Mr. Rogers is a evil Man.mp4
Disgusting F0x amp Friends talking trash on Mr Rogers 4 years after his passing claiming him to have ruined 2 generations with narcissism The Irony

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Sea-Salt Art : Hating Mr. Rogers is all the evidence you need that Fox News is one of the scummiest businesses in the world.

KF893 : Mister Rogers neighborhood first aired in 1968. Their generation......

miles uroshevich : Next up on Fox News: Criminal Bob Ross and is it even possible for trees to be happy?

Necroglobule : Fox News has done some pretty despicable things, but coming after Mr. Rogers takes the cake.

Kristen Roers : Mr Rogers was a good guy and his kind of kindness is something to admire. Fox is just full of bad neighbors.

Shan R : What's worse is that they deformed Mr Rogers message that essentially said "You don't need to do something extraordinary to be worthy of being love" not what fox said " you're all special everything you do is great". Fox even ruined the purity of Mr Rogers. Shows how scummy of a business they are.

476 Anno Domini : Today in Fox News: Christianity is making people entitled, think they are unique special loved

Corey Dopp : Reddit brought me here. "Ruined a generation of kids" how can they say that

Joe Wisniewski : "Don't admit your own problems. There's always something/someone else to blame."- Fox

Fancy Pun Banana : *You dare disrespect Mr. Rogers*

Hyena : Fox, Fox never changes.

Parmesan : By the way guys, this video is not uploaded by Fox, don't dislike lol.

MrGriff305 : Telling people they are good and special creates self esteem and self fulfilling prophecy of goodness. Also, where is the baseline of comparison of a world with and without Mr. Rogers? What other country is more successful? Another point is that Mr. Rogers is a small small percentage of a kid's upbringing. And finally, it is completely possible to believe you're special while also knowing you have to work hard. The two aren't mutually exclusive. Fox News is asinine.

Alice Bonnet : When I was a kid Mr Rogers touched me. He touched my heart.

primate924 : "they did a study at a university"... wow great reporting. this is trash. these people are trash.

MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer : These are the kind of people who could find a way to make world peace into an awful thing.

Shadso : Fox News is just garbage. Plain and straight up.

Thomas Bennett : Go watch the documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor". Fred Rogers was an amazing human. Telling kids that they are special meant they didn't have to do anything spectacular to be loved. Everyone deserves to be loved. By the way, pretty much everyone between the ages of 25 and 60 watched Mister Rogers at one point when they were a kid. Are you saying that all of us are entitled fucks? I spent 22 years in the Army protecting the right of people to say stupid shit, but it would be nice if Fox news didn't feel the need to exercise that right so often. 2nd fwiw...all those religious nut bags that protested at his funeral are scum of the earth.

A A : Generational? He was in black n white at first. He was on a couple decades before the kids theyre tryin to talk about were even born.

Phil ip : Barney the Dinosaur told me he loved me, and that we were family. Dood doesn't even know me, I've struggled my whole life to come to terms with this.

gyloir : After this interview two cameraman asked each other if they were the baddies.

Jake Smith : This is what's wrong with conservative Republicans and Trump supporters. They are delusional.

Marshakayable : FOX NEWS- Cold, hateful sociopaths giving commentary. Oh! And dont forget to buy a gun with this cold attitude towards humanity. 0_0

Sonata727 : I dont think ive ever heard a student say they deserve a higher mark because they are special.

deepwoodtickles : Possibly the nicest guy ever and fox can twist it to their bullshit.

fiveohnine : “All children who aren’t the top 1% of the 6th grade academic bell curve watched Mr Rogers and are filthy subhuman animals”. Says Fox News to nobody’s surprise

ArgieGrit01 : If you're against Mr Rogers, you're on the wrong side of history

Owen Cunningham : With the Mister Rogers movie coming out this year, this seems extra stupid.

Bean Bean : “A crop of children”

Le Chat : What`s this discussion all about??? Right??? Wrong??? Everybody IS SPECIAL!!! That`s a FACT!!! Well, you could also discuss the fact if water is wet! Mr Rogers healed the souls of so many children and what did these clowns do that won`t be forgotten after they`re gone? Oh yes, they were trying to "satanize" a wonderful human being! God forgive them for they don`t know what they are doing.

Ashes1032 : Take your television network and ride it straight to hell, talking heads.

Benji Bennett : Fox News seriously disgust me. Mr. Rogers was a great man .

Karl Steeves : This is definitely a card I'm going to pull on my conservative mother, who worships trump and F&F, who also sat me in front of Seseme and Mr. Rogers during my childhood.

S. Yoshikawa : 'crop of children'? What a terrible way to describe humans.

Mattias Hoz : "Experts say" - lmao what a joke.

pacer547 : JFC, he's talking to 3 and 4 year olds. What "hard work" does that moron Brian Kilmeade, not to mention the other numbskulls, think a 3 year old should do to be "special"?

A A : Fred Rogers is the greatest man to ever be on tv.

jpm4444 : fox and enemies

Mr.Official 8D Audio : This felt like satire but nope.. unfortunately it's not.

Mister Roger Roger : Of course they would complain about Mr. Rogers. They're jealous because he has some decency and they have *none.*

Silvermania : Great channel name. Thanks, AV Club.

ok : These people are beyond sick. Yeah, we totally haven't been beating kids enough. Boomers need to be gassed.

CloudStreets : So, according to Fox, you should not love your children unconditionally. You should tell your kids you will love them once they have earned it.

Girl A : I like how it's implicit in "you have to prove your worth" that we have to prove our worth to them. Well I haven't seen a single thing that makes Fox News worthy as judges. Quite the opposite in fact.

Antonio Nuñez : The irony about this is that Mr. Rogers is a Republican. You would think that Fox news being extremely bias towards Republicans would be worshipping him.

xMEATxHEADx : These people are soulless, FOX news has never wanted to be objectively informative. It is a study in corporate toxicity in our democracy. Whatever these ppl say, despite the harm, is governed by a profit model.

B L : If you're an editor for a questionable news agency and you green light a story questioning Mr Rodgers sanctity - you're NOT a good guy

Ttttheo The Lord of Lizards : See that Fox has no problem making sweeping generalizations. Sure their base loves that.

Matt Gallagher : i guess they were upset about someone presenting a competing land of make believe.