How I Deal With Photobombers

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F. N. Lorter : Netflix will accept anything, huh?

Bryce McKenzie : I missed the This Asshole Show. We could use more episodes from you, Tony.

CaptainJZH : Coming to MTV

Scott Sandler : I told you to get me Pixars of Spider-Man

TheSlayFer Ch. T. : So, The Logan Paul show?

Uzi Patrol : "oh you wanna be in the shot, huh?" - Tony during post

THEANIMEFANZ : And this is why you don’t photobomb some jerk

Mr. Meloetta : IT'S NOW TIME FOR *T H E T H I S A S S H O L E S H O W*

Masked Rider Blue : Best Some Jerk Moment of 2018

kevin willems : At least those invisible Squirrels are, Getting their nut I'm so sorry.

Isaiah Williams : Hands down a new classic moment in Some Jerk with a Camera history.

Jorge IstheONE : You're now becoming my favorite youtuber

Mauricio Vasquez : You're watching Some Jerk With A Camera, starring This Asshole Without A Life!

TheZapster : this is the peak of your career

Xander Casey : That was the best 84 seconds of my life.....well time for bed

Korey Marshall : The Raiders beanie really speaks for itself

Deebo Molina : It’s humor like this that make your channel a perfect gem👌

KingClod : Can we get that transparent image of this guys face to meme?

Percy66 c : How long did this take to edit?


Palace Of Wisdom : Can't believe you got THE This Asshole to cameo in one of your videos, this is huge!

Brer Oswald : And that, ladies in gentleman, is how you skin a cat.

Esuerc : Truly Disney... I mean, *Pixar* magic at work.

Diego : Ugh another re-run. Just approve the next season I need to see his stupid beanie retrospective.

Ben Bell : Yeah, serves him right! If you're gonna photobomb, then Tony can and _will_ MOCK YOU.

DoctorInk20 : Wow, the Tom Green Show reboot was better than I expected.

Pokeemblem : No matter how many times I watch this, I always get so amused by it that I start laughing my ass off.

TheMaskedDonut : This may be your finest hour...

Ross Pit: Shark Hunter : Perfection

seth smith : I hope he sees this

Max Leunig : Two SJWAC videos in two days? Now I now this is gonna be a good week for me!!

lord red man : How i deal with photo bombers KILL THEM

Nathaniel Foga : Imagine if this guy actually saw this video 😁

Neutron Tom : From the director of walking infront of the camera and Write me song Tony I'm do specail it could be about why moose are weird haha......... Write me A song tony.

Death THunder Studios : A commercial of a lifetime!

oathkeeper65 : Hey mr. jerk, a question. I quite enjoy your commentaries and I was wondering if your thought of doing commentary for your three parter with Kyle on beauty and the beast? I was rewatching it he other day and forgot how good it was. Especially the... revelation about that film.

The Shady Reviewer : He wanted to attention, well you've made him infamous. Just imagine J. K. Simmons saying it, it sounds better.

James_ 152 : Thank god I didn’t watch this in my class tomorrow because I can stop laughing

AlienBoy13 : Oh, get over it, Tony.

TWK Reviews : Can't. Stop. Rewatching.

Presto Strange-o : Tony - This is your legacy.

ThatGuyfromBrazil : This wasn't a roast as much as it was a widespread execution by the fires of Hell XD

EpicToySeries : Imagine if the guy that photobombed Tony saw this would be pretty damn funny.

Dunes8 : The Disneyland Roast of Some Douchebag

Oh No : I've been giggling about "No one will mourn my death yo!" all day

Brandon Croker : That beanie isn't helping him either.

Seth Strattan : Someone should photobomb more so we get More of THIS ASSHOLE SHOW

Natalie Adams : Tony, you're beautiful. Don't you forget it.

lizardlord4k : Tony don't play

ChipperRP : God I missed your stuff