Deadliest Warrior Kilij vs Pig

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Cenk Tüneygök : Now imagine it's power combined with the momentum of the horse. Because that is what exactly kilij is designed for.

Alltimeboxing : Turks are very good at making swords

Gökhan Avcı : Here is the famous curved Turkish sword Katana is not the best in the world OK is a good sword katana The world's best sword is the sword of the Turks Katana is very much exaggerated Turkish sword lighter, sharper, more robust, more flexible, more balanced First and foremost is of very high quality steel used in construction, there are skill Has nothing to do with Iranians and Arabs göktürk to the origin of this sword goes up to even Turkish Hun time Chinese and Indians have taken this technology from the Turks I would argue that the Turkish sword, the sword is the best in the world

ejr23 : Damn!  The kilij makes the Espada Ropera and Scottish Claymore look like butter knives!

Joshua Hanks : Vegans are terrified

Ian Sterner : Katana? Is that fancy brand of toothpicks?

Sasuke Uchiha : Oh baby that sword is a monster!

angelinaramon : When I first saw episode I was like holy shit that is scary brutal, but also just bad ass. Much respect to the Kilij sword.

hernandayolearyallda : Kilij is a good sword, but Katana is better.

LKH9 : What is with all these "the most powerful sword" arguments? Cutting 2-3 pigs half at one shot doesn't show how good a sword is, that is overkill when killing a human. Do you need that much power to kill 1 man? In reality, if you're cut by any kinds of razor sharp blade, you're already fucked. It's all about the fighters in sword fights. And then swords from different cultures were developed according to their needs and surroundings. Except One thing that is really scary is the Japanese Nodachi, all because of it's size. That beast easily defeated the one-handed Chinese swords/sabres in ancient clashes by Japanese pirates.

Frederick Shananaquet : The look on the guy's face at 0:13 lol

oktay Gönlüşen : Katana is moreeeee heavy and useless . You can't use a shield and katana toget her. Adn you can't use katana on horseback. And final katana is slower than Turkish kilic.

C. KARA : Beğendiniz mi atamın kılıcını :) . Biz Türkler savaşı sanata çeviren bir milletiz.

Intense Blowjob : Now imagine if it hit full armour 16th century knight.

lakshen47 : Holy shit, yes you made a good sword once, get over yourself, Turkish people in the comments :O

The Real Cr4fty : hungarian sword is similiar :)

Dogan Sinar : Yatagan and Kilij were meant for different sections of the army. According to the historical records, Yatagan were mostly used by Janissaries while Kilij were used by Turkic Cavalry 

ArtyCat D : Watered. Steel. I believe it was the Magyars from the 8th and 9th centuries that introduced swords like these into Europe. These people were the Asiatic nomads that preceded the Mongols. Ottoman Turks: Kilij or Kilic. Yataghan was also popular. Persians: Simsir or Shamsir Indians: Talwar or Kastane Arabs: Scimitar. Saif was also used. Eastern Europe: Szabla Napoleonic: Mamluk sword Americanized: Sabre, though not as broad or curved as the above mentioned

Man of Steel : Demon Souls brought me here.

Eric Coldfire : I fucking love this sword.

Koc yra : No sword is the best sword, There are good swords, But there isn't a clear winner, Against unarmored targets, cutting swords are wonderful, but against ones in armor, european ones would fare better

dljprogun : 0:13 Max's face is so funny.

Byron Lee : Now THATS my kind of sword! I love scimitars!

5Mariner : I knew who would win the moment I saw that sword!

ִ : What an unfair match up, the pig had no chance!

dialkia5 : Max's face is priceless

TheEmperor ofMan : Everything about Vlad is badass. Even his team is badass. Romanians, man. 

Matthew Pulido : And that little piggy went wee, wee, wee, all the way to hell.

El Turco : The Turkish root verb "kır-" means "to break" with the suffix "-inç" makes "kır-ınç" (instrument for breaking) becomes kılınç, then kılıç.

