San Jose councilman is sworn in with Captain America's shield

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mmmpisghetti : I want to vote for this guy. For everything.

Stephen Dix : Think that shield made his voice do that?

Vinicius : All the super soldier serum went to his voice

pulpsprstr : I trust this more than a Bible.

EpiclyNoob : This guy sounds like a legit superhero I would vote for him just because of his voice like damn

Karmadog : Good thing his oath wasnt: "Longing… Rusted… Furnace… Daybreak… Seventeen…"

LiquidZero : HI REDDIT.

All Hail The Mighty Glow Cloud! : Very good. I want this man to be president. His policies could be eating babies for all I care.

Amethyst Sadachbia : 13 members of HYDRA downvoted this video

Bear Morris : Much better standards than the bible, imo. Also, badass!

Flying Moose : So good, this guy for president 2020!

Zatchooze Naut : Truly the most American way

Copulaxoxi Ranbooi : Excellent! Much better than a 2,000 year old book filled with violence! The Captain America Shield should be the new USA flag after we get rid of all the corrupt politicians!

NOYB : That Shield holds more meaning and value than any religious artifact.

christian caldwell : God damn, sometimes you can't help but love American politics.

oochie : MERICA!!!!

Bradford McCoy : "Discharge the duties"

tansii : That's awesome

Jon Thomas : It's a good idea in theory, but a copy of the constitution sounds like an even better idea.

youngsaaron : First

place point : 18 fascist disapprove

gunswordfist : The only real American.

Socrates Smith : So, can he run for president please?

C S : Hail hydra -cap

onemadhungrynomad : this is so much win in one video i can't even!

Joe Kotsovos : There was a time when people read actual books.

Scotty Bot : This guy wins!

Hingle McCringleberry : Comic books are just fiction! It isn't real and factual like the Bible.

Kamran Mogel : How have I never seen this till now!?!!

Sadovari : Absolute proof that America is the greatest country in the world.

Chaoteee : I voted for Red Skull.

Aina : What a legend

McBehrer : Incredible. 10/10

Israel Florence : AMERICA!!! F___ YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Daniel JG : Infantile.

Psyentist : This deserves a billion views. Thanks Reddit!