Joe Rogan & Marques Brownlee - The Problem with Apple

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EscapePlan Skateboarding : Joe "that's the craziest shit I've ever heard in my life" Rogan

Seth Anderson : M A R K A S S B R O W N L E E

Gary : Joe "I have a black guy on my show so I'll wear my Wu-Tang Clan Shirt" Rogan

Bobby Harper : Joe's like your uncle at Thanksgiving talking about his new laptop

Verlin Swarey : Marques actually has a lot of personal charm that shows up a lot more in this conversation than in his regular videos. He has a great attitude

Jay Doscher : Two of my favorite top-tier YouTubers. Glad to see MKBHD talking to Joe.

Ayy lmao : Joe "Joe Rogan" Rogan

4feeterszwagier : Yo serious question When you're bald, do you use shampoo or soap?

Jake T : Joe "holy shit this keyboard is making my knees quiver" Rogan

Tu Maldita Madre : Your marriage to Apple is like a relationship where the other party gives, but over time gives less and takes more. You keep thinking everything will be ok. You concede things for the sake of the relationship. But you won't leave because you're afraid of leaving. Just leave.

Aubergine Bellen : Steve Jobs concept of Apple was, "We don't care about numbers, we care about usability." Now Apple is obsessed with making things thin though that makes them less usable. Apple is done. Apple is the current day IBM. IBM had the market lead but they lost it because they refused to adapt in an intelligent way. That's Apple now. I was hardcore iMac for decades, now I see Apple is total dogshit and will never, ever buy an Apple again.

basterfa84 : Joe “my voice doesn’t match my body“ Rogan

Ron Jet : Joe " I have an opinion about everything " Rogan

Whitey Willoby : Joe "This Lenovo is carbon fiber" Rogan

Quasar : Apple just overprices their products and of course the delusional iSheep will mindlessly buy their new phones everywhere. The specs, the cost and so forth don't matter to them as long as there's an Apple logo on it they readily buy.

Peter d'Entremont : The Issue with Apple is Steve Jobs died. Tim Cook is horrible. They started trying to sell on specs and lots of trial and error instead of inspired design. He also fired Scott Forstall who wrote OSX, the Ipod OS and IOS. He may have been hard to work with but so was Jobs.

yoga pangestu : ah... that's hot that's hot

Witcher3VideoGame : I cant be the only one who wants to see Linus with Joe Rogan on a video

dogenkun : Joe “I used to have a technology YouTube channel” Rogan

Tree : joe the type of guy to wear a rapper shirt with a black guest

WeShredForBeer : I sometimes wonder were Apple got it`s good image from. When Rogan says "come on Apple would never do that they are your freidns" i was really surprised. For me Apple is the incernation of trying to sell people overpriced stuff just to keep the machine running (why do the have there own charger for example?! There own headphones? There own stylish docking stations which get obsolete after the new phone comes out?). Not to front anyone but i am really curious why, especially in america, everybody seems to love apple.

Mini Motor Man : I might be the weird Macbook owner, in that I hate having an Apple product, but I love the way it works. My laptop is 5 years old with 1700 charge cycles on it and I still get 3 hours of battery life. Keys completely worn off to the point there's no letters left, yet it still works. Even my last Macbook Pro from 2009 still works, hell, even my iBook from way back went still boots up and runs. Absolutely love the hardware, and I've always loved OS X since the original came out on my Indigo blue iMac w/iSub, the interface just seems to work for me. But I don't like the badge. I hate the badge, and I hate the people that flaunt and brag about the badge, it drives me nuts. There's too much image associated with the badge with Apple and it's almost a deal breaker for me, especially on top of the shady as hell business practices. If the products didn't work so damn well for me, I would ditch them in a heartbeat. But I hate Windows too, it's never worked right for me and I've never liked using Windows... If only Apple allowed OS X to work on other hardware, that would be a dream come true for me.

mxp2000 : Tim Cook is more concerned about COCK than customers.

Panicguy77 : Apple died when Steve Jobs died

SaggyJ : Joe “pull that out” Rogan

Moe Ceesay : Idk if this is just me but it seems Mkbhd didn’t wanna debate or argue any of joe’s points because he was on his show. He mentioned some things that argued on his channel but just seem to agree and support everything joe was saying. I guess he was just being respectful and knows joe isn’t really a techie so it didn’t make sense to get into a debate, when he obviously has the upper hand in this subject matter.

