How I Deal With Photobombers
How I Deal With Photobombers

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A clip from my Incredicoaster/Pixar Pier vlog: VOTE on my next One Movie Later vlog! Twitter: Patreon:


Uzi Patrol : "oh you wanna be in the shot, huh?" - Tony during post

Mr. Meloetta : IT'S NOW TIME FOR *T H E T H I S A S S H O L E S H O W*

TheSlayFer Ch. T. : So, The Logan Paul show?

Bryce McKenzie : I missed the This Asshole Show. We could use more episodes from you, Tony.

Scott Sandler : I told you to get me Pixars of Spider-Man

kevin willems : At least those invisible Squirrels are, Getting their nut I'm so sorry.

Masked Rider Blue : Best Some Jerk Moment of 2018

CaptainJZH : Coming to MTV

Isaiah Williams : Hands down a new classic moment in Some Jerk with a Camera history.

Xander Casey : That was the best 84 seconds of my life.....well time for bed

Jorge IstheONE : You're now becoming my favorite youtuber

TheZapster : this is the peak of your career

Deebo Molina : It’s humor like this that make your channel a perfect gem👌

Brer Oswald : And that, ladies in gentleman, is how you skin a cat.


Ben Bell : Yeah, serves him right! If you're gonna photobomb, then Tony can and _will_ MOCK YOU.

TheMaskedDonut : This may be your finest hour...

Death THunder Studios : A commercial of a lifetime!

Korey Marshall : The Raiders beanie really speaks for itself

Diego : Ugh another re-run. Just approve the next season I need to see his stupid beanie retrospective.

Esuerc : Truly Disney... I mean, *Pixar* magic at work.

DoctorInk20 : Wow, the Tom Green Show reboot was better than I expected.

Max Leunig : Two SJWAC videos in two days? Now I now this is gonna be a good week for me!!

Shades : He wanted to attention, well you've made him infamous. Just imagine J. K. Simmons saying it, it sounds better.

KingClod : Can we get that transparent image of this guys face to meme?

ThatGuyfromBrazil : This wasn't a roast as much as it was a widespread execution by the fires of Hell XD

Ross Pit: Shark Hunter : Perfection

Brandon Croker : That beanie isn't helping him either.

Laura Susan Johnson : Super genius 🤣🤣🤣

TWK Reviews : Can't. Stop. Rewatching.

J the man : I never laughed harder at a youtube video in my entire life! I love ya tony even if you don't upload all the time i love your videos! 🤣

oathkeeper65 : Hey mr. jerk, a question. I quite enjoy your commentaries and I was wondering if your thought of doing commentary for your three parter with Kyle on beauty and the beast? I was rewatching it he other day and forgot how good it was. Especially the... revelation about that film.

Percy66 c : How long did this take to edit?

Orhan Amin : YO MTV, SIGN ME UP!!!

Ducky Shincracker : Everything from the editing to the voiceover is absolutely perfect. This part of the vlog took me completely by surprise and had be laughing hard. Keep it up Tony!

Neutron Gwen : From the director of walking infront of the camera and Write me song Tony I'm do specail it could be about why moose are weird haha......... Write me A song tony.

Lieutenant BaconWaffles : I could see a lot of people photobombing you exactly to get this kind of meme-like attention.

James_ 152 : Thank god I didn’t watch this in my class tomorrow because I can stop laughing

Presto Strange-o : Tony - This is your legacy.

Nathaniel Foga : Imagine if this guy actually saw this video 😁


MoonSpirit : That was awesome. Glad I watched your videos for years.

Oh No : I've been giggling about "No one will mourn my death yo!" all day

jonsmovies18fan : When someone talks Endgame spoilers and you haven’t seen it yet

Bradley H : Pure Gold.......

Brigid Madden : Hey Tony, I was inspired by you and other youtubers to do a school project on California Adventure. I'm actually gonna try and use a clip from your video and I just wanted to know if that is okay?

Eat the Magic : Thankfully, this hasn't happened whenever we've done food reviews at the parks.

Trumpet Dinopup : Das make this Dinopup laugh!

Harold of Vortos : Lol @Tony Goldmark, you should do that to anybody, who sees your camera!!!