TutorialBot Is Real #2

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Tutorial Bot : I have to say I'm quite taken back by how complimentary, encouraging and kind so many of these comments have been. Really appreciate it. For those of you that enjoyed the video...more to come! However these moments need to be organic and not forced so not sure when the next one will be. Oh and I take requests, what would be fun to convince people as an A.I?....hmmmm.

Kozoukom : Came here from gameranx.

GamerMuscleVideos : If this does not go viral I will eat an overly spicy ham sandwich.

Phillip Morales : I love how prepared he is for anything people have to throw at him hahaha

TR3NTIsHere : Gameranx brought me here.

felixthemaster1 : Tutorial bot, how to subscribe?

DLWF : Who says humans cant do a machines job?

ayatoあやとう : I'm pretty sure some people are gonna copy this idea.

SeFii : "He knows sing language, the language of sings"

david gadlin : friendly, kind and funny troll is the best troll.

Heri Petersen : You should become a voice actor.

barrie reader : <3 you TutorialBot. I encountered you... Doing impressions of Pennywise. It was grand.

YMGA : Who’s here cause of gameranx

Darkest of the Hillside Dungeons : You, sir, just won the internet. Your epicness and dedication stirred hearts of many and gave them hope to live their lives with utmost happiness lurking from the depths of their sorrowful souls. I will be voting for you when the chips are down and people are eating each other. For I know, for a fact, that you are the only one that can lead us to our salvation. Regards.

James Albert : jesus christ, that voice was so satisfying

VR Spry Guy : Epic, EPIC troll. I laughed so hard.

Frank Castle : companies should employ guys like that in VR games.

Tovarish Works : This was the absolute best thing

Stefanos Gerakaris : That's rad! So do you pass the Turing test? xD

PeopleCanFly23 : He sounds like Magic of Rahat.

Aaron Wagner : I will admit I came here from Gameranx but I love your videos and will definitely watch any more to come. Keep up the great work!

0L1v3r 5al3s : This is like the opposite of the Turing test

T. Rautenbach : From gayranx

JayEm187 : This is the kind of "trolling" I like. Well done sir!

A_Guy_in_Orange : TBH im not as impressed at him convincing them, so much as im impressed at how fast he can get everything like music and he knew spanish and sign language

steven hall : This is youtube gold.

Corey Hughes : Haha I'm glad you included the big reveal.

Honor And Hope : reminds me of Chappie

Michael W : You just made my day. VR games, one of the last friendly public online places. Great idea and well done!

Joshua Chess : The reveal was probably my favorite part. You arent just a troll, you are a master of the art.

Septicle : Your going to be a massive success on youtube man, I can already tell

Sixth Echelon : Gameranx gave you a shoutout dude.

Rusty Shackleford : in b4 a million views

phoenix fox42 : Tutorial bot like this comment

TubeofDestiny : "Ha yeah that makes sense"

JDolande : what game is this, the robots look so cute

Turtle God : You got *nerves of steel* No pun intended

Jesse Pitel : Whoa! How do you play music so quickly without the tracking giving you away?

artofcode : Carry on my wayward son!

JD Wohlever : So gullible... people are.

Gastoly : Amazing work my dude, hilarious, keep up the shenanigans!

Zzenith : Didn't know you still kept in character, thought you've only been playing on 2.0

Anthem's Gate : not alot of things make me happy but this is one of them

Zzenith : I'm sure you have a good system for playing sounds, but you could try push to mute and then talking to a smart speaker

TheOriginalKidCoyote : lmaooo the girl AI expert

Cherub : That was really fun to watch! Some kind of reverse Turing test right here. Great job at not breaking character too

Paul Donohue : you told me to come here and watch this about five minutes ago, so glad i did, amazing.

ImmersiveGamer83 : Really Great man, cracked me up

Rj Langman : whos here from gameranx

resq2 : There's no way he's a human