Understanding the rise of China | Martin Jacques

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http://www.ted.com Speaking at a TED Salon in London, economist Martin Jacques asks: How do we in the West make sense of China and its phenomenal rise? The author of "When China Rules the World," he examines why the West often puzzles over the growing power of the Chinese economy, and offers three building blocks for understanding what China is and will become. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the "Sixth Sense" wearable tech, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on TED.com, at http://www.ted.com/translate.

Comments from Youtube

jiajie wang : He know too much i guess. that"s not good !! 不要提醒不要反抗,让他们继续花时间诋毁中国吧。 可我们自己的信念要坚定,21世纪属于中国,默默无闻,做好自己。祝福海外的每一个学子。

Chen Alex : China is not rising ,china is coming back ~

Zoe Zhu : This comment was sent on 29/4/2017, lots of thing he predicted is achieve now.

Desmond Qu : As a Chinese grow up in China, I got say this man knows Chinese culture at core, truth be told, he knows China better than most Chinese people I know.... This is especially rare for a western scholar, since most western scholars tend to view China with biased eyes, sometimes with propaganda....

Waryaa Moxamad : Just skim through China's history, and you would see that their rise was always inevitable, they have gone through almost all of civilization's pitfalls, from aristocracy to warlordism to being humiliated by foreign powers, and for people with keen eyes, which I believe the Chinese are considering their history of inventions, they were able to accumulate wisdom along the way. This allowed them to create their modern system of governance that even the best political scientists in the west still horribly comprehends (again my opinion). Any attempt to describe it with simple nouns/phrases such as communism, free market capitalism ..etc., still falls flat. I think the Chinese political system as not overly dogmatic but a dynamic system that adapts to changing world. For the west (led primarily by America), they are still trapped in 18th century mindset of military hegemony, displaying all the fallacies of yesteryears emperors. Eager to demonstrate their military might on less developed third world countries with ever changing excuses.

Han Lee : 7年后看这个视频,伴随着国内互联网经济,一带一路,分享经济等,觉得Martin多年前的预言正在一步一步变为现实。在法国待了两年,欧洲的固步自封体现得淋漓尽致。出国一年后回国一次,以前只用来和朋友联系的微信就变成城市生活的必不可少的了,突然那么真实的感受到中国进步那么快,那么实在。回法国后,学校来了个创业团队推动手机支付,毕竟商学院可以算是全法最年轻有活力乐于接受新鲜事物的一群人了,但使用者还是寥寥无几。现在国内又出现了共享单车等,每次回国都觉得自己落伍的感觉真的很奇妙,然后迫不及待的开始了解最近出现的新事物,新生活方式。以前是个实实在在的反共份子,有多次入党机会都放弃了,但是随着知识,阅历的增长,以前因为无法理解而厌恶的东西,比如户籍制度等,慢慢也有了答案,这的确是当时环境下最好的选择,现在反而慢慢开始期待共党的表现了。我党什么时候能把环境治理,房价等民生问题提上日程啊?

Qin Zhang : 此人不能留 就凭他很明确地指出中国的体系是靠‘文明国家’而非‘民族国家’这点 决不能让他继续提醒西方 哪怕这是很早以前的视频 我希望任何认同我们文化的人 不要去刻意与西方争论 打没用的键盘嘴仗 那句话怎么说的来着? 遇到一个sb,不要去试图说服他,而应该顺着他们来,把他们培养成大sb

tarun kumar : China will be a new superpower..wishes from its nerighbour India. :)

流星_蝴蝶_剑 : 战略忽悠局你他娘的在哪,这尼玛都包不住了已经?

Masaya Kawazoe : Chinese know more about West than Westerners know China.

孙笑川 : 中国有句古话叫闷声大发财,一句话不说,在我看来,是最吼的

Metal Panda : 幸好这种人少,不然中国就麻烦了。。。

seymour wang : 我真心不喜欢这哥们。。就是因为他 我真心感觉的危险感,因为这个哥们对我们的文化已经思想的了解已经进入了 另一个完全不同的境界 我对西方人的了解 他们对中国文化的了解程度 完全升华掉了。、。。 他的思想比台湾人都要成熟对中国的了解,我觉得这太可怕了,这也是英国政府以及整个欧洲对中国的态度来了180度的大转弯。因为他们的政府听取了他的建议。我觉得 所谓的 西方学者,他们真心是存在的。。。虽然我以前都觉得他们是扯淡的。。太可怕了 他竟然提到了 汉族。。。这就意味着 他搞清楚了 为什么后几百年中国为什么那么弱鸡 即使在 清朝初期 在西方眼中也强不到哪去,因为明朝已经开始用火枪 和火炮了,因为末代出了2个 昏君 导致末代皇帝 也无能为力

飞龙在天 : 此人乃战略忽悠局最大的敌人!

