Parkasaurus - Official Date Announcement Trailer

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Ctop : A Trex with a cheese head? Yes please!

Joe : It's so cute, I can't wait. It's like I'm 10 and I'm playing Zoo Tycoon in 2007.

Blitz : Beautiful.

Ditidos : I love that background music. Will it be part of the soundtrack? Will be able to listen to the soundtrack in some way?

CuddlytheCuttlefish : The sad thing is that the ai actually seems much better than JWE's. And this is an indie game, made by two people with no budget and far less publicity, that veers on the goofy side and doesn't take itself seriously at all.

Timothy McLean : You sillies! Just because the game is on Steam with TF2 doesn't mean it needs hats.

Ice Wire : It's like Zoo Tycoon with dinosaurs, but, extra derpy dinos. I want it.

JayShockblast : Looks pretty cool!

Fuck Off : Parkasaurus better than JWE

CipherDuck : Looks better than Jurassic world evolution

LEGOSAURUS : OMG less than a month from now? YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY

Baryonyx Fan : 0:03 *YA YEET*

peermeneer : Very cool I wil be downloading it but pls put spino in the game

JayPlays : Oh my goshhhhhh this is looking fantastic! I'm definitely getting some Zoo Tycoon 2 vibes from it which is absolutely fantastic because I used to LOVE that game and to this day there hasn't really been a good successor to it! Maybe that'll be you guys, eh? ;D In any case, I can't wait to give this one a try!

Vertico : Played over an hour so far and I love it <3

Chee : I really hope it works out for you guys! You worked so long for this and it looks really great and funny :D Thank you for sharing your idea and realize it!



SHEEP GAMES : So excited with the release :D

leroidepez : Dino park thing yeah wooooo!

Lawina : Early Access? Get outta here!

Knetixer : I want this so badly on the Nintendo Switch!

Rebot : Quick save after a carefully managed park, and then watch everyone get eaten and flung around like ragdolls. 10/10

Linus Lundqvist : Maybe a prehistoric mammals dlc later!! Cheese rex for ever!!!

Ollys Dead_channel : Please make this game available on mobile and console pllssssss luv u game devs for making this game

Aldakoopa : I remember seeing some of these clips posted in r/Unity3D. Great job!

Elior Tshibemba : It look boring

tomfom11 : Like graphics RCT 1/2. So Cute. :)

Daniel Elwell : Will the early access be available on Mac? If not then will the full release?

Soldair_1 : best early access 2018.

Gabriella Pettijohn : You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work. SUPER Excited

Draconicrose Gaming : I honestly can't wait for all the dino friends!

Abyssal Lagaiacrus : 0:03 *_WELL THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD_*

蘇梓喵 : what's the bgm?

juan lego : Looks harder than Jurassic world evolution

Nick Lebron : I love it!

Andy Nguyen : I'm so excited for this game!

AfroWearingNyanPanda : Looks awesome tbh, great work

Space Dragon : i want it NOW

Harry Gómez-Morón Castro : Bring it to the Switch!


Sam Acnl : OMG !!! Its my best game 😍

splash fox : Ragdoll? Hell yes

ScrappyStudios : Please make a Mac version!

Luanna : Well I am sold.

Numerro_Five : 25 September! Finally!

TechGamen! : Nice

Dmitrii : Feathered dinos! Feathered dinos! Feathered dinos!

John Smith : Respect wen out of the window when it's an early acess cashcow low quality steam peice of garbage.

LORENZO DI FRANCO : I am not a big fan of this cartoon style because when it comes to building a park with dinosaurs brought back to life, I would prefer a more realistic style and that, unlike Prehistoric Kingdom, dinosaurs like Velociraptors do not necessarily remain feathered but can also be done with the skin scaled because my dinosaurs if I had a video game where they are inside a park I would make them all scaled. But I also dare to say that Parkasaurus may turn out to be better than Jurassic World Evolution with regard to the fact that it seems much richer in content and I imagine other types of content will be added. Then from this trailer you notice some changes and improvements as you have changed the models of humans that at the beginning looked like minecraft games. Parkasaurus I could also take it into consideration but I should still wait before the release date of Prehistoric Kingdom. Mesozoica forget it, that video game has sadly revealed a scam but if it was not so I would have chosen that. So a game where you build a park with dinosaurs brought back to life and other types of prehistoric animals, would satisfy my needs if it had these characteristics: dinosaurs and other types of anatomically accurate prehistoric animals, dinosaurs including species such as Velociraptor and others can do both feathered and scaled without any kind of impediment, walking through the park in third or in person can also interact with the attractions and other elements of the park, the same system of construction and terraforming of Planet Caoster. In short, perhaps Mesozoica could have met my needs if the head of the Max Wood project had not proved to be a dishonest scammer.