King Jiggah : Modern tricks of powerful greedy companies

Jim Bertido : Joe is like if a gorilla could speak.

Alex V : Mobile Software Developer here - not affiliated w/ Apple besides I use an ipad on flights lol. To their first point regarding the planned obsolescence: while slowing them down when the new phones release is a seemingly shady concept, there is a reason for it that's a little less malicious. However, before I explain this, do keep in mind that this is the "main reason" and NOT the ONLY reason. I guarantee you there are some people making money someway, somehow on the side-effects of this technology. What I mean by "side-effect of this technology" is referring to batteries. Fuckin' batteries man. Okay so firstly, batteries generate power by creating a chemical reaction and this happens at a constant rate until your phone dies. You phone doesn't store power and sip it like a capri-sun, it enslaves hamsters and run them on their wheels powering their existence until the hamsters die, then get power plowed into them, resetting their chemicals. Over time, those chemicals degrade and your hamster runs a liiiitle slower and dies a liiiiitle faster compared to the last time. After a while, your phone will ask your hamster for some power and your hamster is just gonna quit. It's gonna be like NOPE FUCK THIS and leave the wheel (It'll feel bad later and come back, no worries) wheennnn this happens, your phone shuts down and goes into a drunk depression until it's hamster comes back. When you have 10 tabs of porn open and you're facetiming your mom and sexting the local pizza guy, your phone is SCREAMING at that hamster/battery to kick it into high gear and give it the buzz it needs. When your phone is shiny and new and that hamster is in it's prime, no fuckin' problem. But when your battery is a little older, has some experience, and frankly a little too advanced to be runnin' that corner, your phone is gonna ask your battery for power and your battery can either kick it into high gear and die several times faster than this time last year, oooorr give up and croak right there.To simplify this metaphor -- your battery is a track runner, and it is going to run at the same speed ( aka generate the same amount of power for this metaphor) no matter how old it is. It is going to run 100m when you get the phone. It'll run 100m for a while, because it's young and everything isn't shit yet. After about 2 years or so, you'll see that your track runner is actually really tired, but she's a champion so she'll keep running at the same speed (make the same amnt of power). So instead of 100m she'll run 80m this time. That's the amount of time your phone is alive. It just got shorter. As this progresses, eventually that track runner is just not having it. Sometimes instead of running the 60m she's been running for the last few weeks, she's just gonna have a stroke on the track. While your track runner is mumbling the alphabet into a pile of torn paper, your phone didn't see the power it needed, and it shuts off. TL;DR -- you missed out, but i'll accommodate To come full circle, the reason apple slowed their phones is because they fucked up and didn't realize customers would retain their iphones for as long as they would. Now this is absolutely motive to break phones. BUUUUTTTT, and hear me out cause I gotta killer butt ;) .... They didn't invent the lithium ion battery. This problem will happen in anything with that kind of battery. Because of this fact, eventually batteries are either going to die quicker, or phones are going to run slower (as an attempt to actively mitigate power consumption). When updates come out, so do a shit ton of new features, and so do a shit ton of new background processes. Those make the phone have to work a liiiitle bit harder per extra task. And when that happens, your phone is asking your hamster track runner battery monster to show some leg or gtfo (aka more power or die) So if batteries, as they are in mobile devices, are good for about 2-3 years, and updates mean asking the phone to do more shit meaning it needs more power, then one can discern that after that third update, you're probably gonna see a slow ass quick dying phone, because of the nature of batteries in their current state and our way to circumvent that issue in an effort to have a longer lasting device over a fast device. It sucks decrepit scrot to have a sluggish phone, no doubt about it. But it sucks necrotic sphincters to have a dead phone at 6pm when you took it off the charger at noon on a cold winter night, walking to your car after work in a dark parking garage and hearing a child laugh and a knife sharpen. point is, yes apple capitalized on their problem, but I also think that people blow it out of proportion. It's an issue samsung dealt with too in the release of marshmallow -- if you don't believe me, look at the court case the italian govt just closed against BOTH apple and samsung for the same problem. Shit sucks man, but don't be ignant - be edu-ma-cated bitch.