Dimes Tu : He predicted 3 things in University of Melbourne 2011, and all are correct. 1. The failure of The Trans-Pacific Partnership against China; 2. The dispute in East and South China Sea will cause tension but will not be escalated into military conflict; 3. The abandon of "One-Child Policy". This dude really knows about china. Perhaps you might say he is biased, guess what, who isn't? Are your mainstream free of bias? BBC, CNN, Fox? Seriously? Why so obsessed with the prerequisites of "communism is bad"? Will a purely worst system be able to fight germany in WW2 and compete with US for more than half a century? Does his bias make his logic insufficient? Why avoiding hearing different voices? Btw, "War is about deception. Make them think you are weak so that they would underestimate you ", Art or War, 500 BC. Guess who brought up some of the "china bad" & "china collapse" in last decades? Still a chinese called Gordon Chang. Now guess, is he really think so or is it a deception?

Woo Raymond : 视频已经6年半了 只有30万次的浏览量 让他们继续傲慢下去吧

S.P.Requiem : Taiwan has been booming before China did, and it had a similar high pressure, non democratic but highly efficient system. But after the 90s when Taiwan reformed into democracy, it became endless fighting between KMT and DPP and the economy stopped growing. In China and Soviet Union you hear them having all those "5 year plan" "10 year plan" and now Xi Jinping is having a "13th 5 year plan". This could not happen in democratic system, all the politicians only care about within their term, and even if someone makes a long term plan, it's very likely to be thrown into the garbage by the next government of the different party. This has been happening in Taiwan, in the US, and in every democratic country in the world.

Cooper Joe : I have to say this guy really know about china.

buddhatwig : "The chinese view the state as the patriarch of the family". My goodness, that is razor sharp and correct. Gives me goosebumps....... This is guy is dangerously intelligent.

谢顶浪 : 不要紧各位大兄弟,外国人其实很少看这种视频。战忽局还是可靠的ᕙ(⇀‸↼‵‵)ᕗ

wanderer guy : 20:15 is the ultimate truth. THE WORLD IS INFACT BECOMING DEMOCRATIC DUE TO THE RISE OF CHINA...Truly enlightening speech!! I am one of the few Indians who admire the Chinese effort unlike my fellow countrymen who are blinded by jingoism and hope my country allies with our neighbour one day. India needs to join OBOR soon.

S.P.Requiem : In fact the word "nation" in Chinese is 國家, not just 國 (which also means nation). 家 means "family". In Chinese culture 國 and 家 are deeply connected. There is a Taiwanese old propaganda song called 沒有國哪裡會有家(How can there be family if there's no nation?). It may sound ludicrous to westerners, but the logic is simple: without a strong nation to protect its people, our families will be killed and raped by the northern nomads, and in modern times, the western and Japanese imperialists.

Luna miss lukas : 局座呢?别忙着奶别人了,战忽局形势危急,快回来啦!

weicy : 我本来想用英语说,结果想想还是算了。西方的国家在经历了几百年的主导地位后,觉得真的有点像我们清朝的时候。那个时候皇帝也是各种瞧不上他们的东西,觉得我们是最优秀的,即使有西方大使给他洋枪火炮他也就看看觉得很稀奇,然后就放仓库了。我们的经验来源于历朝历代的经验之谈,他们看不上就看不上吧。毕竟不能要求所有人理解我们“以铜为镜,可以正衣冠;以史为镜,可以知兴替;以人为镜,可以明得失”的价值观念。

Yang C, : Very impressive speech...Three take home points: civilization, race, and state. As a Chinese, I am kind of surprised that he knows China so well. These factors for sure are important reasons why china is on a rapid development. I am sure in a short term, China economy will still develop fast. However, the Chinese now is not perfect. First, in the long term, we may still need more regulations on the government/state, in this way, we may lose some efficiency but we will be more creative. Second, the whole population may still need more time to upgrade to a higher-education educated level, this will help the country upgrade as well... Personal thoughts. Anyway, a good talk!

Mokidd94 : China is not a bad country ,the west has made us to think it is so. Only fools will believe the west.

Thank you Trump : The key for China to grow fast: do not listen to the westerner

Anna evanescent : whether you agree with him or not, he is a very wise man. He seems to know what he's talking about.

paulmaking1980 : Martin Jacques is a very wise man, the West would do well to listen to him & others like him. The simple message is China & Asia is returning to predominance it held for most of history, after 200 years of Western dominance.

