this is what you came for (or did you)

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Jersey Representing : Yeah, confirmed, you're hilarious. DONT STOP. I want you to have that rich Youtube pro life.

Ben McNelly : Juxtaposition of serious and silly, back scratcher moves, nothing more to say but more content please.

Gary Sanchez : Jesus Christ

christopher salgado : This is really funny. Legitimately funny. 🤣

James Cox : Lindsay - you are just brilliant ! Thanks for making my day brighter!

Carl Ekman : Strongest keywords in the game

Orfeas : The teapot killed me on the spot

David Ramirez : This gurl is about to light up like lightning!

C.M.R. : This is genius. Subbed!

Alex Ashton : This really resonates with me.

blahblah8508 : Are you to blame for TikTok?!

K murray : This is what I came for. Thank you.

henchmanc : I laughed very hard.

Empty Couch : I laughed. Well done

Bradley Rogers : This IS what I came for

Jonathan Tsang : 2019 is your year!

layne182 : That teapot though

Yamil Montano : Quality content

Scott M : She doooo

Fry Lock : Annnnnd subscribed.

Triple-Merit : I have never seen anyone more deserving of success than this beautiful young woman, really fancy her and she mimes singing like an angel. Call me, I'll PM you my phone number. Straight to the top girl.

renragged : 2:15 I'ma slap that phat ass!