Rare Animal : Hmm, black guy is coming on the show.....better wear my WU-Tang shirt.

nathan hensn : Want a desktop? build one yourself. Need a gaming laptop?? MSI, Alienware, Acer, Asus, and many others are cheaper, higher quality, and have better specs. Need a phone? The P20 is a much better phone than the X for 200$ less. Or really almost any Galaxy after 7 is better than the X. Need a tablet?? The Ipad is the only thing I feel Apple is worthy of, but the new one's are insanely expensive. You can pick up a decent used one though on the cheaps and it's nice. Moral of the story is no one needs all of this Apple shit. It's very cost prohibitive and when you actually look at value and functionality there's very little upside.

Holly & Dustin : I put an Alcantara interior in our Audi. The armrest was the only thing that didn't hold up from use.

Handsome Jack : Apple iPhones are overpriced pieces of crap. Period.

Daniel Pestana : I honestly don’t understand people who trash Apple. I had my iPhone 4S since November 2011 to October 2016. Zero issues. In the end it became slower, of course, as any other phone would after all those years. It’s now my iPod touch. Grabbed an iPhone SE as a replacement. Amazing phone for the price. I own an iPod nano since 2006. Zero issues. Still works, and it’s connected to my Hi-Fi. I own a MacBook Pro from mid-2010, amazing machine. Zero issues. Only replacement was the HDD for an SSD for more speed. As of now, since Mojave, it’s not updatable. Perfectly understandable. I owned an iPad 2 since July 2011 to December 2017. Zero issues. Still works, gave it to my niece. Grabbed the New iPad 2017, stunningly great. I mean, no issues at all. What am I suppose to say? I love music, photography and to write. Each of their devices is perfect for my needs. I tried other OS and hated them all. Yes, they’re expensive, but I can’t complaint about quality and longevity. They’re great.

John : I went from the macbook air to an x1 carbon because the new apple keyboards are so trash

Cbeddoe19 : Apple hardware sucks. The prioritize form over function.

Planet Brucifer : But has he ever tried dmt

John Armwood : It amazed me how obsessive some people in the tech reviewer community have become over thin bezels. As an older long time techie, I find it both simply a childish fad and risky from a practical design perspective. Having bezels do allow some real estate on touch models like my two Chtomebooks and on my three macs they are not an issue. I do not want a narrow computer which makes it more difficult to type on in bed. For us long-time Mac users owning a mac has become a fashion or status symbol more than a tool to get a job done. This has led to the poor desin decisions that MKHD mentions in this discussion. I largely think this trend is being led by 30 something or 30 something reviewers who have never or rarely worked professionally outside of tech. I will take function over fashion every day if the week. But years before I retired I used high-end tube preamps and amps because they sounded better. The looks were not even a consideration.

Immortal Kings : You should get LinusTechTips on to talk about PC sorta stuff. Marques's input was minimal. Nice guy. Dunno if he just doesn't have the knowledge and experience or whether he's shy but I'd have liked him to have pointed out a lot more things regarding Mac Vs. PC than that. Linus would have.

blognewb : *The business term is called "PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE" and it goes on with every other machine, appliance. Side effects of corporate capitalism.* #latestagecapitalism

someone lonely : Joe "that feels good" Rogan

LeBarron Burton : Apple has lost the ability to innovate since the death of Steve Jobs and now they lean on their design to keep them viable.

Dr. Skillz : Joe "My Lenovo is made of carbon fiber" Rogan

newjerseyjustin : just dont update your old iphones work perfect

Med1na : All the apple sheeple are triggered in comments 😂😂

Chaitanya Singh : It's really not that complicated, there are people who don't wanna go into the technical stuff (updating drivers, configuring your pc/OCing your stuff, etc) and just want their stuff taken care by the company (Abstraction), Apple is perfect for those sort of people Then there's enthusiasts and people who just wanna tinker their stuff whenever they want to, and they probably resort to Linux/windows, even if they use Apple, it might be just for the office work (slack and all) Then there's people in the middle of the spectrum, who resorts to Windows

Griff - : Yo, I love Mark Ass Brownlee

guachupe : a video with Marques Brownlee that is not 8k at 120fps???.... this is really weird.

Michael Fitzgerald : This Marques guy is hard to listen too. Why does he have to say "like" every 3 to 7 seconds? He seems unsure of himself but has helpful information.

Samurai DanX : Windows >>>mac iOS >>>android Android is full of bugs and updates never comes out. Android lifespan barely hits 2 years after that time it just pure frustration..lagg everywhere. Even a high end Android phone never gets updates after 2 years like the galaxy s7 and s6.. pixel 1. And the playstore is full of scam apps,at least 50% of them