Joe Rogan & Marques Brownlee - The Problem with Apple
Joe Rogan amp Marques Brownlee The Problem with Apple

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1186:


Gary : Joe "I have a black guy on my show so I'll wear my Wu-Tang Clan Shirt" Rogan

Verlin Swarey : Marques actually has a lot of personal charm that shows up a lot more in this conversation than in his regular videos. He has a great attitude

Wonderbread Gangg : Joe “ I can’t get my iPhone to smoke dmt” Rogan

Max : joe 'can we pull that up' rogan

4feeterszwagier : Yo serious question When you're bald, do you use shampoo or soap?

Bryan Charles : Apple fan: "These new keyboards suck. There's no travel and they feel mushy." Apple: "These are the new Apple keyboards with brand new iTravel and iMush." Apple fan: "Ooooooh. I like that."

Whitey Willoby : Joe "This Lenovo is carbon fiber" Rogan

EscapePlan Skateboarding : Joe "that's the craziest shit I've ever heard in my life" Rogan

yoga pangestu : ah... that's hot that's hot

Witcher3VideoGame : I cant be the only one who wants to see Linus with Joe Rogan on a video

Mr. Sir : Steve Jobs was all about looks, design, USABILITY AND FUNCTIONALITY. Tim Cook is all about penny pinching, and trying to remember what Steve Jobs was all about... It was just looks, right?

Tu Maldita Madre : Your marriage to Apple is like a relationship where the other party gives, but over time gives less and takes more. You keep thinking everything will be ok. You concede things for the sake of the relationship. But you won't leave because you're afraid of leaving. Just leave.

Justin Folsom : Joe” That alcantara on the hand rest feels amazing” Rogan

jack bone : Joe 'i write, REGULARLY, for Stand Up' rogan

Carlos Martinez : Jamie is like Alexa.. "hey Jamie pull that up"

Panicguy77 : Apple died when Steve Jobs died

Mark Airwind : what shampoo does rogan use?

TOGD7 : Joe “keyboard infused with DMT” Rogan

Jeff : Joe “I constantly search for the best keyboard” rogan

Med1na : All the apple sheeple are triggered in comments 😂😂

Logan Flowers : Joe “Talks about the complexities of computer keyboards for 10 minutes” Rogan

MrBseif : True story here : This comment is written on a ipad 4th generation that had to be recovered through a freezing process in order to get it recharged, Apples devices are set to boot their system without any regards of your battery life and overall performance: recharging a drained old battery will end up in a cycle of death where the system boot will consume all the power. But thanks to a genius hack on some forums out there( thank you man, you saved my ipad:))) turned out ipads won't boot but still charges on low temperarures, as there are thermal receptors who prevent the system from booting under extreme temperatures. So i sealed my ipad in a plastic bag, put in my fridge while it was plugged to the powerline, and here i am with a 7 years old perfect working ipad.

Aubergine Bellen : Steve Jobs concept of Apple was, "We don't care about numbers, we care about usability." Now Apple is obsessed with making things thin though that makes them less usable. Apple is done. Apple is the current day IBM. IBM had the market lead but they lost it because they refused to adapt in an intelligent way. That's Apple now. I was hardcore iMac for decades, now I see Apple is total dogshit and will never, ever buy an Apple again.

Rafael Pernia : Apple "says" that their products are for creatives. I agree that many creative people has them but if you are creative AND want productivity, MacOS is not for you.

meRyanP : Unbox Therapy just released a video talking about how he switched from a macbook to a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon because of the keyboard. He even made all the same points Joe did. Huh, that's strange. lol.

Bobby Harper : Joe's like your uncle at Thanksgiving talking about his new laptop

SpikeyTarantula : Joe “LOOK AT MY LENOVO” Rogan

Ty Ty : Joe “I hate Apple keyboards” Rogan

Jeremy Kothe : Apple have *always* favoured form over function.

SpookyRecoil : Broke Bois. PC master race knows nothing about updates bc they happen in seconds.

Rare Animal : Hmm, black guy is coming on the show.....better wear my WU-Tang shirt.

Bruce Research : But has he ever tried dmt

Zephyr Ramsey : Joe “ooh that feels good” Rogan

Matrix Programmer : This throttling of cpu and battery for better usage and longevity is totally Bullshit. The throttle is not needed.They just want to buy a new phone.

slapmyfunkybass : Joe “I’m not bald it’s just the light hitting my eyebrows” Rogan

Tree : joe the type of guy to wear a rapper shirt with a black guest

Luke Johnson : Joe "10 words slower a minute" Rogan

Миша Шевченко : Joe "I'm a writer who's never heard about mechanical keyboards" Rogan

Saulo Silva : Everything is wrong with Apple... Why wouldn't you buy the same hardware phone from Xiaomi for 1/4 of the price.. lmao

BrainOfDane : Joe "The Armchair Engineer" Rogan

Dr. Skillz : Joe "My Lenovo is made of carbon fiber" Rogan

M. McGuire : I love his podcast but his headphones are horrible looking. I know he's been offered headphones from other companies

Drew Rycerz : I wish Marques could really say what he really feels lol you can tell he's holding back. I don't blame him, but lol I'd love to know.

Holly & Dustin : I put an Alcantara interior in our Audi. The armrest was the only thing that didn't hold up from use.

Roman Yudin : One they will find free Linux. Joe will be like: -It was free all the time? Almost no Viruses? Runs fast? How this happened?

Chaitanya Singh : It's really not that complicated, there are people who don't wanna go into the technical stuff (updating drivers, configuring your pc/OCing your stuff, etc) and just want their stuff taken care by the company (Abstraction), Apple is perfect for those sort of people Then there's enthusiasts and people who just wanna tinker their stuff whenever they want to, and they probably resort to Linux/windows, even if they use Apple, it might be just for the office work (slack and all) Then there's people in the middle of the spectrum, who resorts to Windows

Sam Campos : "Go get that shit rn" *does what joe says*

Booker DeWitt : The IBM Model M is the greatest and highest-quality keyboard ever made... and it was made in 1988.

horn : Joe "my hardcore video gaming days" Rogan