El Turco : A kilij (from Turkish kılıç, literally "sword")[1] is a type of one-handed, single edged and moderately curved saber used by the Turks and related cultures throughout history starting from the late Hsiung-nu period to the time of the Avar Empire and the Göktürk Khaganate, Uyghur Khaganate, Seljuk Empire, Timurid Empire, Mamluk Empire, Ottoman Empire, and the later Turkic Khanates of Central Asia and Eurasian steppes. These blades evolved from Turko-Mongol sabers that had been used over all the lands invaded and/or influenced by the Turkic peoples.

DistortionEngine : I'd hate to be the deadliest warrior janitor and have to clean up that mess every day

Deniz Işıner Çayhan : Actually medieval Turkish warrior's uses morning star, horseman's mace, mace, flail and various bludgeoning weapons against armored targets. Just one type of kılıç(ç like ch) that called kulaklı used against armor. It's a cavalry weapon kind of you can use it while you ride horse really fast. It may cut head two pieces with helmet.( There should be 15 different kind of swords for different missions. One of that i know name is "kirmani", i dont know all of them. ) Also katana is more like blade than the sword. It's razor like sharp but its the warriors heart tooth, its effective but not like legends of it easily breakable.

Ian Sterner : Fuck weeaboos and their katanas

Alex K : Why does everyone claim curved swords are bad at thrusting? They may not have as deep penetration on a straight forward thrust (although still enough to be deadly), but they can do a whole range of off-center thrusts that are impossible to do with a straight blade. They can be used to stab at a protected region by curving around a parrying blade or shield. The methods of thrusting are different, but still very effective.

rootex : Long and very brutal sword, only tall and strong people can carry such thing one handed not little mongoles. Much respect to turks for inventing such plain and aesthetic sword.

Cardan011 : it is good weapon my people used it on turkish scum for centuries

Pablito Clavito : 'murica

Sevv9220 : Walk it off, Porky.

ISHBARA KHAN : vlad was such a die by the sword head was exhibited in Istanbul two weeks

Turxan channel :-) : Kilij means sword in Turkish ( kilic, qilinc)

Jade Warner : Some of the cleanest cutting I've ever seen.

ben sen : theese weapon's tip was used to open armor like can

Axe Battler : Superior cutting power when compared to the katana

crippling depression : This show was lit af what happened? Did it get cancelled?

3choBlast3r : This (Turkic) sword is the father of all modern scimitars and curved swords .. the Arabs and Persians used straight swords, the arabs adopted this style in the 9th/10th century seeing how effective it was in the hands of their Turkic mercenaries. While the Persian/Iranians were introduced to it in the 12th century by the Turks but adopted it in the early 16th after being ruled by Turks for hundreds of years. They both got rid of the Yalman which made their versions far less effective in cutting (the heavy tip) Since Turks were horseback warriors, imagine these swords with the extra force you'd get while riding full force on a horse .. yeah .. not much that could stop it. On top esp early on Turkic armies were mostly horse archers, who used this sword to charge infantry/cavalry or when they just had to do close quarters battle .. most often they would just shower the enemy army with arrows with their insanely powerful bows .. and when the enemy charged they would just troll the shit out of them by backing up .. they could shoot insanely fast and accurately while riding their horses, would learn to ride horses as early as possible.

Koopa Croft : Was the pig okay?

Kappa : a sword does not only cut, it also transfers the force of the speed when it connects to the victim. what i mean is if you hit a guy with a sword in the head, even if the cut is not deadly the impact damage would probably kill the victim in the same way a blunt weapon would. a sword like kilij with increased tip weight and broad body can harm human body more effectively than a blunt weapon. same applies to the zombies which can be only killed by brain damage.  receiving a direct hit to your head with a sword would turn your brain into a milkshake, if we ignore the fact that it would split the head in half. besides kilij is a light weight one hander sword.

Undamaged : steak in the boot

Alxan İsgəndərlı : ottoman sword

Souzuke Sagara : a one handet sword and so powerful