姜璐 : 这家伙真的非常可怕,对中国研究的太细致太深入骨髓了。我都不敢用英文打字了,让那些西方的公知和媒体们继续催眠他们的群众吧。

sleepyboy : ok If china had been a democratic nation for past 50 years , would the west accept it now , no way. Its just about human greed that doesn't accept other peoples progress. thanks

Teo Englian : 中国是以文化立国,中华文明不是国家个体,所以中国历经数千年不断分崩离析后又会重新统一还不断扩大领域,甚至外族入侵也必然会慢慢被时间同化融入中华文明主流,不像其他帝国崩溃后就不再兴起。

崖縣JRL : 这种人越少越好

jjcco 333 : 14亿人有一半以上人都在拼命想办法赚钱养家糊口,还是一群智商不低的种族,和这些西方国家还在享受过去的工业革命和掠夺带来的繁荣,慵懒的过着日子,我都为他们担忧,未来你们这么办?上帝是公平的,努力都是有回报的,在这个地球上。

Camille Lau : 太有远见了,6年前

Good人人 : 这种人好可怕啊 这种人还是少点好

Uncle Brizz : Blessings :) Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee, USA; saying: -我愛中國人! -I love the Chinese people! : )

Frank WONG : Good speak. I think he has a very deep understand of China civilization, society and culture. It is not about any political elements. It is a very nature reason.

1943stone : 其实看看评论就知道 有些鬼佬或者有些东亚弹丸小国国民格局有多小,还在纠着那个超级大巴骗局不放,讲真,高铁里程都快比你家公路长了,和西方人谈论政治很扯蛋,因为在他们看来所有与他们不同的地方都是我们落后,他们先进. 英语学好的好处在于终于了解到鬼佬们的格局有多低,见识有多有限,思维方式有多愚蠢。 最近几十年中国人都在努力学英语了解世界,同时期的西方人不知道是否有学习任何一门其他语言去了解西方之外的世界 ? 不说了,高下立判,西方人的傲慢很大部分来源于他们潜意识里的人种优越感。 never trust a white racist. (傻X们就不要扯什么youtube facebook被封锁之类的了,中国经济的三大马车之一是对外贸易,你真以为翻个墙是屠龙之技?你真以为就少数人知道用google ?搞笑)

Ruozhao Wang : 对于他又尊敬又害怕,研究的太透彻了,后脊背发凉,所幸的是西方像他这样的太少了,当它们天天研究怎么把我们搞正常时候已经输了一大步了,中国上不了FB,推特,只要想出来的立马飞出来,有什么难的,西方那么污的报道,人家不想看,不想看

Yunfan Hu : 哪儿都能见到国人和完全不了解中国,以为在中国住几年或者接触过几个中国人就觉得自己中国通的老外辩论。我都不敢说我了解中国,这样一个复杂的大国,远超西方人的一般认知。我用中文打这句话,意思就是看到的哥们省省口水,做给他们看,而不是说给这些西方思维的西方人听。

Fischer Heisenberg : 他竟然都研究了汉族的形成,太危险了,杀掉吧,金局

黄建平 : 你们不要赞啦,这人知道太多了

Ivbo Mj : 净说大实话,这个人有毒。。。。dont believe him! China is never going to be no.1 in the world. we re still the retarded kid that was left behind. pls be nice to us

Shuai Liu : 在人类文明中,中国人经历太多的蜕变了,无需跟他们解释... 这就是咱炎黄子孙的高冷

yifei peng : 听到台下的笑声,我想大部分人并没有把他的话听进去吧,教授对于中国的认识有多深刻不知道,但能感觉到他有很多话想说却没有时间继续说下去,西方国家推行着自己的价值观,但也因此而忽视其他世界的价值观,我们中国人在崛起的过程中是否也应该注意这个问题呢?因为从历史的角度来讲中国人的骄傲比起现在的西方人有过之而无不及吧,沉醉在这种骄傲之中也正是中国沉沦的一大原因,我认为中国的文化需要做出改变,这种改变必须从根治这种盲目的自大开始

hn ra : 说实话,最可怕的是白皮猪蛮夷们醒过来。在欧洲这几年,这里的人都是醉生梦死,他们可能在中国崛起前被阿拉伯穆斯林消灭,但我最怕的就是它们醒来

Lov'A / Jing Alford : This speaker is the only person who truly knows Chinese.

周含悅 : 感觉他真的是少有的清醒和正确,对待中国的事情上