more songs from you!

Mara Kaouzova : You're absolutely amazing!

Xander Lewis : Not normally my type of music.... but your voice. YOUR VOICE.

Immaruka Lillacmess : Beautiful & soulful! <3 this song and your voice!

DMNDLegacy : Best original song ever uploaded to YT.  D.O.C.S did a great remix to this as well!

ctthug860 : Simply fantastic good luck to you my brother

Todd Stock : Refreshing, healing, Fantastic! Thanks Kelvin!

Willie Kuronen : You are a very talented guy! You are going viral believe me... Greetings from Finland ;)

hornetIIkite3 : Love it, guitarplay reminds me of Passenger. Absolutely brilliant song

J W : 9gag brought me here :)

Jack Arbuckle : Kia Ora from New Zealand! Keep going bro!

The Protein Chef : Those random voices that are a breath of fresh air...yours is one of them. Amazing stuff dude, I'm a huge fan!

Pilexstream : you'll shine Kelvin, i loved your voice. If you have made an album i would buy it! :)

szabina sz : Kelvin! I love u! :)